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Pat Kane gets memed

Courtesy of Gawker, by Spare Time.

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Pat Kane may be a South Buffalo dude in his early 20s trying to get sloppy drunk with his friends, but he’s also a mega-star in the NHL. So when the Chicago Blackhawks player gets wasted, there will be photos, and they will go viral.

They may also get Photoshopped to be even more ridiculous.

Photos of Kane’s drunken Cinco de Mayo celebrating appeared on sports blog TerezOwens.com last week, and then they were reposted to Deadspin.com.

Deadspin writer Jack Dickey then proposed a Photoshop contest, instructing participants to use the now infamous “Kaner’s Charlie Brown walk” image.

Check out a few of the edited images below, and visit Deadspin to click through the complete gallery.

From Deadspin, Photoshopped by Bryan

From Deadspin, Photoshopped by Wyatt

From Deadspin, Photoshopped by Jimmy Bad Dance

Top photo is the winning entry in the Deadspin contest, Photoshopped by Spare Tire.

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