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Troll so hard: Rodney Harrison unloads on Mario Williams

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In his debut on the NBC Sports Network’s Pro Football Talk show, former Patriots safety Rodney Harrison seemed like he wanted to make a strong, blunt impression. His target? The Buffalo Bills’ Mario Williams, who was held without a sack or a QB pressure in the 48-28 loss to the Jets Sunday.

Here’s his surprisingly harsh quote:

“[The Bills] are not very good,” Harrison said. “They don’t have a franchise quarterback. The Patriots will always dominate that division. The Jets will always be second. My point here is, you go out and get a $100 million deal, wouldn’t you have taken $80 million and gone somewhere where you could have been competitive every week? I think this is a huge mistake for Mario Williams. Mark my words, he will get lost in the shuffle. He will probably fall off the face of the earth.”

Woah there, Rodney.

The quote doesn’t necessarily get a rise out of me as a defensive, oft-protective Buffalonian—it’s just how short-sighted Harrison’s comments are. One terrible game does not mean that Mario Williams will fade into obscurity in Buffalo, regardless of his post-game whining about the replacement officials.

His points about the Bills’ lack of a franchise quarterback and the Patriots dominating the division certainly seem legitimate after Week 1, but promising that Williams’ talent will be wasted in Buffalo—and implying that his decision to come here was based solely on money—are bold statements.

Remember, the eventual Super Bowl Champion New York Giants lost 28-14 to the Redskins to open the 2011 season. Don’t read a lot into one week.

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