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Tailgating Bills fans featured on Tosh.0 blog - INTERVIEWS

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Like many bizarre instances in life, the photo below was prompted by a willingness to accept a dare that would make the average human cringe. Why else do you think “Man vs. Food” exists?

Former Holland Central School friends Erik Doster—yes, the bare-chested Bills fan being “motorboated” by a girl wearing a Stevie Johnson jersey—and Tom Rickettson, the amused photobomber in the white Bills hat, appeared on a blog post by Tosh.0 Comedy Central writer Josh Keown.

The text below the photo reads simply: “Her upper lip will smell like BBQ sauce and beer sweat for the next two days.” Gross, but judging by Doster’s expression—the situation isn’t so bad.

Will the image make its way onto the return of Tosh.0 at 10 tonight on Comedy Central? Hopefully.

Through the magic connectedness of social media, Buffalo.com was able to get in touch with both Doster and Rickettson to discuss their fleeting moment of internet fame.

According to Doster, the photo—which was taken before the Bills’ final 2013 preseason game against the Detroit Lions last Thursday—was snapped by #BillsMafia blogger (@RandomlyRufus) who was on the scene when the following situation transpired.

“A girl and her friend came up to us and asked for a beer,” Doster explained, “and my friend joked, ‘Sure, only if you motorboat Erik.’” To everyone’s surprise, the motorboating occurred, and the ensuing photo went viral.

When he learned last night that the photo had slithered its way from Barstool Sports’ “Caption Contest” feature to the blog for Daniel Tosh’s show, Rickettson was stunned—he then shared the Tosh.0 link on his own Facebook page while tagging other friends involved.

Although they’ve been Bills fans their entire lives, Doster, Rickettson and a small pool of friends banded together to purchase season tickets for the first time last year—only because they thought the Bills would be good (read: Mario Williams’ signing).

Their bold pre-game exploits immediately made waves—long before Comedy Central’s attention was directed their way.

“We won the Labatt Blue ‘Tailgaters of the Week’ before one game last year,” Rickettson recollected. “I was [shown] on the jumbotron running around with my shirt off in the middle of winter,” Doster added, citing the moment as his most fond in Bills history.

While considering themselves fairly typical tailgaters, Doster and Rickettson noted that—on top of the typical grilled meats and coolers stocked with beer—the group has a giant Corona bottle that snugly houses 10 beers. That shouldn’t be too hard to spot when you’re patrolling the parking lots of Ralph Wilson Stadium.

We asked both fans whether the photo would be frame-worthy, and Rickettson replied thoughtfully: “Yeah, I think so. It would look good in a man-cave. Maybe I’ll get it framed for Erik’s birthday.”

Not long ago we highlighted Bryan LaBarron, the diehard Bills fan with the O.J. Simpson mugshot tattooed prominently on his thigh. Now, we have motorboating Bills fans. What kind of shenanigans will be next?

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