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When Amber Moorman, the wife of Buffalo Bills punter Brian Moorman, published a psychological thriller e-book, it caught the former Pro Bowler off-guard.

According to both Doug Farrar from Yahoo! Sports’ Shutdown Corner and CBS Sports’ Josh Katzowitz, Brian Moorman was a little unnerved by the subject matter of his wife’s fiction tale, The Survivor’s Game, available for $2.99 on Amazon.com for the Kindle.

Stripped down, the Amber Moorman’s work describes how Jack Culney copes with a ridiculously tough position: his wife’s killer is released from prison on parole. The Amazon.com description isn’t for the faint-of-heart—the phrase “savagely hacked” is used—and the teaser ends rather dramatically.

When the time comes for Jack to exact his revenge, he realizes his focus was lost amid the T-ball games and parent-teacher conferences. He has fallen in love with Carole, their son and their lives together. But to achieve his goal, he must sacrifice everything. Is he being fueled by revenge? Justice? Or something far darker?


Originally from Pittsburg, KS, Amber Moorman explains the central theme of her story: “The first half is set in a small town that’s based on Pittsburg,” Moorman said in an article from Pittsburg’s Morning Sun. “I don’t call it that, but anybody from Pittsburg will recognize it. A woman is murdered, her killer is going to be paroled, and how does her husband deal with that? It’s not really a murder mystery, more of a psychological thriller.”

Speaking with the Buffalo News’ Tim Graham, the Bills punter said: “The first time I read it I was, like, ‘Whoa!’ It scared me a little. I said ‘I’m married to you?’”

Moorman’s wife, who wrote “Spotlight” articles for the Buffalo News, found it much more convenient to publish her work online rather than in print form, although a physical book is an eventual goal.

“I think it’s harder for somebody to find an agent in the literary world than it is to make it in the NFL,” she said in Farrar’s Yahoo! article. “That’s saying a lot. We used everything we could use, asking people who knew people. We didn’t have much luck. So we decided to put it out there ourselves.”   

If you’re in the mood for a harrowing tale with local ties, you could do worse.

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