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Football or hockey: What is Buffalo pumped about more?

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It’s like the sports world exploded in the early hours of the morning with the NHL lockout coming to an end and the Buffalo Bills hiring a new head coach.

We asked fans this morning who they are most excited to see in action—the Bills’ new head coach or the Sabres hit the ice?

Here is what they said:





Needless to say the results were overwhelmingly pointed in the hockey direction. But there were a few sports who also got a shout out!



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  1. Gary Tre January 07, 2013 @ 8:49pm

    OK so hockey is back ....... great news right???? Well I say screw that. Here we have multimillionaire athletes and owners fighting over making more millions. How many of those faithful fans are Millionaires?? Doesn’t it strike you funny that the hard working middle class fan is the one that is supporting these millionaires? Yes, I agree in some ways that its entertainment and that the market dictates these highly paid athletes. But what rubs me the wrong way is that these folks have the gaul to take away a sport that we love to go and see and watch on t.v. because they aren’t making enough $$?????????? Again, I say screw that…. We as fans need to take a stand. I m tired of being that kid in grade school that was always picked last for a team sport. Well, thats kinda of how it is here. They think that we will come and fill all those seats because they are ready to play!!!! Come on now, have some respect for yourselves. Instead of going to the game and spending 50.00 to 100.00 dollars take your family to the nice corner restaurant or go to small sports bar and spend the money there because those are the people/owners that suffered from all of this. Screw the millionaires that rely on OUR hard earned money so that they can drive around in their nice cars and live in their fancy homes. Take a stand, say no to going to the games. Im for one gonna stay home and watch golf and football because thanks to the hockey lockout I actually enjoy watching golf. Message to Hockey…..Your the 3rd maybe 4th most popular sport, your pushing your luck. Fans join me a take a stand. Let me know what you think? Please respond, but more importantly, re post this idea in any social media or forums that you can to get this message out…....Thank you

    Gary Tre's avatar
  2. Gary January 08, 2013 @ 9:49am

    right on gary! support local business! get out there and support those who live in and support our community, and local economy, not those who just make money off of the residents of our community, then pack up and leave in the offseason!

    Gary's avatar