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Bills vs. Jets live-blog

Photo by Craig Melvin from Buffalo Bills Facebook page

blog by Ben Tsujimoto  • 

—————-End of Game, 27-11 New York—————-

2:00 —Unable to stop the clock, the Bills are in a rather helpless situation, down 16 points without the ball.  Joe McKnight runs up the middle, and the officials are measuring to see if he advanced past the first down marker.  He has, and the Jets can now kneel the football to end the game.

3:00 —Joe McKnight takes the Wildcat run to the left, and he gains considerable yardage—it’s called back due to a holding penalty on Sanchez.  It was pretty embarrassing—Sanchez’s effort on that play—and it will probably appear on C’mon Man tomorrow night on ESPN before Monday Night Football.

3:09—With Lindell still nursing a shoulder injury, Moorman took the onside kick—he squibbed it to his left—unexpectedly—but the Bills were offside and the Jets still recovered. 

3:14—Underneath route to David Nelson creates space, and the former undrafted rookie basically walks into the end zone on a 7 yard TD catch.  With the score 27-9, the Bills will go for two.  Fitzpatrick runs in the two-point conversion himself, and the score is 27-11 Jets.

3:21—Fitzpatrick overthrows David Nelson on first down.  On the next play, Antonio Cromartie is called for holding against Donald Jones—setting up a 1st and goal from the Jet 7.

4:08—A swing pass to Jackson gains nine yards, and Fitzpatrick shocks the Jets’ defense with a designed scramble up the middle on fourth and five for the first down.  1st and 10 from the Jet 12.

5:14 —Crossing pattern to Donald Jones is good for six yards, but still four yards short of the marker.  Ball on the NYJ 20 with the Bills trailing 27-3.  Great recovery on the play by Kyle Wilson, who made up for lost ground on David Nelson by laying out and poking the pass away.  Andy Levitre is whistled for holding on Aaron Maybin (ughhh), and it’s 3rd and 14 for the Bills from the NYJ 30. 

5:22—With Maybin in full-pursuit, Fitzpatrick throws against his body to Fred Jackson, and the ball is knocked away by Eric Smith, whose arm was clearly inside Jackson’s bread-basket before the ball arrived.  That’s pass interference in my book.  Jackson pleaded his case, but the argument fell on deaf ears.

6:11—Outstanding grab—tip-toeing the sidelines and concentrating on the back-shoulder pass—by Stevie Johnson in front of Revis—first down Buffalo at the Jets’ 48.  A draw to Fred Jackson exposes a hole in the Jets’ defense, good for another 23 yards.  First and 10 for Buffalo at the NYJ 26. 

6:21—Darrelle Revis grabs on to Stevie Johnson—a five yard holding penalty even though Stevie failed to bring in the football.  Naaman Roosevelt turned the wrong direction on a deep out, and the ball sailed harmlessly incomplete.  2nd and 10.

6:27—The “wave of white”-clad Bills fans is sitting awkwardly and angrily late in this blowout, and there’s nothing more obnoxious than a smug Rex Ryan.  The Bills will fall to 5-3 on the season, and the Jets improve to the same record.  If the Patriots can down the Giants tonight on FOX, then Brady and co. will hold sole possession of first place at the halfway point of the ‘11-12 season.

6:27John “Terminator” Conner bulls in from one yard out, and it’s 27-3 Jets right now.  Expect this live-blog to slow down a little bit now, but it can’t sputter any more than the Bills’ offense and worn-down defense has in the second half.

6:35—Even Billy the Buffalo, the Bills’ mascot, seems to have no answers for the team’s offensive struggles.  He looks sad.  Terrence McGee is flagged for pass interference in the end zone on Santonio Holmes—the second PI call deep in Bills’ territory Holmes has drawn today, and it’ll be first and goal from the 1 for Sanchez and the Jets.  McGee couldn’t whip his head around in time to find the football and was forced to claw on to Holmes.

6:35—The Bills use their second timeout—the first was exhausted on the failed challenge, and this break was likely given to refresh the Buffalo defensive unit a bit, as NYJ has been on the field for almost eight minutes again, on the heels of a near-10 minute first half drive.  The Bills are simply getting pummeled in both time of possession and field position battle today.

7:34—Buffalo over-pursues on the blitz—Antonio Coleman in particular—allowing Sanchez to flip a screen pass out to Tomlinson in the flat for another first down.  The clock continues to tick below seven minutes now, and the Bills’ hopes are looking dreary.

8:51—2nd and 10 now on the BUF 33 for the Jets, as Sanchez floats a pass over the arms of Dustin Keller.  A pitch out left to LT, who slips past Nick Barnett to get back to the line of scrimmage.  3rd and 9—huge play for the weary Buffalo defense here.

10:01—LT hops his way past the line of scrimmage for four yards, sprawling close to the first down marker.  3rd and 1 again for the Jets, and Shonn Greene’s being attended to on the bench.  It doesn’t matter, though, as Sanchez hands to the up-man Terminator Conner for the first down. 

11:30—Slant route by Santonio Holmes—and a fine catch—goes for another first down.  Terrence McGee can’t keep pace with the Jets’ #1 receiver on a quick intermediate route. 

12:40 —Play-action pass on third and one, and Sanchez hits Dustin Keller wide-open on an out-route.  1st and 10 at the NYJ 39.  Greene rumbles behind right guard for three yards.  Second and seven, and the Jets are using clock on this drive.

13:37—An eight yard run on first down is a fine start for Shonn Greene, but Dareus foils the run on second down, setting up a 3rd and 1.  Marcell is a tank. 

14:29—The ruling on the field stands, and the Bills are charged a timeout.  4th and inches for the Bills at the Jets’ 15 yard line.  Fred Jackson rushes up the middle, and an unblocked Bart Scott plows him backward for a loss, stopping the Bills on downs.  Terrible—the Jets’ defense is embarrassing the Buffalo offense today.

14:29—The Bills are challenging the spot on Naaman’s catch—seems like a smart challenge to me, as the spot was rather unfavorable (it didn’t seem to take into account Naaman’s forward progress.)  With each and every yard well-earned today against the Jet defense, this is a fine risk to take, even if the timeout lost if the challenge fails could be painful down the stretch. 

14:42—Fitzpatrick locks in on slot receiver Naaman Roosevelt on a slant pattern, and the ball is complete—the spot shots that the Bills are a few inches short, however, and I imagine that Chan Gailey will go for it here. 

15:00—Great timing on the hit by Darrelle Revis, as he left his original marker to help on Jackson, jarring the bar loose before the Bills’ running back could secure possession.  Incomplete. 

15:00—On the final play of the third quarter, Fitzpatrick hooked up with Stevie Johnson in front of Darrelle Revis for a seven yard gain down to the Jets’ 18.  2nd and 3 on the first play of the final quarter, where the Bills are in a three possession hole.

————-End of 3rd Quarter, 20-3 New York————

1:29—Pouha jammed his head into Jackson’s thigh, which looked rather disorienting for the big fellow.  2nd and 11 for Buffalo from the NYJ 37.  Spiller’s in the backfield.  Maybin generates some pressure around the left end, but Fitzpatrick rifles a pass into the sticky hands of David Nelson along the numbers.  First down after the acrobatic grab.  First and 10 at the NYJ 25.

1:53—Terrific block by center Eric Wood on the Bills’ first screen pass of the afternoon, freeing Fred Jackson down the left sideline for an impressive gain.  Ball’s on the NYJ 36 after the 26 yard pass.  Mo Wilkerson stomps Fred Jackson on the next play, but Sione Pouha is down on the carpet with an injury.

3:12—Solid gain on first down, as Fitzpatrick finds Scott Chandler in the left flat—the tight end slipped an ankle-tackle and earned a few yards after the catch.  Ball on the BUF 38.  Fred Jackson is up-ended, but he falls forward as usual for a first down. 

3:27—The huge pass interference penalty on McKelvin made Sanchez’s job much easier on that drive.  Holmes’ TD catch was a thing of beauty—a twisting snag in the middle of the end zone in a crowd of Bills’ defenders. 

3:27—Sanchez looks McKelvin’s away again on the ensuing play—Holmes leaps and makes the strong grab in the end zone, an 8 yard TD reception.  One of the focuses of the Jets’ bye week was to involve Holmes more on offense, and Ryan’s club was certainly more committed on that drive. 20-3 Jets.

3:33—Sanchez lofts a deep ball down the right sideline, and—beaten on the play by a step—Leodis McKelvin is forced to arm-bar Holmes.  Pass interference is called, and it’s first and goal from the 8.  42 yard penalty.

4:42—Lindell’s still in pain, explains CBS.  Moorman handled the kickoff duties.  In a mismatch—Danny Batten vs. Dustin Keller—Sanchez throws a nice ball to the numbers of his tight end for a first down.  Ball on the NYJ 37.  In play-action, Sanchez whips a pass to Burress over the middle on a hitch route.  First down again.

4:47—Stevie Johnson’s 53 yard reception against Darrelle Revis was the big play on the Bills’ scoring drive.  An elusive double-move and a well-lofted ball by Fitzpatrick resulted in the first big-gainer of the afternoon for Buffalo.

4:50—Fred Jackson stumbles coming out of his route—right by the first down marker—and the 3rd down pass falls incomplete.  Rian Lindell boots in the 23 yard field goal, and the Bills are finally on the board.  13-3 Jets.

5:37—Interesting to see that Rex Ryan is committing safety help on Revis’ side—pretty rare, and that shows a good deal of respect to Stevie Johnson’s route running and ability on the outside.  Tough run by Fred Jackson off left guard, and it’s 3rd and 4 now from the NYJ 6 yard line.

7:11—Oof, that’s the 11th ball completed against Darrelle Revis this season, as Fitzpatrick lobbed a nicely thrown ball into Stevie Johnson’s path for a 53 yard gain.  Fitzpatrick rolls to the right and dumps the pass off at the last minute to Scott Chandler, who turns Jim Leonhard for the first down.  Jackson returns to the lineup.

8:22—Spiller sweeps right for two yards before he’s drilled by Antonio Cromartie.  Up the middle again, Spiller only earns three yards.  The boos are raining down on the Bills now—we’re unsure why they’re running Spiller inside—he’s very weak there.

8:27—Brad Smith struggles to reach the 20 on the kick return.  The Jets have been stingy on special teams and defense today, and finally the NYJ offense was able to create a little breathing room.  Spiller in at running back as Jackson’s neck is still being attended too. 

9:21—Facing another short field, the Bills’ defense goes back to work.  A nice stop route by Burress on McKelvin—Burress got away with a very obvious pass interference call—gives the Jets the ball at the BUF 1.  LaDainian Tomlinson capitalizes off Fred Jackson’s turnover and vaults over the Bills’ wall of defenders for the one yard TD run with 8:34 left in the third.  13-0 Jets.  10 points in under two minutes for the Jets.

10:11—Buffalo begins at its own 22.  Fred Jackson coughs up the football on first down—a huge play by the Jets’ D—and Jim Leonhard winds up with the football.  Sione Pouha jarred the ball loose, and Jackson’s being attended to on the sidelines (neck).  Very uncharacteristic of Jackson to put the ball on the ground—it’s his first lost fumble of 2011.

10:20—The Bills must continue to be patient—Fred Jackson has had success on the ground (12 rushes, 53 yards), and it’d behoove Buffalo to force-feed him the football.  It’s clear that Fitzpatrick is helpless in 3rd and 5+ situations, so play-action throws built off an established run game seem like the best chance at success for Buffalo.

10:20—Tight coverage on Dustin Keller by Bryan Scott, and Buffalo’s D forces another three and out.  Another 50 yard field goal attempt for Nick Folk—he missed the last one.  This one is perfect, however, and it’s 6-0 New York.

11:06—Alex Carrington makes his second big play of the day, this time batting down a Sanchez pass at the line of scrimmage.  With Kyle Williams on the shelf with a foot injury, Carrington’s making the most of his extra reps.  A nifty draw to LT churns out eight yards—3rd and 2 from the Bills’ 32.

11:06—New York will start at the Bills’ 40 yard line after a 12 yard return by Kerley.  Chris White, a late Bills’ draft pick, brought him down after Sheppard and Carrington missed tackles.  Moorman’s averaging 48 yards on four punts this afternoon, downing two inside the 20. 

11:52—Jackson runs into a forest of green defenders on second down, and he’s met at the line of scrimmage.  3rd and 7 for the Bills at their own 4 yard line.  The Jets blitz the linebackers on third down, and Fred Jackson is blanketed again by Eric Smith—Jackson appeals for interference, but it wasn’t really a catchable ball in the first place.

12:47—Fitzpatrick’s seven straight incompletions match the longest streak of his career—Fitzy’s QB rating in the first half was a pitiful 2.8%.  Fred Jackson plows forward to gain a little breathing room away from the goal-line. 

13:18—Bills’ high first rounder Marcell Dareus—#3 overall after Cam Newton and Von Miller—stands up Greene a yard short of the first down marker and throws him backwards.  He’s incredibly powerful.  The Jets opt to punt, and Marquise Cole downs Conley’s punt at the one yard line.  99 yards to go for Fitzpatrick and the Bills on their first drive of the second half.

14:24—The Jets return to their smash-mouth ways on first and second down, as Greene tallies eight yards total off the two runs up the gut.  3rd and 2 for NYJ from the BUF 37.

14:51—The Jets receive a wonderful drive start from Joe McKnight, as the speedy returner darted past midfield on a 59 yard run-back.  Rian Lindell is down on the field with an arm injury, which, fortunately, doesn’t sound too debilitating to his kicking duties.  If it’s his shoulder, however, there’s more reason to worry.

Halftime—@the506 tweets: “If you’re getting Jets-Bills, there has not been a touchdown scored on CBS in the last 7 quarters+OT of football.”  The fault is necessarily on offensive ineptitude, as LSU, Alabama, Buffalo and New York have all played exceptional defense.  It’s not necessarily enjoyable to watch, but credit those units for their persistence, pressure and sheer domination. 

Halftime—The Bills are taking major heat on Twitter for that fourth and two deep-ball to Donald Jones.  While the second year receiver has struggled to get separation from a physical and active Jet secondary, a toss to Fred Jackson may have been the smarter, higher-percentage play to move the chains and give Lindell a shot.  Perhaps Gailey over-thought that decision.

——————Halftime, 3-0 New York——————-

:23—Antonio Cromartie blankets the smaller Donald Jones again on the right sideline, and a low-percentage fourth down throw falls incomplete.  The Bills finish the first half scoreless, and the Jets are content to kneel down and start the second half with the football.

:31—Safety blitz by former Bill Jim Leonhard forces Fitzpatrick to throw the ball into the ground—not grounding because Leonhard hit the QB’s arm as it was moving forward.  A 4th and 2 confronts the Bills’ O from the NYJ 38—it’s a 55 yard field goal attempt if the Bills do attempt it.  They won’t—Fitzpatrick in the huddle on 4th and 2.

:36—A corner blitz by the Jets around the Bills’ left end forces Fitzpatrick to scramble to his right, and he’s popped short of the first down marker by Donald Strickland.  Buffalo blows its second timeout, and Rian Lindell can’t be too confident from this range if the Bills cannot advance the ball any farther.

:43—Fred Jackson sneaks through a hole and churns out eight yards before he’s tripped up by Pool.  Gailey opts for the team’s first timeout, and the Bills are on the outer-edge of Lindell’s field goal range. 

:49—A comedy of turnovers now, as Mark Sanchez puts the ball on the ground on a bad snap, and Marcell Dareus’ impressive gut engulfs the football.  Buffalo has another chance to put points on the board!  Ball on the NYJ 46.

:53 —The pocket slowly collapses around Fitzpatrick—due to pressure by Aaron Maybin—and Fitzy forces a throw into coverage that’s picked off acrobatically by David Harris.  The Jets’ defense has been incredibly stiff today. 

1:04—Buffalo starts at its own 40 with three timeouts left.  Fitzpatrick targets Donald Jones down the right sideline, but he’s double-teamed by Antonio Cromartie and Brodney Pool.  4-9, 24 yards and one INT in some pathetic first half numbers by Fitzy. 

1:08—Sanchez checks down to LT on 3rd and 15; LT bobbles initially, then bounces to the outside—he’s three yards short of the first down. Nick Folk walks on for a 50 yard attempt, and this time, it’s wide right!  The score remains 3-0 New York, and the Bills will have outstanding field position.

1:17—Leodis McKelvin got away with pass interference as he latched on to Santonio Holmes’ arm—the referee was shielded from the grab, however.  The commentators deem it to be sound coverage.  McKelvin celebrates, and the Jets are faced with a 3rd and 15 from the BUF 44.

1:27—Wayne Hunter adds an offsides penalty to being beaten earlier on the Bills’ lone sack.  He’s not going to rate well in Pro Football Focus’ weekly grades.  Dustin Keller still hasn’t returned to the lineup after trying to jump over a 5’8 man.

1:37—Fitzpatrick draws Marcus Dixon offside.  On the next play, however, Calvin Pace steps in front of Fitzpatrick’s throw into coverage and intercepts the pass!  The pass was intended for David Nelson, but the Jets’ linebacker anticipated the throw and stepped in with instincts of a safety, not a rush LB.

1:39—Fred Jackson pushed up the middle on 3rd and 1 for the first down—he fought through initial contact for a hard-earned gain.  The Jets’ interior of their defensive line isn’t as strong as it’s been in the past—Sione Pouha has been banged up, and he’s frankly not as good as in-his-prime Kris Jenkins was.

2:00—New York has run 31 offensive plays to the Bills’ 15.  Shonn Greene has made progress upfield on early downs, while Plaxico Burress and Jeremy Kerley have been the main downfield threats to keep drives alive.  Still, Buffalo’s defense has continued to thrive on takeaways, picking off one Sanchez pass and nearly nabbing another.

2:35 —The Bills have done little to keep the Jets’ defense off-balance in the first half, predictably running on early downs before throwing on third downs.  Jackson explodes up the middle on second down for a healthy gain—it should be 3rd and 1 or 2 upcoming at the 33.  Two minute warning.

2:48—Former New York Jet jack-of-all-trades Brad Smith takes the kickoff return back past the 25 yard line.  Smith returned kickoffs (three for TDs), ran the Wildcat attack and lined up in the slot for the Jets, who were willing to take a chance on the gadget player who spent his Missouri career at quarterback.

3:00 Nick Folk is on to attempt a 49 yard field goal.  His kick is perfect, and the Jets are in front 3-0.  Heady challenge by Ryan to overturn the interception by Wilson, and the Jets were able to convert three points out of the drive. 

2:58—There is a coach’s challenge on the play by Rex Ryan, and it looks like the Jets’ head-man may be correct.  The ball may have touched the ground under Wilson’s left hand, and the quite-jacked Ed Hochuli announces that the ball hit the ground before it was picked, much to the chagrin of the white-clad Bills’ fans. 

2:58—Buffalo’s second turnover forced of the first half!  Sanchez’s pass is tipped at the line, and the ever-wary George Wilson is the first to react and intercept the pass.  Another Jet drive into Buffalo territory goes for naught on an INT—pending review, perhaps, as the commentators didn’t seem convinced that Wilson had secured the pick.

3:04—In perhaps the most unlikely of duos to connect on two first half touchdowns, Matt Moore and Anthony Fasano have done just that in Miami’s 14-3 lead over Kansas City.  Matt Ryan and Julio Jones are putting on a show against Indianapolis, completing TD passes of 50 and 80 yards.

4:03—Jairus Byrd, clearly improved in run defense this year compared to last season, bulls down the Jets’ runner in the backfield on first down.  2nd and 12 from the BUF 36.  Sanchez bootlegs left and floats a pass to Kris Baker, but Nick Barnett stays with his assignment again and completes the solo tackle.  3rd and 8 upcoming.

5:22 —Nick Barnett isn’t fooled by the check-down pass to LaDainian Tomlinson over the middle, and the sure-tackler pushes LT to the ground easily.  Ball on the BUF 40.  Joe McKnight, Sanchez’s college teammate, squirts his way through defenders for another first down.  Another promising drive for the Jets, but they’ve yet to turn promise into points.

7:22 —Pretty throw from Sanchez to Burress over the middle—Terrence McGee can’t jump with the 6’5 target, and Burress’ reception takes the ball to the Jets’ 45.  Plaxico has yet to shoot himself in the foot in this game!  Bad criminal joke.  2nd and 8 after George Wilson wrapped up Shonn Greene.  Quick toss to Kerley over the middle nets another first down—great timing pattern from the shifty youngster, Andy Dalton’s former favorite target.

8:11—Bills owner Ralph Wilson Jr. is in attendance for the first game this year, and he’s looking pretty healthy!  Maybe it was just the angle and the lighting of the shot—in fact, yeah, it probably was those extra factors. 

8:18—Against dime corner Donald Strickland, Naaman Roosevelt can’t quite separate enough to haul in Fitzpatrick’s pass along the right sideline.  Moorman boots an average punt—48 yards—and Sanchez will try to redeem himself for an uneven first half.

8:22—Antonio Cromartie, matched up with Donald Jones, blankets his target and keeps Jones from making his first reception since returning to the lineup.  3rd and 6 for Buffalo from its own 27. 

9:06—The Bills start at their own 23.  Quick slant to Scott Chandler is good for three yards—a typical spread play that’s not far from a running play in the Bills’ offense.  I don’t remember a year in recent memory where there was such thing as a high percentage passing play in the Bills’ offense. 

9:06—8-10 passing for 90 yards by Sanchez, but under pressure, he’s fallen short.  This is shaping up to be a defensive battle!

10:06 —Joe McKnight scampers off left guard, but he’s not strong enough to carve out a sizable gain.  3rd and 7 from the NYJ 42.  With Leodis McKelvin in coverage, Sanchez’s throw is well behind Santonio Holmes—two ugly plays by Pete Carroll’s prodigy have kept the Jets off the scoreboard.

11:16—Rex Ryan shakes his first in fury.  Mulligan held Byrd at the back of the hole, preventing him from filling the gap.  Sanchez connects with Kerley for a solid gain between the hashes—gain of five.  Twelve men in the huddle penalty on the Jets, who are looking more and more disorganized as this drive unfolds.

11:38—Santonio Holmes, who has magically not dropped a pass the entire season, snags another tough grab in front of Terrence McGee.  Shonn Greene rumbles for 41 yards, but there’s a holding penalty on Mulligan again that sets the Jets back.  It’s amazing how Keller’s unnecessary leap has killed New York on this drive.

13:11—Keller’s mistake is felt on the next play, too, as his substitute Matthew Mulligan jumps offside.  1st and 15 for the Jets from their own 24.  Greene drags Danny Batten for a few yards up the middle—2nd and 11 after the four yard gain.

13:28—Dustin Keller tip-toes along the right sideline after grabbing a Sanchez swing pass, then inexplicably tries to vault over Terrence McGee.  Unexpectedly, Keller lands on his own head/neck, and he’s shaken up and being helped off the field.  That was poorly thought out, Dustin.

13:36—I am aware that Anchorman quotes lost their luster in the mid-2000s, but they’re just so applicable!  Urgh.  Obligatory Niagara Falls stock footage from CBS!  Cue Ben K.‘s anger.

14:12 —Whenever I think of a pooch punt, I think of Anchorman when the “bad man” on the motorcycle punted Baxter off the bridge.  In my mind, that’s a pooch punt.  I’m weird.

14:12—Jackson is gang-tackled behind the line of scrimmage by David Harris and a host of other Jet defenders.  Passing up a 59 yard field goal attempt for Lindell, Moorman’s pooch punt forces the Jets to start from inside their own 20 again. 

15:00—2nd and 6 from the NYJ 48 to start the second quarter.  Fred Jackson falls forward for a solid gain—five yards—setting up 3rd and 1.  What a fast first quarter!  That’s what two teams dedicated to the run will do. 

——————End of First Quarter, 0-0—————

:50—With Donald Strickland draped all over him, David Nelson snatches Fitzy’s pass out of the air for a first down.  Just as Kerley is Sanchez’s go-to receiver on third down, Nelson shines in the same role for the Bills.  Huge conversion to give the Bills’ D added rest after defending for nearly 10 minutes on the previous drive.

2:03—Powerful hit by David Harris on Fred Jackson off right guard, setting up a 3rd and 7 for Fitzpatrick and the Bills.  Buffalo’s offensive line jumped—Erik Pears—and now it’s 3rd and 12.  Discipline, discipline, discipline.  I really don’t understand why the Bills consider extending Pears to be such a priority. 

2:20—Bart Scott had Fred Jackson dead to rights in the backfield on first down, but Freddy juked his way free for a first down run—gain of 14 to the BUF 35.  Stevie Johnson has a step on Revis on the ensuing play, but the Kentucky alum can’t bring the pass in. 

2:44—In what was shaping up to be a statement first possession for the Jets, Sanchez’s decision-making let his team down again.  The league’s highest-paid quarterback still can’t be considered a top ten signal-caller in the NFL.  Not even close, many will argue.

2:44 —Major brain-fart by Sanchez, who overthrew Dustin Keller in the end zone so badly that it looked like Jairus Byrd was the intended receiver.  Byrd snagged the football and darted down the left sideline almost to the Bills’ own 25.  Big turnover by the Buffalo defense in the red zone! 

3:41—Over nine minutes so far on the Jets’ drive.  Greene is pushed back by Marcell Dareus, who’s back on the field after Torell Troup gave him a breather.  2nd and goal for the Jets from the Bills’ 7 yard line.

5:14—Burress curls in front of Drayton Florence and creates some separation—the 17 yard reception moves the Jets just outside the Bills’ 20.  With little disruption from the Bills’ pass rush, aside from Carrington’s sack, Sanchez has had plenty of time to pick apart the Bills’ secondary. 

6:42—At midfield, the Jets snap count is clearly affected by the crowd noise, and there’s a penalty flag on the field.  Sanchez points wildly in the Bills’ direction, and he’s right, as Nick Barnett encroached.  Shonn Greene easily converts the 2nd and 2 with a strong one-cut run that beat Nick Barnett at the point of attack.  1st and 10 for the Jets and the BUF 36.

7:44 —With plenty of time in the pocket, Sanchez sees Dustin Keller matched up against linebacker Kelvin Sheppard, and the former Trojan’s pinpoint throw nets 24 yards and a first down. 

8:27—Play-action pass from Sanchez to Santonio Holmes is complete, but there’s a flag down—offensive pass interference on Holmes.  He was grappling with McGee, and Holmes’ violent push-off made him guilty of PI.  2nd and 14 for NYJ at its own 23.

9:25—Fine route by Jeremy Kerley, Sanchez’s favorite third down target, who grabs the ball right at the first down marker in front of Terrence McGee.  On first down, Shonn Greene sweeps left for a six yard gain to the NYJ 34. 

10:49—Alex Carrington with the sack!  The second year man burned Wayne Hunter , the right guard, and buried Sanchez for a nine yard loss.  2nd and 10 back inside the Jets’ 10.  A quick slant to Plaxico Burress, however, gains much of the sack yardage back.  3rd and 4 for New York.

11:26—A quick hitter up the middle to LaDainian Tomlinson results in enough yardage for the first down.  1st and 10 NYJ from its own 16.

12:49—Power run up the middle by Shonn Greene into the heart of the Buffalo D—the Iowa alum gains six yards on his first tote.  Up in run support, George Wilson pins Greene to the turf at the line of scrimmage.  3rd and 4 coming up for Rex Ryan’s club.

13:31—The Bills have a glimmer of daylight for the first down, but Fred Jackson is decked by safety Eric Smith short of the first down.  Brian Moorman hammers a punt deep all the way down to the four yard line.  TCU rookie Jeremy Kerley coughs up the football immediately, but falls on it at the 7.  Tremendous boot by Moorman, who hasn’t lost any power.

13:55—I can’t tolerate these Kay Jewelers commercials right now.  The “Oh, Santa!” romantic line was particularly vomit-inducing.  Former Brown Brodney Pool was injured on the last play. 

13:55—A swing pass to David Nelson and a run through the left A gap by Fred Jackson nets only six yards, setting up a 3rd and 4.  Solid open-field tackle by former Boise State standout Kyle Wilson on the Nelson catch in the right flat.

15:00 —With Chris Hairston active for the first time in a month, it’ll be interesting to see if he’s sprinkled in to shift Andy Levitre back to his natural position at guard and remove reserve Chad Rinehart from the lineup.

15:00—The Bills will receive the opening kickoff—Spiller kneels in the back of the end zone, and Buffalo starts at its 20.

Pre-game—Expect both teams to pound the running game today, as Fred Jackson has unquestionably been the Bills’ best player, and the Jets have a fresh Shonn Greene and a potentially dominant offensive line, as Nick Mangold and D’Brickashaw Ferguson are two of the best in the business.

Pre-game—The match-up to watch is Bills’ wide receiver Stevie Johnson against his toughest foe of the 2011 season, Jets’ shutdown corner Darrelle Revis.  The two are expected to go head to head for much of the day, as New York often has Revis shadow the opponent’s top receiver.

Pre-game—The Bills, fresh off of a demolition of the Washington Redskins in Toronto, will be short-handed again, as several regular contributors—Kyle Williams, Chris Kelsay, Aaron Williams and Demetrius Bell—will miss the contest.  Buffalo does welcome the return of deep threat Donald Jones, however, after a three week absence. 

Pre-game—A “white-out” at Ralph Wilson Stadium today, the Bills can use plenty of assistance from the 12th man against the feisty 4-3 New York Jets.

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Lots of happy Jets on Sunday; not so much cheerfulness here in Buffalo.

Nick Mendola: Immediate Reactions - Jets 372, Bills 28

Photo of Jim Kelly waving the Bills' flag from Buffalo's Facebook Page

Circlin’ the Wagons

Photo by Craig Melvin from Buffalo Bills Facebook page

Bills’ playoff odds sink after loss to Jets

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