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Gettin’ Clowney: He’s HIV negative!

Screenshot of David Clowney's twitter photo

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The line between personal and private—and straight-up weird—is becoming increasingly blurry in the social media age. Some just don’t think twice before they tweet.

Buffalo Bills wide receiver David Clowney (@DavidClowney) tweeted out his HIV test results on Tuesday, confirming that he’s negative. This is wonderful news, David—thank you for the heads up!

There’s nothing wrong with Clowney sharing this information, nor is there anything wrong with him being excited about the results. The issue—the area of social discomfort, at least—is the fact that he tweeted out a photo of his personal medical results and shared it with the world. While Twitter offers fans insight into the personal lives of celebrities—it’s always refreshing to know when Justin Bieber is getting his ‘do chopped—there’s the occasional “did he really just tweet that?” message that reminds (unnerves?) us how powerful of a tool social media can be.

For sound information on HIV and AIDS in Buffalo, including prevention, treatment and testing, check out Evergreen Health Services.

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