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Hitler reacts to Lucic hit on Miller

Screen shot from LindyRuffsTie

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The ever entertaining @LindyRuffsTie Twitter feed is known for giving a comical portrayal of what Lindy Ruff’s tie is thinking during Sabres games and other major events for the organization. Today, a Youtube video was released depicting the “Der Untergang” spoof of Hitler’s reaction to the Lucic hit on Miller. With a rematch for the two teams this Wednesday, it’s pretty certain that something is bound to go down that night.

This specific scene from the film has been re-edited for more than 1,800 videos on YouTube and is a clear favorite when it comes to frustrated video editors with a surplus of free time. Whether or not you agree with Brendan Shanahan’s ruling for no suspension on Lucic, this video is bound to get you pumped for the Bruins and Sabres match-up this week.


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  1. Big Ben November 21, 2011 @ 11:58am

    I don’t know, I feel like Hitler would have been a Bruins fan.

    Big Ben's avatar