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Concussions and Christmas

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There seems to be a heightened awareness of concussions in the hockey world recently; most notably the one suffered by Pittsburgh Penguins star forward Sidney Crosby, who returned to game action on Nov. 21 after sitting out since Jan. 5.

Locally, Buffalo Sabres goaltender Ryan Miller and forwards Cody McCormick and Jochen Hecht have dealt with concussion symptoms. Miller and Hecht have both returned to the Sabres’ lineup while McCormick should return to play within the next week.

As for the Griffs, defenseman Jordan Mustard is currently dealing with concussion symptoms that will keep him out for the entire season after getting injured on Jan. 8. Canisius head coach Dave Smith says that things have changed a lot in terms of dealing with concussions over the last ten years.

“We’re learning more and more everyday about concussions and what a brain bruise does and what it does to your brain and how many negative side-effects it can have. I don’t know that we had all this information ten years ago and now that we have it, we maybe don’t know what to do with it, so there is a lot of questions, a lot of different opinions and unknowns. It’s obviously a very important piece of who we are,” Smith said.

Recently, a report came out that announced that former NHL enforcer Derek Boogaard, who passed away on May 13, had chronic traumatic encephalopathy, a disease linked to repeated brain trauma. Researchers have also found cases of CTE in three other deceased NHL players: Reggie Fleming, Bob Probert and former Sabres great, Rick Martin.

One can only hope that heightened awareness and more information will lead to better player safety in the sport of hockey.

Players and coaches alike are looking forward to the Christmas break, which is only a week long for the team since they are scheduled to take on Colgate on Dec. 30. In his “Campus Chronicles” on Tuesday, senior captain Scott Moser has a list of Christmas wishes from some of his teammates. Here are some selected “wishes”:

Torrey Lindsay—$100 worth of hair wax.

Tyler Wiseman—A Christmas full of Facebook friend requests.

Dan Morrison—A year’s supply of Diet Coke, his game day beverage.

You can read it online at GoGriffs.com.

The tree is already up at the house of head coach Dave Smith. Receiving some slippers as a gift recently, Smith had to change his Christmas gift wishes, but would like things this year that would keep him “comfortable around the home.” Any players vying for ice time should give it a look.

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