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Live in London: Day 4 - Canadians Unite!

Olympic Canadian athlete Alexa Komarncycky and I reunite in London!

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Day 4: Although not as eventful as yesterday’s beach volleyball adventure, Day Four at th Summer Olympic Games in London was still highly entertaining.

We were definitely in recovery mode for most of the day. After a quick morning visit into the town of Brighton, my family and I decided to head into London in the late afternoon to do some more sightseeing and Olympic lurking, as I like to call it.

We ended up going pretty well. We ran into both of the British men’s beach volleyball players from the day previous—Steve Grotowski and John Garcia-Thompson. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to get a picture with them.

I was able to get a picture with fellow Ontario swimmer Alexa Komarnycky, a Canadian swimmer competing in these games, who I randomly ran into on the streets of London. It was amazing to see her again as she had left the Etobicoke Olympium (club which I trained out of for 12 years) to the Olympic training facility in British Columbia. It was great to be reunited and I can’t wait to cheer her on in her race this Thursday!

Canadian Olympic swimmer--Alexa and I reunited!

It was a relaxing visit into London compared to yesterday because we weren’t really on a given time table. We were able to visit different Olympic areas, such as the one set up right outside the National Gallery of London, where there were multiple Olympic volunteers helping and assisting tourists as well as monument set-ups with Olympic facts and details to entertain the crowds.

Olympic set up outside National Art Gallery

Olympic set up

Lastly, to end the night, we met up with relatives at a pub called The Maple Leaf—a bar solely dedicated to Canadians in London! It was the most amazing experience because everyone within the bar was sporting Canadian gear and cheering on our Canadian athletes competing during the Games. It was a sea of red and white as we drank, ate and celebrated the phenomenon of the Olympic games. It was great to connect with so many Canadians so far away from home, and witness just how patriotic our country is.

The Maple Leaf pub!

Family infront of our Canadian pub

Stayed tuned for more details as we try to buy more tickets and meet even more athletes…Till then, cheerio!

Fun Fact: Having made its debut at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, BMX cycling is the most recent discipline to have been added to the Olympic program.

Victoria Mintz is a Canadian student at Canisius College in Buffalo and is serving as Buffalo.com’s eyes and ears at the Olympic Games in London.


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