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Tom Brady slings unprompted diss at Buffalo hotels

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I’m probably safe in assuming that most sports fans in Buffalo will root against Tom Brady in Sunday’s Super Bowl against the New York Giants. Still, if you needed more verbal ammunition to hurl at your TV between sloppy bites of chicken wing dip, Tom Brady’s unnecessary jab at Buffalo hotels certainly suffices.

At the tail end of a Nate Davis USA Today article that centered on Rob Gronkowski’s health, a small anecdote about the support of Brady’s parents was included. Here’s the text:

“He did enjoy thinking about his family when asked about his relationship with his father. Brady talked about the support his folks have historically shown, traveling from California to most of his University of Michigan games and several of his more remote NFL contests.

‘I don’t know if you guys have been to the hotels in Buffalo,’ Brady said regarding his parents’ travels. ‘But they’re not the nicest places in the world.’”

Brady essentially points to Buffalo as NFL’s Siberia, a place where uncomfortably cold nights are normal for the American traveler. Visiting the Visit Buffalo Niagara website, however, Brady’s folks could have done a bit more research in determining their overnight destination. The site is a vault of information that provides a massive alphabetical list of hotels and the crucial details: amenities, phone numbers, addresses, meeting facilities, group rates, nearby entertainment options, etc. There’s no excuse for failing to find comfortable lodging in the 716, Mr. and Mrs. Brady.

Instead of bashing Buffalo’s hotels, perhaps Brady should think back to his interception-ridden loss to Buffalo earlier in the year, or, more importantly, focus on the nasty pass rush he’s about to face from the New York Giants Sunday. Eli Manning, we got your back.

Feel the beat, Tom. FEEL THE BEAT!


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