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After dabbling in a few musical opportunities this past season, it looks like the Bills’ wide receiver Stevie Johnson is getting serious with this music thing.

The day after signing his current deal with the Bills, Johnson met up with Game to work on a track he wrote up. “These were two monumental days in his life,” the director said, in reference to signing a long term deal and then recording with Game at the studio.

After getting a taste of what Johnson has been working on, Game responded, “I thought it was gonna be worse than that man, that’s better than 90% of the hip-hop game right now.”

After a few listens, Game decided he wanted to jump on the track and crafted a verse to throw on the song. “I’m inspired man, so I’m gonna put a verse on it. A cool little 16 to complement his and throw it on the mix-tape. We’ll see what the world feels about it,” he said.

To be honest, this is a huge opportunity for Johnson and a big name for him to be working with when it comes to kick-starting a music career. Give a listen to what’s to come. Things are looking pretty good.

Check out some behind the scenes commentary from the Director of the shoot:

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