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Take heart, Bills fans: Your fanbase is awesome

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The Bills may perennially disappoint on the field, but the fanbase is still widely respected.

Gregg Rosenthal, author of NFL.com’s Around the League weekly segment, touted the fanbases of the Buffalo Bills and Green Bay Packers as the best in the land.

It’s impossible to quantify levels of fan-hood, as the devotion of an NFL team’s fans is largely subjective, and Rosenthal admits as much in his introduction to the article.

From the national viewpoint, these ratings make sense. It’s widely believed that there’s nothing else to do in Buffalo and Green Bay other than place faith, well-being and emotional equilibrium in the local football team, win or lose. Both teams have proud histories—the names Lombardi, Favre, Kelly and Bruuuuce are hallmarks of the sport, and, besides maybe Cleveland, there are no other cities where football announcers can use the phrase “frozen tundra” accurately.

Even though Buffalo hasn’t made the postseason since the world was raiding grocery stories before Y2K, the team manages to sell out the majority of its warm-weather games, wards off threats of relocation and clings to the warm yet fading memories of the early-‘90s. At 2-3 this season, the Bills aren’t giving dedicated fans much hope for the remainder of the year, as questions continue to swirl if investing beastly contracts in Ryan Fitzpatrick and Mario Williams was a smart decision.

Take heart, Bills fans. Some may call your faith in the team blind, misguided or sheer lunacy, but those are some of the best traits of fan-hood. At its root, I see fan-hood as one of the most inspiring and hard-to-grasp concepts in all of sports, so it’s promising to see the Bills listed so highly.


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