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Forever a troll: Brett Hull is a Halloweenie

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When the name “Brett Hull” is brought up in Buffalo bars, people get angry. “No Goal” still draws sneers, jeers and tears from Buffalonians who remember the agony and injustice the overtime goal entailed.

Even though it’s been 13 years since the incident and six years since his retirement from hockey, former Dallas Stars forward Brett Hull is still having fun trolling the Buffalo Sabres’ fan-base. The header photo is an image tweeted out by Hull (@2ndbesthull) and captured by Pro Hockey Talk’s Joe Yerdon.

Carved into a rather massive pumpkin is Hull—with his skate clearly inside the crease—snapping the puck past a sprawling Dominik Hasek. As co-worker Kat says, if the pumpkin wasn’t so intricately carved, it would be a lot easier to mock Hull for his endeavor. It wouldn’t shock us if Hull spent the last 365 days on the project.

One year ago today, Hull donned BornInBuffalo.net’s “Brett Hull is a Cheater” t-shirt and posted the photo to his Twitter account, sporting a particularly wry smile in the process. Dave Hassett, owner of Born In Buffalo, remarked then that Hull is the No. 1 buyer of the shirt—we’re glad, at least, that the former hockey star supports local business.

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