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As the Bills’ season continues to slide uncomfortably down the metaphorical tubes, the success of former Buffalo players who return to play against their old squad is agonizing for fans. Remember what Aaron Maybin did to Buffalo in Week 12? That was entirely intolerable for Bills fans that watched Maybin sit idly on the bench after being drafted 11th overall in 2009.

The Miami Dolphins, Buffalo’s Week 16 opponent, lost starting quarterback Matt Moore to neck spasms and a low-grade concussion, and who’s Miami’s backup?

None other than J.P. Losman, the Bills’ quarterback for five seasons from 2004 to 2008, who drew the ire of the local fan-base for his occasionally (read: frequent) brainless passes and his 10-23 record as a starter. The Tulane alum completed 6 for 10 passes for 60 yards in the fourth quarter of the ‘Phins 24-10 loss to Philadelphia.

Miami’s Moore looks questionable to suit up for Week 16, and with little left to play for at 4-9, don’t be surprised to see Losman earn a chance for revenge against his former team at Ralph Wilson Stadium. There’s a mock Losman Facebook fan page that’s celebrating this opportunity, too.

While shining their radiant light and beaming smiles on the fortunes of Tim Tebow, the gridiron gods are sticking their flaming pitchforks in the Buffalo Bills.

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  1. Big Ben December 12, 2011 @ 11:04am

    I play in a fantasy league in which we are obligated to start two QBs from the same team - that way, if the starter gets injured, you still have the backup in your lineup.

    I went into the season with the Houston QBs as my starter and the Miami QBs as my backup.  This means that my playoff matchup next week hangs on either TJ Yates or JP Losman.  And God help me, I think I need to start Losman against that awful Buffalo defense.

    Big Ben's avatar