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Final— Player of the Game honors go to Will Regan, who led the Bulls in scoring with a career-high 26 points.

—————Final, UB wins 77-67 over Niagara—————

:17—Regan cheats down the floor and brings the lead back to eight with a wide-open lay-in. During a 30-second timeout, UB assistant Turner Battle has to restrain Witherspoon from going after the head official. This game has been poorly officiated, sure, but the coaches’ antics are pretty obnoxious. Regan will shoot two from the line, and this game is no longer in doubt. 77-67 after the two makes by Regan. Tanksley bricks a three at the buzzer, and that’s all she wrote.

:34 -- Green is errant on an off-balance three, and there’s a big tie-up on the floor—Buffalo’s ball on the alternate possession arrow. 73-67 Bulls lead with 25 ticks left.

:54—UB’s True Blue chants “Jordan” at Marvin Jordan, who hasn’t played yet today due to injury. I’m not sure what precipitated that chant, but it was amusing. Mason makes both from the line. UB frantically tries to push the ball past halfcourt, and Witherspoon screams for a timeout and almost runs out to half-court. The officials can’t hear him, however, and Mihalich tattles on Witherspoon for leaving the coach’s box. It’s a 10-second call against UB—McCrea rises to swat Mason’s three, and Oldham and Tanksley fall to the ground with the ball. Mihalich is still trying to tell the official that Witherspoon left the coach’s box—to no avail.

1:06 —Entering the game, UB ranked last in the MAC in free throws attempted per game. That should change tonight, as UB has shot plenty. Mason fouls Oldham, who heads back to the line where he’s struggled tonight. He sinks both, though, and UB leads by eight with just under a minute left. Mason slashes through the lane and draws the foul.

1:16—UB breaks the press with a long pass to Regan, who finds a wide-open Oldham for an easy lay-in. Green responds with a three-pointer, however, and he’s been lights-out in the second half. 71-65 UB with 1:06 on the clock.

1:33—Lemmons fouls Nuiriankh, who will shoot a pair. The junior swingman hits both free throws calmly. Witherspoon screams out an expletive as Nuiriankh commits a stupid foul on the perimeter. That’s the absolute last thing you want to do in that situation—give the trailing opponent a chance to cut the lead without time expiring off the clock. Skeete enters as Nuiriankh has fouled out. Lemmons shoots two.

1:33—Timeout, Niagara. UB leads 67-61 and has possession. Tanksley, White, Lemmons, Mason and Green on the floor as Niagara’s defensive lineup, while UB trots out McCrea, Oldham, Watson, Nuiriankh and Regan—all decent free-throw shooters, Oldham aside.

1:44—Mason hedges too close to Oldham, who dribbles inside of him and draws a foul. He’ll shoot two now as the Bulls are shooting the double-bonus. First is no good. The second drops through. UB now in zone off the make, and Mason penalizes them with a made three from the left wing.

2:08 —Dribble-drive by McCall and a kick-out is right at Auraum Nuiriankh—upset with his choice, McCall fouls Oldham at the other end, and that’s his fifth and disqualifying foul. Oldham shoots one-and-one as Lemmons checks back in for McCall. Front end is no good, and Green snares the board. He turns the ball over to Watson almost immediately, however, and UB milks the clock again.

2:27—UB uses up 35 seconds on the shot clock on that trip down the floor, even though they don’t get a good look at the hoop. The ball was rushed into the post to McCrea with three on the shot clock, and his turnaround was rejected by Devon White. Niagara ball with 2:27 to come back from an eight-point deficit.

3:46—Green cuts diagonally across the lane but misses a layup, and White and Nuiriankh tie-up the loose ball. The ball is awarded to Buffalo. A close inbounds play where it looked like Watson touched the ball last is deemed a deflection by the refs—UB retains possession. Niagara still in zone. Watson picks out Regan wide open in the right corner, and he drills it! Another huge shot for the local high school star. McCall walks to begin his drive, and the tide has turned in UB’s favor. 66-58 Bulls, and they have the ball.

3:59—Under four timeout, 63-58 UB. Niagara has the ball after the break. The majority of the second half has been this way—with UB nursing a 3-8 point lead, it seems. Green has 20 for Niagara (14 in the second half), while Regan’s 19 leads UB. Javon McCrea has only three points and three rebounds after dropping 31 and 11 on Milwaukee on Wednesday.

4:20 —UB fails to execute out of the timeout—have we heard that one before?—as Buffalo fails to get a shot off. With Green busting out in transition, McCrea is forced to trip him up—that’s Javon’s fourth. It appears like he’ll remain on the floor, though. Green sinks two to trim the deficit to five. Oldham travels on the left side, too focused on finding a wide-open Will Regan under the bucket to set his feet.

5:54—Oldham makes one of two from the stripe, and then Lemmons’ lay-up is rebounded soundly by a powerful Thomas-Edwards. Traveling on McCrea, who’s doubled again in the paint. Mason travels right back, however. Oldham switches to his left as he enters the lane—misses the floater—but Thomas-Edwards snags an important offensive board for a new shot clock. UB calls a timeout with 4:35 remaining—Bulls lead 63-56.

6:31—White replaces Tanksley in the lineup after he picks up his fourth foul. 62-56 UB. Entry pass from Mason to McCall, who spins to Regan’s right but sees his shot emphatically rejected before it bounces off the Niagara shooter and off. McCall picks up a foul in the backcourt, and that’s his fourth. He’s frustrated, and Malcolm Lemmons replaces him.

7:18—Immediately off the inbounds, Oldham finds Watson for his fourth three of the game! Niagara naps again on defense. Raphell Thomas-Edwards shoots arguably the world’s ugliest shot, launching a leaning 17-footer over the backboard. It didn’t bounce off anything—it literally just hit the base of the shot clock. It’s unbelievable to me how he’s remained in Witherspoon’s rotation.

7:45—Under eight timeout, 59-56 UB. The Purple Eagles don’t usually shoot 3-15 from three, but that’s where they stand right now. The absence of Marvin Jordan truly hurts in that category, and I wonder how different the game would be with the “microwave’s” presence. McCall has seen his minutes rise as a result, and he’s rewarded Mihalich’s faith with seven rebounds and solid defense from the off-guard spot.

8:01—Watson launches a bizarre three from 28 feet, and Mason corrals the long rebound and takes off in the other direction. Guarded one-on-one by Thomas-Edwards, Mason employs a nifty hesitation move to draw a foul. He sinks both shots—guess he’s the son of a former NBAer, huh? Dude is a way better pure scorer than his dad ever was!

8:55 —Niagara doubles down on McCrea in the post, and the UB big kicks back to Oldham—who airballs a three. That’s bad. UB can’t seem to extend its lead. Green’s three from 24-feet is off, and possession is awarded to Buffalo. Niagara’s zone is doing a fine job of collapsing on McCrea, preventing him from turning and finding decent looks at the hoop. White in particular is the kind of big body that can give McCrea trouble. It’s scary to think how good Niagara can be as White becomes increasingly comfortable with his teammates in game situations.

9:25—Will Regan stands tall in the lane and absorbs a charge from Juan’ya Green, and the Niagara assistant coaches are beside themselves in anger after that. They may have a point, too, as Regan looks to have been planted inside the semi-circle under the hoop. Regardless, it’s UB ball, leading 59-54.

10:18—Thomas-Edwards and McCrea check in for UB, as Witherspoon angrily yells at Ford for his problems with rebounding positioning. Backcourt foul on Tahjere McCall, as Niagara continues to full-court press UB’s guards. Gillette with a weak foul on McCrea after Oldham found his big man on a bounce entry pass. With NU in the zone still, Watson found a crease and canned a three off a pass from Oldham. Niagara fell asleep defensively and the Bulls’ best shooter made Mihalich’s crew pay.

11:20—Reggie Witherspoon rips his jacket off in anger after McCall gets his own rebound off a missed free throw and tacks on a lay-in. Regan answers with a deep three! That’s a huge bucket for UB, but Green immediately answers with a floater. Niagara has been first to nearly every loose ball this half. Watson’s three rims out, and White swallows the rebound. Tanksley beats the Bulls down the floor and draws a foul on Regan—and nearly adds the bucket as well before the ball bounces off the rim. Tanksley shoots two, and NU will be in the double-bonus after the next UB foul anyhow.

11:54 —Niagara’s shooting 7-13 to begin the second half, and that percentage alone has kept them in this one. Both Green and Regan have 16 for their respective teams. Cameron Downing lunges at Devon White, who drives baseline and draws the foul on Downing. I’m really beginning to wonder if Downing has the fitness and quickness to play at this level. Xavier Ford returns to the lineup for Downing, who has three personals. White misses the free throw—Niagara is already shooting one-and-one—but McCall beats UB to the rebound and is fouled by Ford, who now has three as well. McCall sinks the first.

12:31—Freshman mistake from Skeete there, and he gets scolded by Witherspoon. Unforced turnover on the inbounds by Niagara, however, and UB lucks out. Niagara still in zone, and Watson’s leaning jumper from 12 feet is long—team rebound to Niagara. Nice cut under the hoop by Mason, who draws a foul on Downing, who’s much too sluggish to react to the guard’s ball-fake. Under 12 timeout, UB leads 53-47.

13:21—Mason, Green, Cline, White and McCall on the floor for Niagara after the timeout, while Downing, Oldham, Watson, Regan and Skeete trot onto the court for UB. No Marvin Jordan yet tonight for Niagara, as he’s still recovering from an ankle sprain. Excellent scoop shot by Juan’ya Green with the shot clock winding down—super athletic, super smart. Jarod Oldham’s up-fake fools Niagara, and he sneaks in a deuce off glass. An unnecessary push on Skeete on the perimeter, 35 feet away from the basket. That’s Skeete’s third.

14:10—Devon White converts a bucket off glass just three feet from the hoop. He’s a powerful man. Nice bounce pass under the hoop from Regan to Downing, who misses his first chance but scores on his second. Good persistence from Downing who didn’t give up after missing a gimme. An off-balance shot from Juan’ya Green is an air-ball, but McCall hustles to the corner, jumps in the air and calls timeout. It’s awarded, even though the entire UB staff argues that the rule has been changed. I’m honestly not sure. It’s 51-45, UB still leads.

14:31—Good entry pass from Watson to Regan draws a foul on Devon White—his third. On the previous possession, T.J. Cline cleaned up a missed layup by McCall, who sailed to the rim down the left side. The true freshman McCall is an exceptional athlete—he’s similar in some ways to St. Bonaventure’s Charlon Kloof.

15:08—Under 16 timeout, 46-41 Buffalo. Juan’ya Green has come out in the second half playing like his shorts are on fire, as he’s been everywhere on the floor and tacked on eight points on 3-4 shooting in the first five minutes. Each team has turned the ball over eight times, so it’s not like there’s a big discrepancy there. UB has been much better at turning those turnovers into points, however, registering 14 compared to NU’s six.

15:53—Niagara gives UB a zone look for two trips in a row—Skeete missed an open three on the first one, and then Niagara responded with a mid-range jumper from Green. Watson beats the zone on the next trip, however, as he hits a three from 26 feet away. Green answers with a trey of his own as Watson is late to recover to the left corner. Incredibly acrobatic drive to the tin by Oldham—Jarod scoops in his shot to the left of the rim as he collides with Gillette. It’s ruled a block, and Mihalich has no complaint with that one.

16:36 —McCrea slumps his shoulders after he realizes he’s picked up his third foul—Mason collided directly into McCrea’s chest, but the officials ruled that the UB big was still moving his feet upon impact. Mason knocks down the first free throw as Downing checks in for Javon. Second is good too, and here’s another important stretch for UB sans-McCrea.

17:00—Terrific interior pass from McCrea to a cutting Regan—the big man drops the pass, then tries to go up with the ball but he’s blocked by White. McCall engineers the fast break and finds Green, who is hammered as he sails to the rim. He makes one of two, but Niagara snags the offensive rebound of the missed free throw and earns another possession. UB assistant coach Kwitchoff is irate with the lack of rebounding.

17:44 —Cline enters the game for Tanksley as Nuiriankh hits both for an 11-point lead, UB’s biggest of the game. Mason responds with a trey after an offensive rebound by Devon White. Smart extra pass by Juan’ya Green to Mason, who was unguarded on the perimeter. 41-33 UB now.

18:29—Pretty leaning lay-up by Oldham down the right side of the lane, and then Green turns the ball over on the near sideline. Nuiriankh’s three from the left wing is short, and McCall rips down the rebound. Juan’ya Green’s three is off to the right, and great hustle by Devon White to track down the ball in the corner isn’t rewarded, as he throws the ensuing save out of bounds. Jarod Oldham sees a good look at a three from the left side—it’s no good, but Nuiriankh crashes the glass, weasels in front of Ameen Tanksley and draws the Niagara sophomore’s third foul. That’s a play to remember later in the game.

19:30—Tanksley and Mason trap Regan in the corner, and as the sophomore tries to wriggle out, he steps on the baseline. Turnover. Green swishes a pull-up jumper—what strength to fake the drive, pull-up and nail an 18-footer in basically one smooth motion. His sheer ability is a huge reason why he was the runner-up to the Big 4 player of the year. Green’s shot is ruled a “two” after the officials review the play.

Halftime—UB’s Will Regan has to win player of the half honors. 14 points on 5-7 shooting and six rebounds for the sophomore transfer from Virginia in just 16 minutes—even more impressive considering his frontcourt partner Javon McCrea was tied to the bench with two fouls for all but seven minutes of the first half.

Halftime—UB’s public address announcer Brad Riter just walked over to explain Mihalich’s technical, which the Niagara coach got for yelling “Jesus Christ” at the official. After, Mihalich persisted by repeating “Jesus Christ is not a technical foul” over and over again to the nearest zebra. He’s remarkably cranky today.

Halftime—UB’s offense runs a lot more smoothly with Skeete solidified in the rotation and Watson back from injury. Fewer careless turnovers, less stress on primary ball-handler Jarod Oldham and more open looks from the floor. There are trampoline champions on the floor at halftime, and this duo is literally bouncing 30 feet in the air—the younger of the two nearly hit the bottom of the scoreboard.

—————Halftime, 37-28 UB—————

:39—Mihalich’s still in the ear of sideline official Kevin Ferguson, jabbering about further missed calls. UB’s Malcolm Lemmons gets a good look from deep in the left corner after a nice swing pass from Cline, but the shot is long and Raphell Thomas-Edwards grabs the rebound.

:39 —Four UB free throws later, Buffalo’s lead is nine at 37-28, and Mihalich calls for a 30-second timeout to gather his team. That’s simply the coach’s fault for losing control of his temper, even if there have been a few dubious calls against the Purple Eagles.

:39 —Mihalich is finally awarded a technical foul after a rather harmless call on Lemmons, and it’s just been his persistent harassing of the far official that’s gotten the Niagara head coach in trouble. Tony Watson II nails both free throws, which push the UB lead to seven. Regan has a chance to add two more himself, and this is a crucial late first-half run for the Bulls that will put Niagara on its heels heading into the locker room.

:59—Timeout, UB. Bulls lead 33-28. UB has Downing, Skeete, Watson, Oldham and Regan on the floor for the final minute—Regan leads all scorers with 12 on the evening.

1:40—More backcourt pressure from Niagara almost befuddles Oldham, but he slips through the double-team and draws a personal on the trailing Mason. Jarod’s first free throw is good but he clangs the second. Hustling back on D, Oldham earns a steal on help defense and UB gets another chance to add to its lead. Great pick set on the perimeter by Downing, allowing Oldham to roam free to the bucket and lob a lay-up over Cline’s block attempt. It’s good, and Gillette’s foot is on the baseline at the other end. Turnovers are plaguing the Purple Eagles late in the first half.

2:23—Nice cut off the ball by Oldham helps out his teammate Regan, who held the ball on the left side of the basket, waiting for a cutter. Oldham missed his runner but drew a foul. He sinks both from the stripe, giving him four points and four assists. Cline answers with a floater from six feet. Good ball movement from the Bulls on this possession, but Oldham’s entry pass isn’t high enough for Downing, and it’s intercepted by Scooter Gillette. Mason draws a foul on Skeete in the backcourt, and the Niagara sophomore hits both from the line. Two-point UB lead as we close in on the final 90 seconds of the first half.

2:54 —A Will Regan three rims out after Juan’ya Green came up empty on a jumper at the other end. Fans boo a foul on Jarod Oldham, who apparently hacked Green on a drive on the perimeter. A UB fan yells down a few profane words from the student section that are rather unprintable. Green drills both free throws.

3:41—Under four timeout, 28-20 UB. Niagara’s offense continues to look inept—there’s really no control or organization, and it seems like every player has the freedom to shoot if they’re open, regardless of where it is on the floor. The Purple Eagles are 7-23 from the floor and 1-8 from downtown. Juan’ya Green is 2-3 for four points, but he hasn’t been as assertive as Mason or Cline.

3:59—Outstanding penetration into a gap by Jarod Oldham, drawing Will Regan’s defender over to help. Oldham slips a pass to Regan for an easy deuce—that’s what a point guard should do, and it’s an outstanding read by the UB junior floor general.

5:11—Cline draws a foul a long way from the rim on Ford, and then hits two free throws. Mihalich is thankful for the call, then complains that he has two players in foul trouble (White and Tanksley each have two). Raphell Thomas-Edwards tips in a Xavier Ford miss—good fight on the glass by the UB sophomore bench player. 26-20 Bulls, and it’s Niagara’s ball. Cline’s disturbingly ugly shooting form lets him down again on a wide-open three from the top of the key.

6:28—T.J. Cline tries a skip pass to the opposite side of the court, and it sails into the second row well over Mason’s head. He immediately gets reprimanded by the Purple Eagles’ staff, and then sees Will Regan sink a free-throw line jumper in his face. A span that Cline would be happy to forget. Mason’s step-back three is no good, and Mason cheats for a steal and can’t get it, allowing Regan to step into a three and drain it! 24-18 UB.

7:01—Traveling violation on the Bulls, as Jarod Oldham forgot to put the ball on the floor until after he started his drive. Great hustle by Xavier Ford, who anticipated a pass back to Tanksley and beat the Niagara sophomore to the loose ball. Tanksley is forced to foul, and Ford will shoot one-and-one from the stripe. The first is good, which breaks a four-minute UB scoring drought. His second is off the backboard, however. What a disaster.

7:41 —Games played at a fast pace have a tendency to be sloppy, and this one is a case in point. Neither team is shooting above 35% from the floor. T.J. Cline is at the line for Niagara, and he knocks in the first and the second. He has a terribly ugly shooting motion, but it’s effective from the line at least. The Purple Eagles have been pressing the UB point guards full court, and the strategy costs Juan’ya Green this time, as he fouls Oldham in the backcourt. Oldham misses the front end of the one-and-one, however. Scooter Gillette misses a pretty hook shot and Raphell Thomas-Edwards eats up the rebound. That’s Gillette’s first action of the evening.

7:41—Skeete drives down the side of the lane and whips the ball back to Ford, who switches to his right hand and misses the lay-up—Witherspoon is absolutely irate that there’s been no foul called. In transition, Niagara immediately tries a three—and Green’s shot from straight on is good. Under eight timeout in a helter-skelter first half, and it’s 18-16 UB.

9:48—With the shot clock under 10, Jarryn Skeete crosses over past Tahjere McCall and draws a foul. Watson’s three flies to the left of the rim, and Green careens to the rim and misses his lay-in while Mihalich loudly appeals for a foul. McCrea establishes great paint position at the other end, but he moves his pivot foot for a travel. Cline leaves his seven-footer short—he looked shocked that he was wide open on the baseline. Jarryn Skeete launches a three from the left wing—it’s no good—McCrea is called for a loose ball foul. That’s his second, and we probably won’t see McCrea again until after halftime.

10:15—Under 12 media timeout, 18-14 Buffalo. Just before the break, McCrea drew a foul on White, who now has two personals. Five points and five boards for Regan in only seven minutes—Tanksley’s six points for Niagara lead all scorers, however.

12:03 —McCrea sinks two from the line calmly. He’s at a remarkably 79% for the year after hitting at just a 56% clip as an underclassman. Niagara bucket by Devon White after a terrific assist from McCall. Soft touch on a runner in the lane by Skeete with the shot clock running down—well done by the true freshman after Tony Watson II was almost dispossessed in the backcourt by McCall. Watson swishes a contested three off the dribble on the next trip after Antoine Mason sank a runner. Mason scores again with a hand in his face. What a pure scorer.

12:35—Reggie Witherspoon is almost to mid-court yelling at Raphell Thomas-Edwards for failing to grab a rebound—Lemmons came down with it for Niagara, but he fell to the ground and traveled. UB ball. Javon McCrea swoops under the bucket like a falcon and tries a dunk from the opposite of the rim—it’s no good, but there’s a scrum for the loose ball. Finally, McCrea collects it and drives right at Tahjere McCall, who looks to have good position but is inside the restraining half-circle under the hoop. It’s a blocking foul.

13:02 —White draws an offensive foul on Cameron Downing, who used his butt a little too aggressively in the post. White fakes a defender off his feet and draws a foul on Auraum Nuiriankh, who over-committed badly to the ball-fake. White clanks the first off the back rim. 11-8 Bulls.. Lemmons returns for Green, and Raphell Thomas-Edwards checks in or Downing.

14:03—Nice wrap-around pass from Oldham to Regan for another deuce—this two point guard offense with Skeete and Oldham has really made the Bulls’ ball movement a lot smoother. Niagara’s Juan’ya Green tosses up a contested three—it’s no good, but Antoine Mason snags the rebound before dumping a pass to Tanksley for a bucket and the foul. Devon White returns for Malcolm Lemmons. Tony Watson II in for UB. Mason traps Regan in the right corner and forces a steal, then bolts down the floor and dishes to the weak-side to Green, who coasts in for a fast-break layup. Great points off turnover there.

15:11—Jarod Oldham does a tremendous job breaking Niagara’s press, and he finds Skeete on the left wing—his bank shot is too hard, but Regan puts the shot back and the foul! His sinks his freebie, and it’s 9-3 now. A fist pump of ecstasy from the former Nichols School star. Tanksley and Nuiriankh trade missed threes, then Tanksley throws up another wild three that isn’t close.

15:22—Niagara’s offense looks completely out of sync so far tonight. The guards have been able to maneuver into the lane, but they’ve left their shots short. Juan’ya Green has been a non-factor thus far, though it looked to be an emotional lift to have White make his debut. Few expected White to return before January, as there was little reason to rush an Achilles injury before conference play hit full-swing.

15:55—Nice interior dish from Will Regan to Cam Downing for an easy lay-in. Turnover from Mason to Tanksley—Mason fired the pass a lot harder than Tanksley expected, and Michalich is quick to tell Mason to settle down as he heads to the bench for the media timeout. Under 16 timeout, 6-3 UB.

16:50—White calls for a sub after dribbling right at McCrea and drawing a foul. T.J. Cline hoists a three immediately in his first action, and that’s no good. Both teams are pushing the tempo right now, and that clearly plays into Niagara’s favor. Mason pumpfakes his defender in the air and tries to draw a foul on Nuiriankh, but there’s no call, and his shot is an air-ball.

17:54—Devon White smothers McCrea as he tries a dropstep to the left side of the bucket. McCrea will shoot two while Niagara head coach Joe Mihalich complains that McCrea wasn’t in the act of shooting when the foul occurred. “Speak when spoken to!” is the call from the True Blue student section. On a run out after Javon’s missed free throw, Antoine Mason leaves his floater short of the hoop—rebound, Regan. Turnover, Buffalo, however, as Will Regan can’t corral a low interior pass. 4-3 UB.

18:40 —Jarryn Skeete and Ameen Tanksley trade threes—a fine look from Nuiriankh to a curling Skeete for UB. Oldham bricks a chance off glass, and the ball caroms out of play to Niagara. 3-3.

19:07 —Out for the entire season so far with an Achilles injury, Niagara’s Devon White strolls to mid-court to take the tip against McCrea. White is 6’8, 240 pounds, almost exactly the same specs as McCrea. Regan barely grazes the front rim on UB’s first possession. Bulls start out in man-to-man defensively, and White lifts his pivot foot in the paint. Travel.

Pre-game—For the Bulls, starters are McCrea, Jarod Oldham, Auraum Nuiriankh, Jarryn Skeete and Will Regan. Skeete, a much-needed ballhandler, makes his second career start as a true freshman. We’re ready for tip-off!

Pre-game —Starters for Niagara: Juan’ya Green, Devon White, Ameen Tanksley, Antoine Mason and Malcolm Lemmons. Tonight is White’s debut for the Purple Eagles.

Pre-game—Javon McCrea is being recognized for becoming the fourth player in UB’s history to record 1,000 points and 500 rebounds in a career. You know, he’s just a junior, too.

Pre-game—You can absorb all the preview information you need for this contest from today’s Tsuj’s Ten.

Pre-game—Internet connectivity issues are making tonight’s live-blog a bit of a chore, but I’ll do my best for frequent updates.

Pre-game— We’re 15 minutes away from the tip of UB vs. Niagara tonight, a Big 4 rivalry match that pits the 3-7 Bulls against the 3-5 Purple Eagles.

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