Immediate reactions: Patriots 34, Bills 20

Immediate Reactions: Sabres 2, Devils 1


Bills fans go viral through #SlamCam - VIDEO

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If you’re a loyal Bills fan, you get a little angsty when you see opposing fans—usually of teams boasting winning records, or at least foes who’ve reached the postseason in the last 14 years—sauntering around Ralph Wilson Stadium before a game with a smugly confident look of coming victory.

Punching them would get you a quick dismissal from the Bills’ security and law enforcement in and around the stadium. Dunking a soft Nerf-like ball on their unsuspecting heads—while you’re videotaped? Glory.

Here’s the YouTube video courtesy of Noah Harpster:

Enjoy the epic music—it’s “No Easy Way Out” by Bullet for my Valentine if you’re curious—and giggle as you see fans wearing an assortment of jerseys, including Brandon Marshall, Geno Atkins, A.J. Green, Justin Houston, Mark Sanchez, Aaron Hernandez and Tamba Hali, meet the unsuspecting wrath of the Bills’ Phi-Slamma-Jamma.

Don’t hesitate to tag #SlamCam if you want to talk about this, just so all the content is in one place. 

The first place we tracked the video down was on BleacherReport, and BR’s post has over 6,700 shares.

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