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Super Mario mocks Aaron Hernandez on Instagram

Mario Williams has a laugh at Aaron Hernandez's expense.

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Former New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez sits in Bristol County House of Correction and Jail in North Dartmouth, Mass., awaiting the next chapter of the sordid crime drama he is accused of orchestrating—the alleged cold-blooded murder of a friend. More charges may be forthcoming, including a double murder rap.

Buffalo Bills defensive end Mario Williams, on the other hand, has nothing but free time as he gets ready for the 2013 National Football League season. Looks like Super Mario spent a little time on Photoshop:

Aaron Hernandez


Williams posted the image to his bbwolf94 Instagram account and tagged it #craycray. He immediately drew cheers (“YES!!! This sh*t just made my night. My roommate and I are dying!”—thegoldentrout) and jeers (“You’re pathetic for posting this. At least he’s been on a winning team. Unlike you. Nobody even knows or cares about you.”—nepatriotsfan).

Williams has been no stranger to Instagram controversy of late (or controversy in general). The former Houston Texan recently posted a series of photos of himself posing with some man-sized guns, drawing criticism from Tim Graham of The Buffalo News:

“Let’s just say the NFL is hyper-sensitive about guns these days.

That’s why somebody close to Buffalo Bills defensive end Mario Williams should advise him to remove from his Instagram page a photo that makes fun of Hernandez and shows Williams firing what he claims to be fully automatic assault weapons…

Williams didn’t appear to be in violation of either caveat. He’s not a criminal. He certainly has Constitutional rights.

But to see the highest-paid defensive player in league history armed to teeth is a bad look, regardless of the circumstances.

And to give fans (many of them kids who follow their heroes on social media) the impression that firing a fully automatic M-16 with a silencer, and with handguns holstered under each arm, is glamorous must make Goodell’s stomach turn.”


Mario Williams like guns.


Graham has, predictably, taken some heat on Twitter for his opinion. So it goes.

Williams, by the way, has never faced Hernandez in his professional career: the accused murderer missed both of New England’s divisional games with the Bills in 2012. As a Texan, Williams missed the Patriots’s December 2011 match-up with Houston because he was on the injured reserve list at the time.

Barring some serious criminal activity in The Bay State, it doesn’t look like Super Mario will have to face off against Hernandez any time soon.

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