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blog by Ben Tsujimoto  • 

————End of Game, 25-20 Toledo—————

1:48—No timeouts, fewer than two minutes on the clock and the Bulls trail by five. Quick hitch to Fred Lee moves the ball to the UB 25, and the hurry-up offense is moving quickly. Licata steps back in the pocket on first down, and Toledo linebacker Jayrone Elliott executes the strip-sack, and Colby Kratch recovers for the Rockets. This one is in the books, folks.

2:02—Good coverage on Owens’ pass by reserve linebacker Jake Stockman, and Penza punts high—Dixon vacates the area, and the ball rolls to the UB 8 yard line. 92 yards to go after the 40-yard punt by Penza.

2:07—Since Buffalo wasted two timeouts in the third quarter, Quinn just used his last one. The Bulls’ defense badly need a stop on this play, or else there will be practically no chance for the offense to mount a comeback.

2:06—Buffalo calls a timeout just before the two-minute warning. A keeper by Owens on the play prior gained four yards up the middle. 3rd and 5 coming up after the timeout from the UB 49.

3:22—With a safety blitz bearing down on Owens’ blindside, the QB whips a quick pass over the middle to Russell to move the chains. Derek Brim made a valiant attempt in coverage, but it wasn’t enough to knock the pass away. Fluellen doesn’t gain anything on first down.

4:48—Powerful cut on the outside by Fluellen notches another four yards and keeps the clock churning. Toledo leads by five late in the fourth. They’re definitely taking their time. 3rd and 4 upcoming for Fluellen and Owens from the Toledo 35.

6:59—Toledo takes over first and 10 from its own 18. Fluellen gains three on second down, and now it’s 3rd and 1 from the Toledo 27. Heavy dose of Fluellen on the last two drives as the Rockets try to whittle away the fourth quarter. Fluellen dives through the right A gap for a Toledo first down. Clock ticks under five minutes left.

7:08—Licata underthrows Gordon over the middle—the tight end bobbled the ball in the air, nearly brought it down, and then nearly tipped it to a defender—after all that hubbub, it’s just another incomplete pass and another Grassman punt.

7:58—24 carries for 101 yards on the day for Oliver. Licata tosses short to Oliver that results in a two yard loss. 3rd and 12 from the Toledo 45—huge play. The score is 25-20 Rockets.

9:16—Licata still in at QB, and he hands to bowling ball Bo Oliver who bounces off defenders for 11 yards up the middle. Oliver jaunts for another eight off right guard. Quinn appears to have smartened up and opted to put the ball in the hands of his best player. He tears off a third big gain in a row, and that’s another 10! First and 10 from the Toledo 45.

9:16—Dixon reverses field after nearly being dropped inside his own 10—he sneaked free to the right sideline and cut back left—- Buffalo starts at its own 25. It’s officially an eight-yard return, but Dixon had to run at least 50 yards for that.

10:14—Toledo calls a timeout from the sideline. Fluellen is dragged down after a gain of three, and Penza will punt. Cordero Dixon stands at his own 20 waiting for the boot.

10:59—Tight end Cordale Scott drops an easy catch over the middle from Owens—perhaps the throw was a touch behind him, but the starting tight end should have snagged that easily. 3rd and 10 for Toledo from its own 37.

11:11—Licata faces a third and 10 after two incompletions, including a bat-down by big Phil Lewis of Toledo. Licata takes a shot on third down, and his pass for Rudy Johnson isn’t close to being complete. Grassman’s punt is downed by the Bulls at the Toledo 36. No runs for Branden Oliver on that drive? Odd. 27-yard punt by Grassman.

11:27—Owens tries to hook up with Russell down the right sideline, and even though Najja Johnson can’t turn his head in time, the pass falls incomplete. Jeremiah Detmer trots on to try a 45-yard field goal attempt, but there’s a bad snap and the play is stuffed by UB! Detmer doesn’t get a chance to try the field goal, but Buffalo, trailing by five, starts at its own 36.

12:36 —Terrific tackle by Khalil Mack, who met Fluellen at the edge and thumped him to the turf for no gain. Fluellen runs five yards up the middle, and now it’s third and 6 from the UB 28.

13:54—Good blocking by Toledo’s outside receivers, as Fluellen rolls to the right for seven yards and a first down. That’s over 200 yards rushing for Fluellen. Owens is right on the target to Alonzo Russell, who catches the ball at the UB 33 and steps out of bounds. Owens looks incredibly sharp this half.

14:40—James Green with the return of a short kickoff to the Toledo 43. Nice drive start for Owens and Fluellen. David pushes the pile for a few yards—strong second effort earns him six yards.

14:48—Well-executed out route to the right corner of the end zone by Licata to Neutz. That’s Alex’s eighth touchdown catch of the season, and Jeff Quinn looks smart for making the QB switch, as it’s doubtful that Zordich could have made that throw. Neutz is tied for eighth in school history with eight receiving touchdowns.

14:53—Licata’s nearly picked off on second down, as he forced a throw into coverage off his back foot in the back of the end zone. 3rd and 6 from the Toledo 7, Joe Licata throws a strike to Alex Neutz for a seven-yard touchdown. Seven plays, 73 yards, 1:59 off the clock. 25-20 Toledo leads, and the Bulls will go to two to cut the lead to a field goal. Licata’s pass on the two-point conversion is tipped, however, but there’s a flag down—illegal man downfield on UB..

15:00—10,658 is the paid attendance at UB Stadium. There also probably aren’t more than 1,000 people here. Licata still under center to start the fourth.

15:00 —Lots of inexplicable celebration by the Toledo starters on both sides of the ball—I think it’s a motivational tactic for energy on the road, but truthfully, it’s a little bizarre. The huddle in dead-ball situations is constantly jumping and clapping—I guess any bit of energy here doesn’t hurt, late in a conference road game.

——————End of Third Quarter, 25-14 Toledo—————

1:10—It’s possible that Jeff Quinn has lost his mind. With Joe Licata behind center, the redshirt freshman QB hit Cordero Dixon for seven yards. 3rd and 3. Licata sees his screen pass to Neutz deflected, but the UB receiver corrals the pass and explodes 39 yards to the Toledo 12! That’s the longest completion in Licata’s career, even if it was a tipped screen pass.

1:39—Nifty play by the Bulls, as Zordich pitches to Dennison, who heaves a pass to Neutz for a first down to the UB 43. On the next play, with Zordich lined up wide and Dennison behind center, Dennison threw a screen to Zordich, who threw to the opposite side of the field for Neutz—good break-up by Jermaine Robinson of the Rockets.

1:51—True freshman reserve tight end Alex Zmolik leaks out of the line for Toledo, and he’s wide open in the middle of the end zone for an easy pitch-and-catch. Seven-yard touchdown pass gives Toledo a 25-14 lead, but Detmer misses ANOTHER extra point. How embarrassing. 243 yards this quarter for the Toledo offense.

3:14—Owens loses Means with a pumpfake and dashes to the sideline, but he’s still a yard shy of the first down marker. Buffalo’s defenders can’t disengage to get a hand on Fluellen, who bursts for another gain of 16. 1st and Goal from the UB 9 for Toledo, who maintains a 19-14 lead.

4:08—Terrific throw over Alonzo Russell’s shoulder by Owens, who dropped it beautifully into the receiver’s breadbasket. Gain of 40, and it’s 1st and 10 for Toledo from the UB 34. Fluellen adds on another seven up the middle.

5:21—Buffalo’s Marqus Baker is just as fast as Bernard Reedy, the kick returner who ran sidewise rather than forward for Toledo. First and 10 for Toledo from its own 19. Colby Way trips up David Fluellen in the backfield—loss of a yard. A man on a mission, Fluellen converts the 2nd and 11 with an 11 yard scamper off right tackle. He looks far more decisive and powerful this half than the first half, and his blocking certainly looks improved too. 

6:50—Zordich fakes the end-around to Fred Lee and keeps it himself. Gain of one, 3rd and 5 from midfield. Toledo blitzes several defenders, and Dan Molls finally brings down Zordich in the backfield after two of his teammates missed open hits. Grassman will punt for the 300th time.

8:06 —Brandon Murie coughs up another kickoff return—he recovers it again but only advances to the UB 15. Another poor drive start as a result of Murie miscue. Cheatham Norrils simply can’t cover Alex Neutz, as his eight-yard cushion led to a 30 yard completion from Zordich to his favorite target on the post pattern. Second and 6 now from the UB 49.

8:11—Steven Means blocks his second extra point of the game, leaving Detmer puzzled. When was the last time anyone blocked two extra points in a game? It’s 19-14 Toledo after Fluellen’s one yard run.

8:39—David Fluellen bolts for another 49 yards, then rumbles up the middle to the one-inch line. UB’s run defense hasn’t woken up yet, as Fluellen has taken seven carries for 109 yards so far in the second half. Fluellen finishes off the drive with a one-yard dive, and it’s 19-14 Toledo before Detmer’s extra point attempt. Whatever Matt Campbell said to Owens and Fluellen at halftime certainly had an effect. (Credit to Metro WNY’s Mike Haim for the quick stat counting.)

8:57 —Fluellen explodes through a crease for 17 yards. Good power and leg drive. UB calls timeout, as Jeff Quinn has to be a little concerned about his defense, a unit that was dominant in the first half.

9:11—Neutz walks off under his own power, and Tyler Grassman is on to punt yet again, his seventh of the evening. The kick drops out of bounds at the 15-yard line. Let’s see if Owens can continue his torrid play on this drive.

9:51 —Read option hand-off to Oliver doesn’t amount to much—no gain. 3rd and 7 again for UB—Zordich in the shotgun with four wide. Zordich picks out Neutz over the middle, but the ball is too far in front of the intended target—Neutz is down on the ground after taking a knee to the crotchal region. He does not look too thrilled after that hit.

11:59—Still no running room for Oliver, who’s dropped for no gain. Good WR screen from Zordich to Neutz—with a nice block by tight end Jimmy Gordon—Neutz sprints 21 yards for the first down to the UB 39. Oliver with a strong first down run this time—six yards up the middle. Molls’ absence from the middle of the Toledo D is noticeable, as Zordich runs up the gut again for a first down (eight yards). First and 10 from the Toledo 47. Looks like Molls lost a contact.

12:39—Bo scuttles for three yards on first down. A Toledo Rocket defender is being attended to on the field with his helmet off. It’s Dan Molls, the team’s leading tackler.

12:55—Owens was 3 for 3 for 50 yards on the Rockets’ scoring drive. Detmer’s kickoff is dropped by Murie, and he’s pummeled immediately. UB starts from its 14.

13:00—After an offside penalty on Toledo on the extra point, Khalil Mack swats the extra point by Jeremiah Detmer, and Carlos Lammons nearly returns it for two points for Buffalo, but he runs out of gas as he reaches Toledo territory. 14-13, UB still leads.

13:41—Wow, this is a different Terrance Owens in the second half. He threw another strike to the left half to Bernard Reedy, who catches the ball this time for a gain of 21. Fluellen runs off left guard for a nine yard gain. 2nd and 1 from the UB 8, and David Fluellen knifes through the line for an easy score. Six plays, 73 yards, 1:55 off the clock, and the score is 14-13 in favor of UB before the extra point.

15:00—Toledo’s Bernard Reedy takes the opening kickoff of the second half to the Rockets’ 27. Quick throw from Owens to Reedy on the right hash gains eight, then Fluellen marches through a hole for a first down. Frenetic pace to the Toledo hurry-up offense in the second half, and Buffalo looks stuck in the mud. Owens hits Cordale Scott down the middle for a gain of 21, and the ball is suddenly on the UB 38.

Halftime—Just another six touchdown day for Northern Illinois’ Jordan Lynch—he threw for four and ran for two in Northern Illinois’ 48-34 win over Western Michigan. Ohio, NIU, Kent State and Toledo are the only four remaining undefeated teams in the Mid-American Conference.

Halftime—Toledo’s two defensive stars, linebacker Dan Molls (nine tackles) and defensive end Hank Keighley (1.5 TFLs, one forced fumble), have kept the Buffalo offense at bay.

Halftime —A modest 15 for 58 yards performance so far for Branden Oliver— Zordich’s eight carries for 65 yards actually paces the Bulls. No receiver has more than one reception, as Alex Zordich is a woeful 3-12 for 67 yards and one score. On a positive note, he has not turned the ball over yet.

Halftime—Look at these offensive stats for Toledo in the first half: four first downs, 64 yards rushing, 51 yards passing, 1-for-8 on third down conversions, one lost fumble and two interceptions. Yikes.

—————-Halftime, Buffalo 14-7——————

:15—Zordich takes over from his own 39—he tries a deep ball to Alex Neutz, who outran the entire Toledo secondary—the ball slips right through his fingertips as he stretched out for the ball. Would have been a tough catch, but one that’s fair to expect Neutz to come down with. Great throw from Zordich, though. Zordich scrambles for nine yards but the half ends.

:15—Atrocious pass to the left sideline by Owens settles snugly into the arms of Buffalo safety Adam Redden, who celebrates the first interception of his career. The play is under review to check where his feet landed, however.

1:06 —Screen pass from Owens to Fluellen—Lee Skinner bolts past a blocker and takes out Fluellen’s legs, limiting him to a one-yard gain. On 3rd and 9, Owens is almost sacked, but he flings a pass out to Alonzo Russell, who catches the ball from his butt. Owens tries to hit Russell again on first down, but Russell’s foot is on the sideline—incomplete. 2nd and 10 for Toledo from the UB 48 with 21 ticks to go.

1:40—Zordich keeps it to the left, and he’s tripped up by Molls again. 4th and 3, and Grassman will punt—he’s standing inside his own 5. Another long bouncing punt by Grassman—this one probably went 20-yards in the air and another 20 on the ground. Owens whistles a pass by Jake Stockman on first down—the UB LB had a chance at a pick, but Alonzo Russell wasn’t ready for it for Toledo, either.

2:23 —Bo Oliver takes the delay for another short gain. He’s been bottled up, and it’s clear he’s missing his lead blocker, Boomer Brock, who’s been out since the Kent State affair as well. Zordich with a keeper off right guard on second down—just a yard, and it’s 3rd and 5 from the UB 16.

3:08 —Quick three-and-out for the Rockets, as Willie Moseley drills Fluellen from behind short of the first down marker. Another Penza punt—this one is a good one—and Cordero Dixon makes the fair-catch at the 11. 43-yard punt—booming by today’s standards.

4:02—Flushed right out of the pocket, Zordich throws the ball low to the right sideline—it’s incomplete. Grassman punts to the Toledo 39, where it’s fair caught. Toledo is closing in on six quarters without an offensive touchdown if they don’t score to end this quarter. That could be a school record, we hear.

4:33 —Two short Oliver carries set up a 3rd and 7. Toledo’s No. 32 Dan Molls is in on seemingly every tackle. He reminds me of Zach Thomas (and not because he’s white). Dude swarms to the ball and has a nose for beating blockers. I wish I had a nose like that.

6:05—Owens with a designed keeper up the middle for eight yards, but he’s still a yard short after Khalil Mack drops him from behind. Penza will punt—this has to be better than his last 17-yard effort. Penza’s punt is a little longer—and this time the bounce favors him. 41 yard punt. Buffalo starts on its own 26.

7:02—Owens throws a strike to Reedy over the middle, but he heard footsteps and committed his second drop of the game. Reedy can’t be confident right now. Owens with a keeper to the left sideline, but Jake Stockman’s pursuit leads to just a minimal gain. 3rd and 9 from the Toledo 26.

7:06—That’s the Bulls’ first offensive touchdown since Sept. 19—the play where Alex Neutz caught the Hail Mary just before halftime.

7:06—TOUCHDOWN, BULLS! 42-yard pass from Zordich to Devin Campbell, who atones for his fumble earlier in the half. Zordich faked the hand-off to Campbell who then sprinted down the left sideline unaccounted for. Zordich flipped a throw out to the wide-open Campbell before he was pounded to the turf—drawing a roughing the passer penalty as well. Furious (for some reason), Quinn spiked his play-sheet and got in the official’s face, even if the TD stood. 14-7 Bulls.

7:14—A defensive battle in a game that I thought had the potential for a shootout. I’ll blame it on the sloppy weather, but Bo Oliver has looked a little rusty after over a month off, and Zordich has been his usual inaccurate self. Toledo’s picked up only 47 yards since its first play from scrimmage—Fluellen hasn’t ripped off any big runs and the wideouts have a case of the dropsies. Uuuuugly.

7:57—Owens can’t find an open receiver on his first read so he takes off—Wyatt Cahill disengages from a blocker and sees Owens in front of him—the Bulls’ defensive lineman shoves him to the turf shy of the first down marker. Horrible punt by Penza—aided by an even worse bounce—and the Bulls will start at Toledo’s 42. That’s a 17-yard punt.

8:51 —Owens rifles a pass over the middle—it hits Bernard Reedy square in the chest and bounces onto the turf. That was ugly from the Toledo receiver. Fluellen bounces off his own blocker and turns the corner for seven yards. A manageable 3rd and 3 for the Rockets.

8:51—Grassman bounces ANOTHER punt inside the Toledo punt—that’s a 42-yard punt from the UB freshman, even if at least 10 of those yards came off another good bounce.

10:10 —On 1st and 21 after the penalty, Bo pushes the pile for five. Zordich tries the keeper on second down, and a nice solo tackle by Molls holds the Bulls’ QB to a mere three yards. 3rd and 13—another familiar situation for UB. Flushed out of the pocket, Zordich can’t find any open receivers—there didn’t seem like a ton of effort to get open against a legion of Toledo defensive backs. Grassman will punt in this offensively inept game.

10:46—UB starts from its own 43. Branden Oliver refuses to go down, trampling a defender and rumbling for 18 yards. There’s a flag down, however, and it’s a personal foul for an illegal block below the waist on Jimmy Gordon. The big play is coming back due to penalty, not the first time we’ve said that this year about an Oliver run.

12:00—Nice initial hit by Okoye Houston knocks Fluellen back behind the line of scrimmage, and Skinner and Mack finish off the play. Loss of two, and it’s third and 10 for Toledo very quickly. Mack has Owens dead-to-rights on third down, but the QB slips free and churns out four yards—but he’s still short of the first down marker. Neither team has gotten anything going on offense so far, as the defenses have accounted for both touchdowns.

13:20—Keighley drills Oliver for a loss—it’s 3rd and 8. Zordich tries a fade deep into the back of the end zone toward Fred Lee—it sails too long, though, and Pat Clarke trots on to attempt a 29-yard field goal. It’s no good! Grassman and Clarke complain—suggesting that it was good—but it appears to have been narrowly wide left. The score remains 7-7 after a missed chip shot.

15:00—Nicely-designed play on 3rd and 3 from midfield for the Bulls—Zordich faked the hand-off to Oliver and sprinted right up the middle all the way to the 14. A 36 yard run sets up 1st and 10 from the Toledo 14! That’s a career-long run for the junior passer.

——————-End of First Quarter, 7-7 tie——————

:43—Neutz walks off under his own power, a relief for UB fans. Oliver for three yards on first down. The quarter is over!

2:08 -- Buffalo’s back at it from its own 26—Oliver bowls up the middle for one yard on first down. Another one yard gain on second down, setting up a third and long for the Bulls. Long pass down the right seam for Neutz is overthrown—a careening Toledo defender interfered with Neutz before the ball arrived, however, drawing a pass interference play. Neutz landed awkwardly after the contact, however, and he’s being attended to on the field.

2:15—UB Spectrum’s Nate Smith claims that play was “destined for disaster” from the start. They breed writers like crazy here at the University at Buffalo.

2:23—TOUCHDOWN, TOLEDO! Defensive end Hank Keighley maneuvered into the backfield and stripped Devin Campbell of the ball—linebacker Dan Molls picked up the loose ball and cut back past Zordich for the 13-yard fumble return for a TD. 7-7 after the PAT.

2:29—Wyatt Cahill gets his big mitts on Owens’ third down pass, and the deflected pass falls harmlessly to the turf 10 yards from the nearest Toledo receiver. Buffalo will start at its own 20 after the punt resulted in a touch-back.

3:28—Good misdirection play leads to 12 yards for Fluellen and a first down. Owens swings to Reedy on a WR screen, but he’s decked by Najja Johnson, who comes up limping. On 2nd and 10—Fluellen dodges a would-be UB tackler to pick up five off left guard. 3rd and 5 from the UB 36.

4:32—Fluellen jukes into space off right tackle—that’s a 21-yard gain before he’s finally dragged down by Derek Brim. Great immediate tackle on the next play on a quick hitter to the right sideline—Lester ripped Reedy to the turf. 2nd and 10 from the Toledo 48.

5:13—High snap troubles Grassman, but he manages to hit the punt down to the Toledo 28. 23-yard punt, but it could have been much more catastrophic considering the snap. Fluellen is stuffed on a run up the gut on first down. Bulls still hold a 7-0 lead.

5:30—Zordich throws a wobbly duck in the direction of Fred Lee, and free safety Mark Singer bats the ball down for Toledo—could have been picked but would have been a remarkable interception. It doesn’t matter, though, as Zordich’s third down pass for Dixon is too close to the sideline—the UB WR couldn’t get his feet down in-bounds.

6:24—Great lateral cut by Devin Campbell on a sweep to the right on first down—the true freshman gains 13 on his second carry spelling Oliver. Zordich with the keeper on the ensuing play, and he’s a yard shy of midfield. Toledo’s run defense is on its heels with the shifting personnel and solid misdirection of the Buffalo offense.

7:02—On 3rd and 7, Owens flips a screen pass to McDowell, who’s pulled down in the backfield. Colby Way with a great read and a sure tackle to halt the drive. Toledo will punt again.

7:44—Toledo’s Harper muffs the kickoff, but there’s no fumble on the play. He’s ruled down, and the Rockets start at their own 39. Toledo’s Cassius McDowell enters the fray at tailback this series for the Rockets.

7:48—That’s only the Bulls’ fourth forced turnover of the season through seven games and change. Quinn has been preaching turnovers in practice—more like attacking the ball in tackles rather than gambling in coverage—but he’ll take Lester’s fortuitous defensive TD right there. The blame can be placed squarely on the shoulders of Russell, who should have reeled the ball in cleanly instead of batting it into the air.

7:48—Touchdown, Bulls! Owens’ throw went behind his receiver Alonzo Russell, who tapped the ball in the air—opportunistic Buffalo corner Cortney Lester snagged the ball in mid-air and raced 23 yards to pay-dirt. 7-0 BUFFALO LEADS.

7:55—Oliver and Neutz have been involved in the Buffalo offense so far, and Fred Lee has seen the field but hasn’t been targeted. Rudy Johnson has earned snaps along with Cordero Dixon in the Bulls’ expanded WR sets. No sign of Devon Hughes or John Dunmore so far.

8:06—Zordich’s third down pass is low and behind Rudy Johnson, and Grassman is on to punt again. Zzzzzz.This low line-drive of a rugby style punt bounces favorably for the Bulls again. Toledo starts from its own 13. 43-yard punt.

8:44—Oliver rolls forward—fumbles—but Alex Dennison pounces on top of it. Perhaps that’s why they call him the “Alex Cat.” Maybe not. Anyhow, 3rd and 12 from the UB 44.

9:20—Oliver drives through a giant hole in the B gap of the left side of the O-line. Gain of 17, and Oliver extended the run with a little stiff arm. Zordich tries to find Neutz on the same pattern as the Grand Island alum’s first catch, but this one is overthrown—just off the fingertips of Neutz.

10:27—Excellent accuracy and velocity on Zordich’s skinny post pass to Alex Neutz. Welcome back, Neutzy. That may have been Zordich’s best throw since 2010. 1st and 10 from the UB 28 after the Bulls escape the shadow of their own end zone. Still no score in this game.

10:32—Toledo special teamer Cheatham Norrils—what a name!—downs the punt inside the Bulls’ one yard line. Terrific punt coverage and an even better directional punt. The Bulls could learn a thing or two from the Toledo special teams.

11:23 —Another Owens’ deep-ball to the back of the end zone is a few yards beyond the reach of Reedy. Brim again in coverage—looks like Sherry won’t see a full complement of snaps—if any at all. Fluellen runs up the gut on 3rd and 11, and he’s unceremoniously stuffed. Penza to punt for Toledo.

12:20—Play-action fake gets Bernard Reedy in single coverage on the outside—Buffalo safety Derek Brim is slow to recover—it’s a substantial gain to the UB 47. Fluellen loses a yard on first down on the stretch play.

12:26 —Toledo starts from its own 18 after Grassman’s rugby-style punt bounded inside the Rocket 20.

12:36—Crossing pattern to Rudy Johnson is behind the intended receiver—it hits the converted QB in the hands as he contorts his body, but the ball falls incomplete. Tyler Grassman will punt for Buffalo—he’s had a rough year, to say the year.

13:55—Bo squirms through traffic for a minimal gain—expect a healthy dose of the Bo-Dozer today in his return from a knee injury. Devin Campbell checks in on 2nd and 8. Zordich keeps for three up the middle—it’s a 3rd and 5 upcoming from the UB 43.

14:44—Bo Oliver finds nine yards on first down, lowering his shoulder and plowing over strong safety Jermaine Robinson. Play action on second down—Zordich is pressured but flings a short pass over to Jimmy Gordon for a first down to the UB 38.

15:00—Brandon Murie and Okoye Houston back to receive for Buffalo. Murie lets the ball sail over his head out of the end zone—Alex Zordich will start from his own 25 yard line.

Pre-game —Official weather conditions are rain, 46 degrees, and 10-15 MPH winds. It’s not pleasant outside, but this isn’t atypical for Buffalo weather.

Pre-game—Toledo’s jerseys are downright hideous. Light gray shirt, navy and yellow pants, and navy numbers with yellow trim. The Rockets win the toss and defer to the second half. Buffalo ball!

Pre-game—UB starting safety Witney Sherry has returned to the lineup from injury as well. This is the healthiest that the Bulls have been since mid-September, but is it too late for the 2012 edition of UB to make any kind of late-season noise? Head coach Jeff Quinn’s job could be on the line.

Pre-game—Only a sprinkling of fans here in support of UB, as the student section is almost completely barren except for two rows of diehard fans.

Pre-game—Toledo trots onto the UB Stadium field riding a seven-game winning streak, buoyed by the talents of dual-threat QB Terrance Owens and Lockport-native RB David Fluellen. It’s time for the National Anthem.

Pre-game—With Bo Oliver, Alex Neutz and Fred Lee back in action, the University at Buffalo offense has the arsenal to keep pace with high-flying Toledo. Even though the elements—a drenching rain and moderate wind—may hamper the passing game, a shootout could be in the cards.

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