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Photo courtesy of Youtube.

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It’s the tale of two pitchers trying to find their place in the Major League.

Tim Wakefield and R.A. Dickey, both who spent time in their careers playing for the Buffalo Bisons are featured in a new film called “Knuckleball!” Telling the story of the only two knuckleball pitchers in the Major League in 2011. In a game that has been built on speed and power, they are staying to stay relevant through unpredictability.

Wakefield spent most of his time in Buffalo in the early 90’s while Dickey was most recently played for the Bisons in 2010.

According to the film,

Red Sox pitcher Wakefield is the 17-year veteran and fan favorite weeks away from turning 45 (the oldest player in the game) and seven victories away from the remarkable and deeply personal milestone of 200 career wins. Dickey is the charismatic and articulate 34 year-old neophyte trying to fight his way out of the minor league system with the New York Mets.

But just how rare is a knuckleball pitcher?

“Ultimately, you’re looking at maybe 70 or 80 total pitchers in the history of the world who have earned a living by pitching baseballs that don’t spin,” says Ben McGrath, a writer from The New Yorker who was interviewed for the movie.

“Knuckleball!” is packed with behind-the-scenes shots, archived footage and rare access to the Major League. Interviews from Derek Jeter, Terry Francona, Joe Torre, Carlos Beltran and Buck Showalter among others bring a unique look to the sport and its love-hate relationship with the knuckleball pitch.

The 90 minute featured documentary first premiered in April of this year at the Tribeca Film Festival to rave reviews. The public premiere will take place in Boston on September 18 and in New York on September 20 and will be featured in select theaters.

More more information on the film, check out the website or head over to the Facebook page.

Take a look at the trailer for “Knuckleball!” below.

Photo courtesy of Youtube.

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