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Canisius Griffins vs. Marist Red Foxes - LIVE BLOG

blog by Ben Tsujimoto  • 

Final—73-64 Canisius downs Marist.

:19—Harold Washington takes a charge on Chavaughn Lewis, and that’s it for Marist’s comeback attempt. 72-64 Griffins with just under 20 seconds left. Washington bricks the first free throw but nails the second. Six points on the evening for Washington. Sosa has 22 for CC. Lewis’ three is short, and that’s it!

1:00—Adam Kemp with an emphatic rejection of Baron’s layup—Washington air-balls a desperation runner, and the shot clock violation is called. Chavaughn Lewis sees his running lay-up go in and out, and Sosa comes down with the ball and is fouled. Sosa’s first free throw rims out. Gotham notes that Manhertz has double digit rebounding games in all four conference tilts so far. Sosa’s second free throw is good.

2:01 —Manhertz fights after his own miss—finding three offensive rebounds in the process—and he draws a foul. First free throw is good, and so is the second. Nine points and 11 rebounds for Manhertz. Good drop-step from Kemp, and Jordan Heath hacks him on the way up. It’s fine that the poor free throw shooter Kemp trots to the line, however, but he connects on the first. 71-64 CC after Kemp misses the second, but Lewis pulls in the rebound. Chavaughn Lewis has his three point shot altered by Jordan Heath’s long arms—it’s short, and Canisius is awarded the team rebound.

3:31—Kemp misses the first free throw, and he finally sinks his first out of four tries. Six-point game now. Baron, Washington, Sosa, Jordan Heath and Manhertz in the game for CC. Flare out to Sosa on the left wing, but his three is short and to the left. Surprising miss of an open look but the usually automatic Sosa. Devin Price is off to the right on his three, and Manhertz easily tears down the board. Manny Thomas displays solid hustle on the defensive glass, and as he tries to call timeout he steps on the baseline.

3:31—Canisius leads 69-62 at the under four timeout. Credit Martin’s Marist team for remaining tenacious and getting the ball into Lewis’ hands. Game-high 24 points for Chavaughn, and his offensive game is buttery smooth.

4:29—Jordan Heath drills the first and the second from the line. Big shots—he has 11 points for the game. Chavaughn Lewis is putting on a mid-range clinic, hitting fall-away after fall-away. Another one swishes through, but Chris Manhertz follows up a missed Baron lay-up with a violent dunk! That’s another key bucket, and Lawrence clanks a three. Marist won’t go away, though—Kemp receives the ball in the block and draws the fourth foul on Manhertz. Uh oh.

5:17—Manny Thomas answers with a three from the right wing, and Josiah Heath, for some reason, tries a 15-footer after a nice ball-fake. It’s well short, and Chavaughn Lewis strokes another triple! 22 on the game for Lewis, and it’s suddenly a five-point Canisius lead. Foul on Phillip Lawrence checking Heath underneath.

6:25—62-53 Canisius, but Kemp’s at the line for two shots. Kemp is off to the right on the first and the second. Baron checks in for Groves—missed opportunity for Marist to continue cutting into the lead. Billy Baron crumbles to the floor after shooting a three—it hits the backboard, and there’s a loose ball foul on Sosa. Chavaughn Lewis will shoot one and one. Swish on the first. Second is no good, however, and Harold hits a huge three-ball to put the Griffs back up 11!

7:22—Sosa’s three is partially blocked—but still caroms off the front rim—but Sosa tracks down the loose ball and is fouled by a hyper-aggressive T.J. Curry. Sosa hits the front end of the one and one. The second swishes too, and it’s 21 on the game for Canisius’ 22. Devin Price is off on a tough runner in the lane, and Sosa throws his elbows on the rebound. Groves misses a three, igniting a fast break for Marist. Thomas rims out on a three from the left wing, but Adam Kemp grabs an authoritative rebound and draws Manhertz’s third foul.

7:45—Under eight timeout, 60-53 Canisius, but Marist is cutting into the deficit through Lewis’ heroics.

8:40—Manhertz sinks one of two from the line. Lewis sinks another dirty fade-away, and Sosa’s long on a three. Great pass from Reggie Groves after the offensive rebound, however, and Jordan Heath is rewarded with a free slam from the left block. Devin Price nails a triple from straight on, and his knee collides with Washington’s during the CC senior’s close-out. Washington is quick to his feet, however, and looks to be fine.

8:55—T.J. Curry, in the game for the first time for Marist, badly misses a three, but then tracks down his own board and hits Price for a layup. Despite standing only 6’1—and that’s awfully generous—Price is an aggressive rim attacker. Groves has another shot partially blocked, but Manhertz beats Kemp to the glass again and draws his third foul. Now Kemp’s looking winded.

9:56—Phillip Lawrence pings in a jumper for Marist after Jordan Heath sank a three—the Canisius big did a short “sharp-shooter” celebration by making a circle around his eye with his thumb and his index finger. Hard to explain, sorry. Reggie Groves has his shot partially blocked, but Manhertz dives to the floor and creates a jump ball situation. 57-46 CC. Sosa re-enters.

11:17—There’s a tie-up on the floor that continues a few seconds after the whistle, and Chris Manhertz gets into it briefly with Manny Thomas. Then Thomas realizes that Manhertz has roughly 50 pounds on him and backs off. Slam right off the inbounds by Heath, then Manhertz flatly rejects Kemp’s try. Devin Price swoops down the lane for a hoop, and Canisius’ lead has been trimmed to 10.

11:49—Pretty right-handed floater by Lewis down the left baseline—he has NBA scoring ability, but I’m not sure if he has an NBA attitude, and he definitely lacks an NBA frame. He’s probably 175 pounds soaking wet.

11:55—Under 12 timeout, Canisius leads 52-40. Nice little spurt by Marist, as Lewis and Thomas have been the sparks. Give the 6’10, 235-pound Kemp some credit—he’s battled against several Canisius defenders and hasn’t conceded too many easy hoops. He has to be gassed, however, as Marist and head coach Chuck Martin have absolutely no other big options on the bench. Pieter Prinsloo and Eric Truog’s brief appearances in the first half were ghastly.

13:15—Terrific save on the sideline by Devin Price, who throws his body out of bounds, knocking over the phone on press row and nearly decapitating WGR’s Pat Malacaro. Bad outlet pass by Josiah Heath is intercepted, and Chavaughn Lewis is allowed to step into a three. That’s good. Thomas picks Baron’s pocket in the post, then Asprilla earns his fourth foul trying to get around Kemp’s seal on the left block.

14:42 —Illegal screen on the Griffs’ Asprilla, and that’s his third personal foul. All of the Canisius’ bigs except for Manhertz are in foul trouble, and this could be a cause for concern—if only Marist had any inside presence at all. Right as I say that, Kemp hits a tough fade-away seven-footer. Josiah Heath follows up Baron’s missed reverse layup at the other end and converts the easy put-back. Lewis is short on a jumper, and Josiah snags the rebound.

15:40—Baron drops in two free throws, and Canisius remains in its two-three zone. Devin Price’s three is long, and Josiah Heath chases down the rebound in the left corner. Asprilla checks back in, and he narrowly misses a hook shot. Phillip Lawrence cuts laterally toward the bucket and draws a late whistle on Asprilla. Several fans behind us are cheering loudly for Asprilla, who’s suddenly become endearing. Lawrence drains the first—50-35.

15:42—48-34 Canisius at the under 16 timeout, and the second half has been the Isaac Sosa show for Canisius. The Griff guards—Baron in particular—have done a fantastic job of finding Sosa in space and in rhythm, and the sweet outside stroke of Sosa is a little awe-inspiring.

16:47—Sosa has bypassed Baron on the scoring sheet—he now has 16 and four three-pointers. Chavaughn Lewis glides down the right baseline and is harassed by Chris Manhertz—second foul on Chris. Isaac Sosa is feeling it right now, however, and he nails another trey—Phillip Lawrence answers with the run-out bucket, and Sosa finally misses on his heat-check three-ball. Thomas misses an ugly three-pointer, and Baron races down the floor to draw a foul on Thomas, who retreated too slowly to catch the deceptively fast Billy.

17:01—Another flare to the corner, another three for Sosa and another assist for Baron. In transition, Baron delays slightly for Sosa to get set on the right wing, and in one fluid motion, the Central Florida transfer rains in his third three of the second half. Marist calls timeout, and suddenly it’s 45-30 Griffins.

18:31—Kemp picks up his first foul for Marist. Nice flare to the sideline by Sosa, and Baron hits him with a bullet chest pass—Sosa hoists a three and drills it. Lewis answers with a high-arcing fadeaway—that’s an NBA shot right there. “Another kid with a nice mid-range game,” Pickin Splinters’ blogger Paul Gotham notes from beside me, referring to Fairfield’s Maurice Barrow from Thursday night. Manny Thomas beats Canisius to the offensive glass and tips in the loose ball. 39-30 CC.

19:38—Great block by Kemp on Sosa’s sweeping drive. Canisius still in a zone to open the second half. Lewis misses two close shots under the CC bucket, and Billy Baron draws a foul streaking down the right side. Billy Baron whips the ball back to Jordan Heath, but the transfer big’s three is long. Kemp corrals the ball underneath, makes a power move to the hoop and draws the third foul on Jordan Heath.

20:00—A little more on the Hymes situation—CC head coach Jim Baron will address it briefly after the game, but it’s clearly an internal matter that we won’t be able to glean much from. We’ve speculated that the suspension is because he’s so sweaty, but there’s no confirmation of that.

Halftime—Canisius shot a sparkling 56% from the floor in the first half (14-25), while Marist hit 38%. Billy Baron leads all scorers with an uber-efficient 15 points and four assists, even if the Griffs have committed 11 turnovers after committing 23 against Fairfield. Asprilla’s line off the bench: four points without missing a shot, three rebounds, one block and two steals. Not flashy, but he made a huge different at the close of the half.

Halftime—Huge credit to Freddy Asprilla, who played his best half of basketball so far this year. When the Heath brothers each picked up two fouls, Asprilla answered the bell at both ends, converting a sweet hook shot, scoring in the low block another time and showing surprising activity defensively. We’ll get you his stats once the halftime numbers arrive at the press table.

Halftime—36-24 Canisius.

:05—Reggie Groves travels, but Devin Price’s deep three is an airball as the first-half buzzer sounds.

1:20—Good interior defense from Kemp—who stays on his feet despite Manhertz’s pump fake, but Price’s layup was partially blocked by Washington. Soft hook shot in the lane by Freddy Asprilla, who’s given Canisius one heck of a spark off the bench. Kemp spins in the lane, trying to elude Asprilla, but the 6’10 center slaps the ball cleanly out of Kemp’s hands, drawing another round of applause from the Canisius bench.

3:22 —Asprilla cans both free throws—a big step in the right direction for Freddy. Billy Baron snaps the twine after great hustle by Asprilla on a rebound and dish up the floor. Washington laid the ball off to Baron on the right wing, and he nailed the deep ball in stride. Asprilla’s post defense draws a travel on Truog, and he’s given the Griffs a big edge off the pine. 32-22 Canisius—the Griffs’ biggest lead. Chris Manhertz bulls right into the face of Adam Kemp and scores at the rim. Asprilla intercepts Truog’s entry pass, but Baron’s three is blocked and Lewis coasts down the floor for a fastbreak bucket.

3:22—27-22 Canisius leads at the under four break. Billy Baron’s 12 points paces all scorers, and his quick six points on two three-pointers got him going early. With both Heaths in foul trouble, it’s imperative that Manhertz and Asprilla play intelligent defense in the half’s final three and a half minutes.

4:07—Lewis sinks one of two from the line. Harold Washington’s entry to Freddy Asprilla is too low, and Manny Thomas converts the transition hoop for Marist. We’re going to see another ugly half of turnovers for both teams—can’t wait to pass those stats along. Sosa sends an entry to Asprilla, who backs down Truog and draws a personal foul. We’ll see if the Kansas State transfer’s free-throw stroke has improved since Thursday.

5:52—Price sinks the front end of the one-and-one for Marist. He leads Marist with nine points, and the Red Foxes close to within four points. Pointless possession by the Griffs, and Isaiah Morton dribbles through the double-team, Canisius’ press. After a brutal missed layup by Eric Truog, Washington bolts down the floor and scores to the left of the basket on the break. Morton’s three is well short, and Freddy Asprilla shuffles over to pick up the loose ball. Baron scoots to the right side again and uses the window for another bucket. Asprilla hacks a cutting Lewis at the other end.

6:23—Manny Thomas lifts his pivot foot after dribbling to the left block—bad perimeter turnover again by Canisius, and Jordan Heath fouls—his second—and he’ll likely sit for the remainder of the half. Manhertz checks back in immediately after Heath picked up his second. We may see a lot of Freddy Asprilla for the rest of the half.

7:46—Right on cue, another turnover by Marist—forced by the beastly pest Chris Manhertz. Groves still running the point—Heath leaks out to the perimeter and throws a pretty lob to Manhertz, who scores easily after sealing his defender. Devin Price is long on his three, but Jordan Heath fails to handle Groves transition dish. Lewis misses a wild three, Left-handed hook by Manhertz won’t fall. Manhertz ties up Kemp at the opposite end—the Canisius junior has been very active tonight.

7:46—Under eight timeout, 21-17 Canisius. A sloppy last few minutes for both teams, as it’s helter-skelter, up and down the floor as each team is dribbling too much into traffic.

8:31—Chris Manhertz is tied up by two defenders—no call—and Devin Price swishes a three from 24-feet at the other end. Baron’s line-drive three pointer doesn’t drop, and Josiah Heath picks up his second foul on an over-the-back call. Sosa returns for the Griffs, replacing Baron. 21-17 CC.

9:26—Dubious foul on Josiah Heath—Canisius steals the inbounds and Harold Washington rushes down the floor on a two-on-one with Billy Baron—a quick pass to Baron leads to a goaltend on Adam Kemp. 21-14 Griffs. Chavaughn Lewis misses a gimme after Adam Kemp was errant on a tough turnaround, and he holds his head in frustration with himself. Turnovers aplenty for the Red Foxes so far.

10:34 —Canisius College sports information director Matt Reitnour has alerted us that Alshwan Hymes has been suspended until further notice for a violation of team rules. An interesting—yet not especially surprising—occurrence. Hymes has seen his minutes limited in his senior year, as Reggie Groves is the preferred option for guards off the bench. Lewis sinks a jumper after a kickout, and it’s 17-14 Griffs. Billy Baron turned the ball over on the previous possession but gently floated in a runner on the next.

11:44—17-10 Canisius at the under 12 timeout. 3/4 court press again by the Griffs—Pieter Prinsloo can’t control the ball, but Reggie Groves’ outlet is much too far. Devin Price slides down the lane and tosses a runner off the glass and in from straight on. Canisius slows down the tempo a bit to run a halfcourt set—Chris Manhertz doesn’t try the lob into the post for Jordan Heath, and his indecision leads to him shuffling his feet.

12:17—Jordan Heath’s three is no good, but there’s an offensive foul on Chavaughn Lewis at the other end. Sosa misses a lay-in, but hustles back to rip the ball away from a Marist rebounder, and he dribbles back out and drains a long two—that’s the second instance of terrific hustle from Sosa in the early-going.

13:25—Josiah Heath and Reggie Groves are the first two off the pine for the Griffs. Price will shoot two—he nails both. Good shooter. Stepback three at the end of the shot clock by Groves—he’s bailed out by a foul on Devin Price; Groves will shoot three from the line. The junior guard hits the first, rims out the second and strokes the third. 15-10 Griffins.

15:10 —Shot-fake and a pull-up jumper is pretty by Sosa—he has five points so far. Philip Lawrence connects with Adam Kemp on an alley-oop, and Baron misses a trey attempt at the other end. The bank is open for the freshman Lawrence again, and he’s got a bucket and a dime on his first two offensive series. Sosa’s three is no good, but he tracks down his own rebound and whips a pass underneath to Jordan Heath, who stuffs in a dunk angrily. 13-8 Canisius. Devin Price pulls up for a 16-footer at the other end—he’s fouled by Harold Washington.

15:25—Under 16 timeout, 9-4 Canisius. Torrid shooting out of the gate for the Griffs, as Billy Baron and Sosa look much more sharp than they did Thursday night. Despite the turnover on the first trip down the floor, Washington has appeared more comfortable as well.

16:42—Offensive foul on Chris Manhertz away from the ball, but he collects a rebound at the other end. Deep three by Baron—falling away—doesn’t drop, but Manhertz tips out the rebound to Washington, who chases it down. Sosa is long on a three, however. Good denial defensively by Jordan Heath, Chavaughn Lewis is hassled by Chris Manhertz along the left sideline—and the Marist sophomore steps on the line, and that’s a turnover.

17:52—Isaac Sosa snaps the twine with a three of his own from the right wing, and suddenly it’s 9-2, a hot-shooting start for Canisius. The Griffs are in zone again—Price misses a three, but the Red Foxes keep possession. Isaac Sosa thieves the rebound away from an unsuspecting Red Fox, but he steps on the sideline trying to bust out in transition. Lewis swishes an eight-footer—that’s smooth as a baby’s bottom.

19:52—Marist starts in man-to-man. Washington turns the ball over for Canisius on the first possession, losing his dribble to Devin Price. Manny Thomas badly misses a jumper from the left elbow, and Billy Baron snags the board. Baron receives the kick-out from Manhertz, and his three rolls around the rim, caroms off the backboard and drops through. 3-0 CC. Jordan Heath steps in front of Chavaughn Lewis’ entry pass and forces a turnover. Pulling up diagonally off the dribble, Baron swishes another three over a lunging Manny Thomas. 6-0, Billy Baron over Marist. Thomas responds with a short jumper.

20:00—Marist is wearing its bright red jerseys and shorts with white trim. Canisius dons its home whites with yellow numbers and blue names.

Pre-game—Canisius trots out powerful forward Chris Manhertz, Jordan Heath, Billy Baron, Harold Washington and Isaac Sosa.

Pre-game—We’re raring to go here, and the starting lineups are ready to be announced. For Marist, the Red Foxes trot out point guard Isaiah Morton, senior guard Devin Price, sophomore swing-man Chavaughn Lewis, lanky forward Manny Thomas and 6’10 junior center Adam Kemp.

Pre-game —Marist is a MAAC team that’s been slow to mature, whether it’s due to a lack of depth or a very unbalanced lineup. The backcourt of Isaiah Morton, Devin Price and Chavaughn Lewis is athletic and tenacious, but Marist’s bigs are essentially a non-factor. Chris Manhertz pulled down 18 boards in the first meeting between these two teams, a 94-82 victory for the Griffs.

Pre-game —For a more extensive preview of today’s game, head over to the most recent Tsuj’s Ten.

Pre-game—Second stop on today’s college basketball tour for me today, as I took in Niagara’s 71-67 victory over visiting Fairfield from the Gallagher Center. Star sophomore guard Juan’ya Green steadied himself after uneven performances in the non-conference schedule to drop 31 points today, including 15 of the Purple Eagles’ final 20 points. He has a chance to play in the NBA.

Pre-game—Fifteen minutes from tip between the host Canisius Griffins and the Marist Red Foxes. Marist was creamed by Niagara Thursday night 94-72, while Canisius fell 66-45 to Fairfield. One team will respond tonight with a victory, and the Griffs are the heavy favorite.

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