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blog by Victoria Mintz  • 

Hey everyone!

My name is Victoria Mintz, also known as Tors, and I am writing a blog about my trip to the London 2012 Olympic Games, which I have been fortunate enough to attend with my family for the next two weeks!

I am currently attending Canisius College in Buffalo, N.Y. where I have been recruited to swim on their NCAA Division I Synchronized Swimming team for the past 3 years. Although originally from Toronto, CA, I went to the United States to experience its incredible world of collegiate sports and the new opportunities it would present, such as the chance to document on behalf of Buffalo.com for the London Olympics!

As the Games begin, I prepare (along with my family) for the amazing adventure of an action-packed two-week phenomenon; a once in a life-time opportunity in which I will be capturing and reporting the day-to-day activities of the monumental global sporting event!

Day 1— Departed from Pearson Airport in Toronto, where my family and I got to relax in the Air Canada Lounge while waiting to board our red-eye flight to London. During our flight I was very fortunate to meet the husband of an U.S. female field hockey member, who is heading to London to cheer on his wife as she competes in her first Olympic Games!

The flight went well; I slept through most of it and arrived in London around noon their time—7 am our time (5 hours ahead) We flew into Heathrow Airport, the host airport for all the Olympic athletes attending the games, located 15 miles west of London and approximately a 50-75 minute drive. The setup of the Games seems to be extremely well-planned as both the airport and freeways have specific ‘Game Lanes’ that allow all members and spectators of the Olympics to fast-track ahead of traffic all over the city. There has been some drama, however, with the British in terms of the accessibility of the roads due to this new concept.. It’ll be interesting to see how it works out over the next two weeks!

Heading out of Heathrow, my family and I made our way to Brighton, where we will be staying with relatives for the first week. A trip that would typically take just over an hour, turned into a two-hour traffic jam due to the Men’s Cycling Road Race taking place close by. Spectators stopped their cars to watch the athletes race by on the dirt roads, which we were able to see as we passed by one of the bridges in which the cyclists would bike over. It was an incredible experience to already witness aspects of the Games without even attending an event. Luckily, we made it home shortly after and have been able to catch up on missed events on the ‘telly’ as the British like to call it.

Fun Fact: The London 2012 Olympic Games will mark the third time London has hosted the Olympics—making London the only city in the world to have hosted the Games three times!

[Senior Canisius College student-athlete, Victoria Mintz, heads to London, England to watch the 2012 Olympic Games in support of close friends and fellow athletes that have been named to both the Canadian, American and British squads!]

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