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Marshawn Lynch cannot avoid trouble

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Former Buffalo Bills running back and current Seattle Seahawks star Marshawn Lynch was arrested under suspicion of drunk driving Saturday in Oakland, CA, NFL.com reports.

The infraction marks Lynch’s third major offense in three years, including his hit-and-run in Buffalo in 2008 and misdemeanor gun charge in 2009. Remember, it was the running back’s run-ins with the law and bizarre personality that gradually ostracized him from the Bills’ organization, not necessarily his talent or production.

The Buffalo News’ Tim Graham harkens back to the Bills’ dilemma of trading Lynch in 2010, which arose because of Buffalo’s stable of running backs and Lynch’s behavior ranging from enigmatic to unlawful.

“Lynch was only 24 years old and already had a Pro Bowl campaign to his credit when the Bills tried to trade him. But teams refused to offer market value for Lynch because the Bills had no leverage.”

Graham further notes the likelihood of a stiff suspension on the horizon for Lynch from NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. The Cal star received a three-game ban in 2010 as a repeat offender. Could six or eight games be the service for this arrest? (Update: ProFootballTalk notes that Lynch’s most recent infraction falls under a different category in league discipline than his previous offenses, so Marshawn may avoid suspension after all).

With the Buffalo Bills avoiding bad publicity this off-season—the Detroit Lions, Minnesota Vikings and the Cincinnati Bengals are the biggest offenders—Lynch’s arrest is a reminder of how clean the culture of the Bills’ organization has become.

Even if wins didn’t come down the stretch last season, ESPN AFC East blogger James Walker said the following in his 2012 pre-camp grades for the Bills:

Buffalo has good locker-room chemistry and a roster full of players with something to prove. The Bills did not unravel internally last year when things went bad. There was no infighting and finger pointing like with saw with the New York Jets. I think that goes a long way to turning the program around.

I guess Lynch can’t blame those “little green dudes” now, can he? (Reference between 1:40 and 2:30 in YouTube video below.)

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