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Top 10 Twitter reactions to Vanek trade

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Yahoo! Sports’ Pucky Daddy blogger Greg Wyshynski called the Buffalo Sabres’ trade of Thomas Vanek to the New York Islanders an “early-season stunner,” and Twitter’s reaction followed suit, as Sabres fans discussed the merits of trading a co-captain for a two high draft picks and an unrestricted free agent.

Combing through 400 or 500 Vanek-related tweets after the deal (exhausting!), we’ve noticed a very mixed reaction from fans of both teams—but fairly limited humor (maybe it’s the late Sunday night stupor or the general dread that Monday morning invites.)

Sabres fans are unnerved by the fact that Moulson’s contract expires at season’s end, and they’re concerned that Moulson—who turns 30 on Friday—doesn’t fit within the team’s rebuilding plans. Is Moulson simply a rental to be jettisoned at the trading deadline to another club desperate for late-season scoring punch?

Stockpiling picks may be a smart choice for the Sabres’ future, but it does little to amend the current state of suffering.

From the tweets of Isles’ fans, it’s evident that they’d rather acquire a goalie than a winger, even one as talented as Vanek. While there’s a lot of (sometimes uncomfortable) gushing about the duo of center John Tavares and Vanek, there’s also the lingering concern that New York will be unable to sign Vanek long-term and that he may not have the locker-room impact of Moulson, who’s considered a “glue-guy.”

Here’s our Top 10 Vanek-related tweets with commentary:

Commentary: We’ll start out with a positive tweet from WGR’s Jeremy White, even if I’d be a little surprised if that’s the route that Vanek chose. At least we’ll still be able to follow Vanek’s tweets about Rafa Nadal and Austrian athletics.

Commentary: Ha. I think we’re safe with the Bisons. Life without Buster and Chip would be extremely difficult to cope with, though.

Commentary: Definitely a TMI comment, but still quite funny from our perspective.

Commentary: A different type of positive spin on the Vanek move, but you can bet there will be a major discount on No. 26 at the Sabres’ Store (and a lot of poorly conceived “Moulson - Molson Canadian” jokes) this week.

Commentary: Perfectly put. Have to recognize good “dumping girlfriend/boyfriend” analogies.

Commentary: At least we won’t have to deal with the uncomfortably large subset of Sabres fans who criticized Vanek for a lack of effort. Pleased that that era is now over.

Commentary: What?

Commentary: That’s cute. Someone should insert that image into an Agatha Christie book.

Commentary: Another appropriate analogy: Video games. It worked out for Romelu Lukaku!

Commentary: Ominous, if hysterically inaccurate.

BONUS TWEET from Monday morning:

(Header photo courtesy of the Buffalo Sabres’ Facebook page and photographer Bill Wippert. See the original here).

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