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————End of Game, 27-24 Giants————

:59—Fourth and five—Fitzpatrick drops back to pass with five wide receivers around him—his pass is swatted away at the line of scrimmage by Jason Pierre-Paul.  New York takes over on downs, and the defensive stand seals the Giants’ win.

1:32—Erik Pears loses concentration on first down, costing his team five yards on a false start.  David Nelson pleads for a flag after Aaron Ross smothered him—incomplete.  2nd and 15 from the 15, and Fitzy hits Fred Jackson to the 26, setting up a 3rd and 4.  Fitzpatrick targets Roosevelt along the left sideline, and it’s in and out of his hands—high throw. 

1:32—Gigantic play by a gigantic man for the Bills to thwart the Giants’ attempt to put the ball into the end zone.  Dareus slaughtered Bradshaw on a run on 2nd and goal from the 1, and McKelvin batted away the pass on 3rd and goal from the 5.  Can Buffalo advance the ball far enough for a tying field goal?

1:35—Leodis McKelvin steps inside and breaks up a pass intended for Manningham—fourth down, and Tynes will kick from 23 yards.  It’s good!  27-24 Giants with 1:32 left and one timeout for Buffalo.

1:45—MARCELL!  Dareus flattens his blocker and wraps Bradshaw up for a four yard loss.  3rd and goal from the 5 yard line.

1:56—Drayton Florence simply cannot cover Hakeem Nicks.  There’s no way around it—his second pass interference penalty on this drive gives the Giants a first down at the Bills’ 6.  Florence never turned his head and pushed Nicks well beyond the allowed five yards from scrimmage.  Bradshaw takes the delay to the half-yard line.  Buffalo calls its first time out of the half.

2:00—Third and 1 for the Giants at the Bills’ 17 yard line.  A huge false start on the Giants!  3rd and 6 now.  No discipline to speak of. 

2:38—D.J. Ware plows his way to the middle of the line for five yards.  Bradshaw gets a head of steam with four more yards—big 3rd and 1 upcoming.  We’re at the two minute warning now.

3:15—Great blocks on the left side by the Giants opens plenty of room—Drayton Florence has the only real shot at him in the open field, and he’s burned.  On the next play, Florence is whistled for pass interference—pulling Nicks’ jersey—and the Giants’ earn an automatic first down at Buffalo’s 26.

3:52—Bradshaw scurries through tacklers for an 11 yard gain, shedding a Nick Barnett arm tackle.

4:02—After the interception, a personal foul facemask on Stevie Johnson advances the ball almost to the top for the Giants.  Fitzpatrick is furious with himself, again.

4:46—Play-action fake by Fitzpatrick and a skinny post to David Nelson is executed perfectly—first and 10 for Buffalo all the way down at the Giants’ 27.  32 yard gain.  Corey Webster intercepts Ryan Fitzpatrick for the second time tonight on a pass along the left sideline, another under-thrown toss.

5:47—Brad Smith runs the Wildcat—a play-fake and a pump-fake only results in two rushing yards for Smith.  On third and 2, Fitzpatrick whips a pass out wide to David Nelson, who contorts his body smoothly for a first down catch.  Huge play.

7:01 —The total yard count—for the two teams combined—is only 677.  What a slow second half!  Screen pass to Jackson for four yards—Fitzpatrick is trying to take advantage of the Giants’ two over-aggressive defensive ends.

7:01—On the second punt, Spiller returns to the 26—15 yards farther back than the previous punt.  Oh well, Fitzpatrick will go to work, trying to break the 24-24 tie.

7:01—Spiller returns to the 41, but there’s a flag down—two actually, one on each team.  Penalties off-set, and the Giants will be forced to punt again.

7:53 —Victor Cruz shows off some rock hard hands on second down, his first drop of the afternoon.  3rd and 17, and the screen to Bradshaw gains nine—big three and out series by the Bills’ D, and Fitzpatrick will go back to work after Weatherford’s punt. 

8:52—Nice tackle at the edge by Drayton Florence on first down, and there’s a holding penalty on Bear Pascoe, who’s been in the ref’s doghouse all day, pushes the ball back to the Giants’ 13 for a first and 20.

8:58—TBN’s Jerry Sullivan tweets: “About time for the Bills’ defense to take it away, don’t you think? The way this season has gone, it seems inevitable.”

8:58—Now Hairston’s being carted to the locker room with ankle injury.  Updates from Twitter say that he won’t return to the lineup.  Levitre, the NFL’s top guard through five weeks, moves over to tackle, where he’s a little less experienced but still capable of holding his own.  Chad Rinehart’s seen plenty of reps this year, too, starting for Urbik when he was injured, so there shouldn’t be a major drop-off in offensive line play.

8:57—Buffalo ties it up at 24!  Corey Webster had no business keeping up with Stevie Johnson, who embarrassed his defender and hauled in a nine yard TD pass from Fitzpatrick.

9:50—Six minute drive by the Bills—first and 10 from the Giants’ 13.  Fitzpatrick keeps the ball himself and dives head-first at the 9 yard line. 

11:15—Yep, Levitre moves to left tackle.  Jason Pierre-Paul jumps offsides on 3rd and 4, giving the Bills a fortunate first down.  Wow, not smart from the former South Florida Bull.  Nine yard toss to Stevie Johnson to the 16 on a quick slant.  Hairston may have avoided serious injury, as he wasn’t carted to the locker room—he’s simply on the bench getting looked at.  First down run by Fred Jackson.

11:58—2nd and 4 after another out to Spiller.  Jackson only earns one on second down, and a 3rd and a long 3 upcoming for the Bills.  More pressing is the injury suffered on the play by Bills rookie left tackle Chris Hairston, who had a jumble of players land on the back of his leg.  This one looks serious.  Will the Bills’ shuffle Levitre out to left tackle and bring Rinehart in to play guard?  Regardless, I hope it’s not too bad for the promising rookie Hairston.

13:20—Fred Jackson for three yards off left guard.  Nice out route to C.J. Spiller, the flanker, and Antrel Rolle, the safety, can’t close on him in time.  First down, Buffalo, at the Giants’ 36.

14:18—Great sneak up the middle by Fitzpatrick on fourth down allows Gailey to breathe a sigh of relief—a new set of downs for the Bills.  Why did we pay Brad Smith $15 million again?

15:00—The Bills start the 4th quarter on their own 49 yard line facing a 3rd and 1.  Buffalo’s in the Wildcat, and it looks like he’s stopped short of the first down marker. 

————End of 3rd Quarter, 24-17 Giants————

:44—Chris Hairston is finally beaten by Osi Umenyiora, though pressure from Pierre Paul on the other side forced Fitzy to spin into Osi’s rush.  On second and 20, however, Fitzpatrick executed a screen to Jackson for 19 yards—fine blocking downfield.

1:01—The kick is blocked!  Alex Carrington got his big mitts up to swat the ball down!  A massive play by the Bills’ special teams to keep the deficit at seven.

1:52 —Good pursuit by the Bills’ defensive linemen forces Eli to throw the ball away—good coverage downfield as well.  No sacks by the Bills’ D yet today.  On third and 10, D.J. Ware is grabbed by Dwan Edwards, who’s been solid in a spot start today.  Tynes is on to attempt a 51 yarder.

2:01—The official rules that Manningham lost the ball as he hit the ground—thus an incomplete pass.  As Jim Nantz says, “McGee saved a touchdown, and that’ll cost the Giants a timeout.” 

2:28 —A pretty 37 yard pass from Manning, though, even if the result of the play is in doubt.  McGee wound up with the ball at the end of the play, but Manningham also had the ball in his possession for a solid second.  These rules are all so confusing!  Given the league’s insistence that a receiver must fully complete the action of the catch, I don’t see Coughlin winning this challenge.

2:28—Punishing hit by Nick Barnett on D.J. Ware isn’t enough to prevent the reserve Giants’ runner from securing the first down.  Play-action pass from Manning to Manningham looked to be complete in the end zone, but the wideout couldn’t complete the catch—Tom Coughlin is irate and immediately challenges the ruling on the field of an incomplete pass.  McGee was beaten by a step, but hustled to force the ball loose at the end.

4:09—The Giants start at Buffalo’s 48.  Six yard pass to Victor Cruz, who’s been quiet today, advances the ball a little farther into Bills’ territory.  D.J. Ware is crunched by George Wilson, setting up an important 3rd and 2 for the Bills’ defense.

4:09—I’m not sure if Fitzpatrick was trying for a back-shoulder pass to Stevie Johnson, but it wound up as an underthrown ball that stuck in Corey Webster’s arms for an interception.  Johnson couldn’t wrap his arms around Webster to break up the pass, and a key turnover has the ball back in NYG’s possession with a seven point lead.

5:47—David Nelson, Fitzy’s favorite third down target, is open on third down and converts.  1st and 10 from the Giants’ 35.  Six yard run by Jackson on first down gives the Bills a little room for creativity on second down in terms of play-calling.

6:08—A crossing pattern to Fred Jackson and a short run by #22 sets up a 3rd and 4 for the Bills.

6:53—The Bills will start at their 20, down a score.  10-14, 125 yards and one TD for Fitzpatrick today.  The Giants lead in time of possession as well, 22 minutes to 16.

6:53—Not the sexiest statline for Bradshaw today, but the three touchdowns look really nice.  Otherwise, he has only 54 yards on 20 carries.  96 yards for Nicks and 81 yards for Ballard—they’ve been Eli’s two relied upon weapons today.

6:58—Bradshaw leaps over the front three of Dareus, Heard and Troup for his third short yardage score of the game.  Now, it’s 24-17 Giants, and Nick Barnett is a little shaken up on the play.  Looks like he just had his wind knocked out. 

7:03—The touchdown is under review, though, as it looks like Manningham’s knee was down just before the one yard line.  Negate the touchdown!  3rd and goal from the 1 for the Giants.

7:15—Big trouble in the secondary today for the Bills—Drayton Florence is getting beaten like a drum, Jake Ballard is carving the soft underbelly of the Bills’ defense mercilessly, exploiting mismatches against Andra Davis (too slow) and Terrence McGee (too small) while Manningham and Nicks relentless route running has been too much.  Ugh.

7:37—Heard and Dareus combine to clog the middle on first down—minimal gain by Bradshaw.  A surgical passing drive by the Giants and Manning, however.  Manning hangs in the pocket for what feels like an eternity before snapping a seven yard TD pass to Manningham.  24-17 Giants.

8:51—Jake Ballard lurks in space again, catching a pass in front of Terrence McGee for a first down.  From the 35, Manning hits Manningham on a stop route against McGee—who slips a bit—down to the 20.  Easy quick slant from Manning to Nicks on first down has the Giants at the Bills’ 9—first and goal! 

10:29—Nice throwback pass from Manning to Ballard, who camps out along the sidelines, loses Drayton Florence and earns another 20 yards.  4-70 on the day for Ballard.  2nd and 6 after a four yard Bradshaw dart advances the Giants to the 46 of Buffalo.

11:45—We haven’t seen much of Marcell Dareus inside today (at least not much from the commentators about him), as it’s been mostly Troup, Heard and Williams.  Dareus is in for the next snap after Bradshaw’s three yard run.  Two more on second down for Ahmad, setting up a 3rd and 5.

12:20—That was a horrible no-call by the officials—there was no intent to play the ball, and Williams had his hands all over Jackson before the ball arrived.  Hopefully, that kind of a miscue won’t cost the Bills down the stretch.  The Giants will start from their 25.

12:32—Osi Umenyiora spurts into the backfield for the first time, and Fitzpatrick is nearly wrapped up as he gets rid of the ball—Scott Chandler makes his first catch but loses two yards.  On third and 9, there’s a rush to the blindside of Fitzpatrick—he lobs a screen to Jackson, who’s clearly interfered with by JaQuan Williams—no call, and Moorman’s forced to punt.  Illegal procedure on the Bills, and things are starting to go awry at the beginning of the second half.

14:22—A 3rd and 9 confronts the Bills after an incompletion to Stevie Johnson, but Fitzy connects with David Nelson right at the first down marker after some soft coverage by the Giants.  Brad Smith gets five yards to the 35 on first down.

15:00—Back for the second half—Michael Boley pummels Fred Jackson on first down from the 20.

Halftime—I was a little tangled in trying to catch up the live-blog at the time, but CBS did show the Scott Norwood missed field goal from Super Bowl 25 late in the second quarter.  A lot of Bills fans on Twitter didn’t like that.

—————Halftime, 17-17 tie—————-

:26 —3rd and 1 from the Giants’ 31, and Ahmad Bradshaw gets the first down.  The clock is running down, however, and it’s halftime.

:28 —I should have mentioned this earlier, but what a homer Phil Simms is.  Who let the former Giants’ quarterback call the Bills vs. Giants game?  He’s definitely biased, and that’s been apparent in what he’s said.

:34—Corey McIntyre splatters Devin Thomas at the 20 yard line, and there’s a lot of exuberance in celebration between Brad Smith and McIntyre (plenty of “WOOOH!“s). 

:37—Lindell bends in the 49 yarder for his long of the season!  He read the wind perfectly, expecting the kick to swerve from left to right.  17-17 tie.

:42—Lindell will trot on to kick a long field goal into a swirling wind.  49 yards.

1:23 —The Bills rather predictably hand the ball up the middle to Freddy Jackson, and he’s pushed backwards.  Not even close to a first down.  Another hard snap count here, or will the Bills actually go for it?

2:00—2nd and 5 from the 35—Jackson’s pounded by Kenny Phillips at the first down marker, setting up a 3rd and inches.  I hate all players from the U. 

2:00—469 net yards in the first half.  Could this be a 1,000 yard game combined between the two teams?  I sometimes wish I had a personal statistician.

2:05—Fred Jackson twists his way for five more yards up the middle as we arrive at the two minute warning.  Eight rushes for 103 yards for Freddy in the first half.

2:39—15 yard pass to C.J. Spiller on first down (not a screen, he was lined up out wide again) and 10 more on second down to Jackson on a screen through the middle.  A roughing the passer penalty on Jason Pierre-Paul tacks on another 15 to Jackson’s screen pass, and the Giants’ defense is in utter disarray.  First and 10 from the Giants’ 40.

2:58—Aaron Rodgers with a ridiculous 11-15 passing for 234 yards and three scores—and no turnovers—in the Packers’ 24-0 thumping of the Rams.

2:58—Regardless, awesome bear-hug tackle by Torell Troup to deny the score.  With Kyle Williams out of the lineup, it’s imperative that Troup bring his A-game.  The ruling on the field stands, unfortunately, and it’s 17-14 after Tynes’ boots the PAT through.

2:58—The play is being reviewed from upstairs to determine whether or not Bradshaw’s knee was down before he reached the ball across the plane.  It’s possible that we could see a reversal and a third and goal from the inch line. 

3:40 —It’s pretty absurd that Nicks’ hands are so large that he can easily palm it.  Phil Simms criticizes Nicks’ lack of fundamentals, but man, he is a bit of a showboat.  What looked like a tremendous tackle by Torell Troup at the goal-line goes for naught, as Ahmad Bradshaw just barely broke the plane while being tackled—great reach of the football.  Bradshaw’s second short-yardage TD of the day—it’s 17-14 Giants.

4:00—It’s about time Manning tested the Bills deep, and Eli’s picture-perfect lob to Hakeem Nicks nets 60 yards.  Nicks is a monster, monster test for Florence, who should have his hands full all day.  The former Tar Heel great is a tiny tier below Calvin Johnson when you’re talking top NFL wide receivers.  He also has gigantic hands.  First and goal for the Giants at the Bills’ 5.

5:16—Danny Batten fights off a blocker and drags down Ahmad Bradshaw along the left edge.  2nd and 8.  On second down form the 13, Manning steps up to avoid pressure and hits Jake Ballard, who beat Andra Davis again in coverage, moves the ball to the 35 for 22 yards. 

6:14—The blame has to fall on Fitzpatrick’s shoulders for that drive.  He had time to throw the ball away and settle for a long field goal instead of scrambling and taking a sack that set them out of Lindell’s range.  Ah, well.

6:14—Brian Brohm was the last Bill to lose a fumble?  That’s intense.  3rd and 16 for the Bills from the NYG 28.  Flushed out of the pocket, Fitzpatrick is sacked for the second time in three plays—Jason Pierre-Paul takes him down, knocking the Bills out of field goal range.  Boooh!  Moorman’s floater is downed at the 10 by Garrison Sanborn.

6:53—Fitzpatrick is crunched from behind by Matthias Kiwanuka, forcing a fumble.  Atoning for getting beaten badly, Erik Pears pounces on the fumble. 

7:09 —Nice tackle by Antrel Rolle on second down, but Fitzpatrick targets David Nelson downfield on third down, and he’s interfered with by Michael Boley—the former Falcon never turned his head to see the ball on the play.  First and 10 at the Giants’ 22. 

9:10—Jordy Nelson of the Packers and Mike Wallace of the Steelers—two exceptional young receivers—have both scored today as well.  Buffalo’s at its own 46.  Jackson bolts left for six more yards.  He’s already two yards away from the century mark.

9:29—Five yard comeback route to Spiller—he’s lined up as an outside receiver multiple times already today.  Wildcat formation on second down—Brad Smith back into the game.  The former Missouri QB fakes a pitch to the right to Fred Jackson and Smith sprints for an easy first down through a gaping hole.  Credit Kraig Urbik for a nice seal block, but it really was the misdirection play-call that fooled Coughlin’s Giants.

9:42 —This is far from a defensive battle here in New Jersey.  Bradshaw and Jackson are finding running room at will, and Eli’s looked very dangerous throwing the ball downfield. 

9:46—Brad Smith takes the kick return around the left side just past the 20.  More commercials!  James Jones of Green Bay, Frank Gore of the ‘9ers, Jonathan Stewart of the Carolina Panthers, Michael Turner of the Falcons and LeSean McCoy of the Eagles have all scored touchdowns so far today (among others).

9:56—They do!  Manning overthrows Jerrel Jernigan by a mile in the back of the end zone—McGee had the coverage.  Lawrence Tynes is on for a 26 yarder, and he crushes it just barely through the left upright.  14-10 Buffalo leads.  Phil Simms and Jim Nantz actually credit Drayton Florence for a smart pass interference penalty on Manningham, preventing a touchdown. 

10:30—Dwan Edwards with a nice tackle on second down to stop Bradshaw at the 8.  3rd and goal now.  Can Buffalo stand firm in the red zone?

10:44—Manningham blew past Drayton Florence in one-on-one coverage down the left sideline, and Florence was forced to grab the former Wolverine around the hips to slow his route.  Pass interference—first and goal from the 9.

11:06—3rd and 5 now from the Bills’ 28 after a five yard Bradshaw run. 

11:51—Bradshaw dives forward for a first down.  Arthur Moats hurries Eli Manning’s throw, but the former Ole Miss QB can’t find Nicks in the back of the end zone.  Moats’ rush around right end may have saved a touchdown.

13:48—Kelvin Sheppard gets caught up in pursuit, and George Wilson makes a shoestring tackle of Ahmad Bradshaw, limiting a potentially big gain to only 12 yards.  Manning hooks up with Nicks on a curl at the top of his route—first and 10 at the Bulls’ 44.  Manning hits Nicks on a slant, and McGee brings him down again after another eight yard gain. 

14:41—A little flare out of the backfield to Bear Pascoe ends in a first down to the Giants’ 27.  Eli audibles at the line on the next down, firing to Manningham before the receiver is lit up by Terrence McGee—the hit jostles the ball free, and it’s ruled incomplete.  Terrence looks real, real healthy.

15:00—The 60 yard grab was Roosevelt’s first NFL touchdown. 

—————-End of First Quarter, 14-7 Buffalo—————

:19—Special teams penalty on the Giants starts the drive at New York’s 8.  A quick pass to Manningham to the right side is complete, but Terrence McGee hauls him down immediately (McGee’s fifth tackle), and the former Michigan star receiver gets up with a limp.

:24—The Giants’ secondary is taking some terrible angles to the football, as Roosevelt definitely isn’t a speedster (he ran a 4.6 at the Bulls’ Pro Day and wasn’t even invited to the NFL Scouting Combine.)  Who predicted that Naaman would score this week in his first NFL start?  Yep, this guy. 

:24—Naaman has some wheels!  A quick streak pass to Roosevelt on the left seam and a nifty cut to the right by Naaman loses Corey Webster—Michael Boley can’t quite recover in time, and the University at Buffalo graduate slaps Buffalo News photographer James McCoy a high-five after the score.  14-7 Buffalo after the Bills’ second big play of the game.

:35—Fitzpatrick’s toss to Stevie to the right again flies out of bounds—big 3rd and 6 here with the game knotted at 7. 

1:31—Nice stop route by Stevie along the right sideline—he snatches his second ball in front of Corey Webster for the first down.  He’s such a great route runner.  2nd and 6 now after Fred picks up four yards on first down—the ball is on the Bills’ 39. 

2:51—Jackson follows up his 80 yard jaunt with seven yards left before losing two yards to the right.  3rd and 5, and the Giants’ are starting to concentrate more on stopping the Bills’ running game. 

3:24—McGee already has four tackles today after only two drives.  He’s welcomed back into the lineup with open arms, as that means we don’t have to see as much of Leodis McKelvin. 

3:24 —Buffalo halts the Giants’ drive with little trouble—Terrence McGee was two steps behind Hakeem Nicks, but Manning’s inaccuracy cost him for the first time today.  He’s 7-9 for 85 yards.  Spiller receives the punt and slips as he turns the corner—Buffalo starts at its own 22.

4:53—Right on cue, Kelvin Sheppard enters the game and pulls down Ahmad Bradshaw at the line of scrimmage.  Told you he deserved more reps!

5:06—Name a more valuable player in the NFL in the first six weeks of the season than Fred Jackson.  Aside from maybe Wes Welker, I’m not sure there is one.

5:06—Wow.  Just like that, the Bills tie the score on an 80 yard TD run by Fred Jackson! Terrific block by Kraig Urbik opened a massive hole, and the Coe College alum did the rest, baffling Deon Grant with his speed and shimmying past Aaron Ross for the score.  7-7 tie.

5:20 —It’s easy for me to complain about Rashard Mendenhall’s utter uselessness this year in fantasy, but I’d never say it to his face because his arms are thicker than my head.  And, he scored for Pittsburgh in the first quarter against Jacksonville.  Maybe I don’t regret that early second round pick quite as much now.

5:20—Kyle Williams’ absence is definitely troubling for the Bills’ run D.  I’d like to see more of Kelvin Sheppard instead of Andra Davis, who’s honestly atrocious in coverage.  Nick Barnett, who’s not at full health today either but remains in the lineup, was conspicuously quiet on the Giants’ scoring drive.

5:27—Kellen Heard jumps offside, but the play resumes, and Manning finds Jake Ballard in space away from Andra Davis for a first down at the 2.  Ahmad Bradshaw squirts in through a monster hole in the line— 7-0 Giants at MetLife after a well-orchestrated drive by Eli Manning, who hooked up with Bradshaw, Manningham and Ballard on key gains down the field.

5:49—Terrence McGee flies out to the edge as Bradshaw tries to bounce his run outside—T-McGee brings Ahmad down in the backfield. 

6:54—Bryan Scott doesn’t turn his head as he follows Travis Beckum downfield, but they tangle up legs and Manning’s pass is overthrown.  No penalty.  Manningham wriggles free on a post route for another first down—Eli looks sharp so far.

8:01—George Edwards dials up a blitz on third down, as Arthur Moats exploded in from the strong side.  Manning connects with Victor Cruz on a sideline route for a first down.  Andra Davis is a step late in diagnosing the screen pass to Bradshaw, and it costs Buffalo 17 yards.  First and 10 for New York from the Bills’ 39. 

9:22—The Giants begin at their own 31 after a solid return by Aaron Ross.  George Wilson creams Jake Ballard, a favorite of Tom Coughlin, after a very short gain.  Expect Manning to challenge the Bills’ downfield on third down, as Bradshaw’s three yard run sets up a 3rd and 4.

9:45—For the Bills’ offense to be effective today, Fitzpatrick will need to find a way to stretch the field—or else the Giants’ corners Aaron Ross and Corey Webster will be able to press hard at the line of scrimmage, and New York’s safeties can creep up into the box.

10:18—Stevie Johnson runs his route too shallow on 3rd and 6, and the two yard completion isn’t close to the first down.  Gailey anticipated that downfield blocking would be enough for Stevie to get the first on yards after the catch, but the former Kentucky alum had no blockers in front of him.  Fruitless first drives for both teams.

11:47—Stevie Johnson is on his Stevie Johnson early, as Fitzpatrick finds his favorite target for 12 yards on a quick slant inside of Corey Webster.  Fitz hits Spiller to the left on a quick toss on first down.  Four yard gain.

12:44 —Pascoe’s penalty killed the Giants’ first drive, and the Bills takeover at their own 20.  Spiller lines up as a wideout on first down—expect more of that with the injuries that have decimated Buffalo’s receiving corps.

14:20—Eli hooks up with Mario Manningham just short of the first down marker on a seam route, but Ahmad Bradshaw cannot convert the third and short—they’re going to punt.

15:00—Terrence McGee, in the starting lineup for the first time since Week 1, tackles Ahmad Bradshaw in the open field, but Bear Pascoe is whistled for holding on the play, setting the Giants’ back for first and long.

Pre-game—Former Buffalo Bills defensive coordinator Perry Fewell occupies the same position on the New York Giants.  Lindell’s kick sails out of bounds on the kickoff, and the Giants will begin at the 40.

Pre-game—For a more detailed game preview, read Dan Ludwig’s article here.

Pre-game —The Giants pace the NFL in sacks with 18.0, as Jason Pierre-Paul and Osi Umenyiora lead the charge off the ends.  Chris Hairston, making his second NFL start for Demetrius Bell, faces a much stiffer test than Darryl Tapp presented last Sunday.  Expect the Giants to hassle him throughout the afternoon.

Pre-game—Much of the talk this week has surrounded the increased reps of Naaman Roosevelt, the former University at Buffalo wide receiver, who steps in for injured Donald Jones.  Naaman will take over the starting slot receiver role with David Nelson playing wide.

Pre-game—Last week, the Bills killed Philadelphia in turnover margin, as turnovers forced by Nick Barnett, Reggie Corner and George Wilson made Michael Vick’s afternoon miserable, resulting in a 31-24 Buffalo win.  The Giants surprisingly fell to Pete Carroll’s Seahawks 36-25, as Eli Manning imploded in the fourth quarter, throwing a crucial pick-six that sealed the ‘Hawks win.

Pre-game—Injuries will definitely play a role in today’s game, as neither team is at full strength.  The home Giants are without star defender Justin Tuck, bruising running back Brandon Jacobs and underrated guard Chris Snee, while the Bills’ defense is sans Kyle Williams, Chris Kelsay and Shawne Merriman.  Arthur Moats and Danny Batten will start at outside linebacker, while Kellen Heard and Torell Troup will combine to fill Williams’ vacancy.

Pre-game —Bill Cowher just said on CBS’ NFL Today that the Bills are the second best team in the AFC East, ahead of the New York Jets but behind the New England Patriots.  The analyst once considered a possible coach of the Buffalo Bills expects Chan Gailey’s team to advance to the postseason for the first time since 1999.  It’s been such a long drought.

Pre-game—On a day boasting “hellacious” winds, the Buffalo Bills (4-1) visit the New York Giants (3-2) at MetLife Stadium.

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