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Add Greg Schiano to the list of Buffalo haters

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What do Tom Brady, Joffrey Lupul and now Greg Schiano share in common? All three like to use Buffalo as the butt of their jokes.

In a poll conducted by the Sporting News, Tampa Bay Buccaneers first-year head coach Greg Schiano was voted as the NFL coach that players around the league least like to play for. Over 100 players total from 27 of the league’s 32 teams participated, and Schiano’s 20 votes nudged out New England’s Bill Belichick (19 votes) and the New York Jets’ Rex Ryan (16).

It’s noteworthy that the Buffalo Bills’ Chan Gailey finished eighth with three votes. (Here’s a link to the NFL coaches most respected by the players).

“Schiano seems like he’d be hard to play for. He’s too intense and does a lot of strange things. This isn’t college anymore.” — NFC offensive player

So what does Schiano’s “winning” have to do with Buffalo? Well here’s his response when he heard about the poll’s results, according to TampaBay.com:

“Sixty-one guys. That’s the only ones I care (about), the ones back in that locker room,” Schiano said. “Now if they voted? We’re going to ship them off to Buffalo or something.”

We’ve reached the point where Buffalonians just laugh and shrug off disparaging comments from outsiders—it’s okay if those unfamiliar with our city still consider us the Siberia of the NFL or America. (Cut to a shot of a legion of Siberians shouting in unison, “Come on, bro!”). We’re fine with it. Congrats on that prestigious award, Greg!

(Header photo courtesy of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ Facebook page).

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