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Runners from across Western New York—and from much farther, to be fair—have been training for months to prepare for the Rapid Running Buffalo Half-Marathon, so it’s no wonder racers weren’t pleased to learn that the 13.1-mile run was suddenly postponed.

Thanks to a few quick-thinking locals, a replacement race has been scheduled so that runners can still follow through with training schedules and run across the finish line Saturday.

Runners registered for the original race received an email notification Thursday—just nine days before the big run—explaining that the race would need to be postponed until the fall due to an overwhelming number of race entries received, the Buffalo News reports.

According to WGRZ, the race was wasn’t postponed because of excess entries, but perhaps because of a lack of funding from sponsors.

Disappointed runners who’d hoped to finish the half-marathon by crossing the 50-yard line at Ralph Wilson Stadium can still fulfill that fantasy Saturday, though, thanks to organizers of a replacement run. A Buffalo News article posted this morning explains that a new race will take place at the same time and same place as the originally scheduled run—and yes, it will end at the 50-yard line.

Buffalo Niagara Sports Commission, the Town of Orchard Park and Eclipse Multi-Sport came together to form the 50 Yard Finish, which is at no additional cost to those runners already registered for the Rapid Running Buffalo Half-Marathon. The Buffalo News article points out that this new race is sanctioned by USA Track & Field, while the Rapid Running event is not.

For more information or to register for the 50 Yard Finish, head to the Visit Buffalo Niagara website.

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