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Jeff Ruben has put to words what every Bills fan has felt for the last two decades.

In what appears to be an anesthetic-induced moment of honesty—not unlike the viral “David After Dentist” video—after having his wisdom teeth extracted, Ruben releases and emotional rant about the Buffalo Bills’ failed attempts at winning the Super Bowl.

“I just wanted them to win, mom,” Ruben says to his mother, whose voice can be heard, though she is not visible. “Is it that so hard to ask for?”

Ruben, who is less than enthusiastic about Doug Marrone’s coaching, is also upset by members of the team.

“And now EJ Manuel is not even that good,” he explains to his mother between bouts of sniffles. “And Jairus Byrd wants to leave Buffalo!”

According to his Twitter bio, Ruben is the editor-in-chief of ohtorch.com, an online news site for students of Olympic Heights High School in Boca Raton, Fla.

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