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Get Sauced with the Suicidal Saucies

Photo from the Suicidal Saucies

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Usually, when we think of “getting sauced,” this video enters the conversation, without fail.  With the Queen City Roller Girls though, “Get Sauced” holds a different meaning.  The detailed documentary, the creation of independent filmmaker Gordon Kemp, examines the exploits of the Suicidal Saucies, exploring the game, the camaraderie and the lifestyle of the local roller derby squad. 

The documentary will be aired at 7 p.m. on Friday at Sidebar (1459 Hertel, Buffalo).  $10 is good for a ticket to the show and two complimentary drinks (you read that correctly—nice!). 

The fast-moving, highlight-filled piece looks compelling and whimsical in the trailer (posted below).  The story is told through the eyes of a few veteran Saucies who’ve witnessed the growth of the sport together as friends; plus, it’s amusing to note the on-track vs. off-the-track differences in their personalities.  Sometimes even the most quiet, unassuming girls tend to let loose when their competitive juices flow. 

Since two drinks basically runs you $10 these days, you’re basically seeing the documentary for free.  Head out to support the Saucies, the three time Queen City Roller Girls champions.

Local bands The Rabies, Lower Town Trio and the Staylows provided the music for the film.

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