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UB Bulls vs. Ohio Bobcats Live-Blog

Photo of the Bulls' offensive line by Dave Marino

blog by Ben Tsujimoto  • 

————-End of Game, 38-37 Buffalo————

1:46—With no timeouts left for Ohio, Chazz Anderson can kneel the ball and run out the clock.  A huge win for the Bulls, who have now evened their MAC record at 1.

2:10—Fourth down now—five yards to go after a short completion to Dunlop.  Richie Smith tears through the line and plows Tettleton to the turf, causing a fumble.  Ohio recovers, but the Bobcats turn the ball over on downs. 

2:30—Johnson walks to the sideline with a limp.  Tettleton back in the shotgun on second and ten—Isaac Baugh closes well on LaVon Brazill and arrives at the instant the ball does!  Incomplete—great defensive play by the Bulls’ safety.  3rd and 10, and the crowd comes to life. 

2:55—Anderson throws the ball away on 3rd and 8.  Fine punt by Schum and a fair catch by Carrie gives Ohio the ball at its own 19.  Tettleton channels his own Ben Roethlisberger, avoiding the Steven Means rush and hitting Riley Dunlop in the numbers for a 15 yard gain.  Najja Johnson defends the first down pass well, but he’s down on the field now. 

3:05—Noah Keller makes his best play of the game, reading the running play well and stuffing Oliver for a three yard loss.  3rd and 9 for Buffalo, and Ohio calls its last timeout with exactly three minutes remaining.  38-37 Buffalo.

3:16—Jeffvon Gill returns the kickoff to the Bulls’ 25.  Anderson finds Rivers on a quick out along the left sideline—he stays in bounds and forces Solich to burn one of his two remaining timeouts.  2nd and 6 upcoming for the Bulls.  3:05 on the clock.

3:23 —Tough decision for Ohio coach Frank Solich there—Ohio has two timeouts left, but the Bobcats’ defense has struggled to hold Buffalo to three-and-outs today. 

3:23—Does Ohio kick here?  Yes, they do.  Matt Weller’s on for a 33 yard field goal to pull the Bobcats within 1.  It’s good, 38-37 Buffalo in a real barn-burner. 

3:48—Tettleton runs up the middle for five yards.  On 3rd and goal from the 16, Tettleton escapes Means’ rush and locks in on Dunlop, but Dalonte Wallace collides with Dunlop just as the ball arrives, jarring the ball loose and forcing an incompletion. 

5:05—Hurry up offense by Ohio has the Bobcats down to the UB five yard line—Donte Harden is carving up yards at will.  2nd and goal from the 5.  Khalil Mack stands up Harden, and rubbing salt in the wound is a holding call on Joe Fladling.  2nd and goal from the 21, a 17 yard penalty. 

5:45—33 carries for 182 yards and three scores for Oliver, tying his single-game TD total from the Stony Brook game.  Ryan Clark takes Clarke’s kickoff all the way back to Buffalo’s 22—special teams coverage has been abysmal for Buffalo—this time it’s a 60 yard return by Clark after Harden burned them earlier. 

5:45—18 play drive is Buffalo’s longest of the season, and it took 8:26 off the clock.  Can the Bulls’ well-rested defense fend off a late Ohio charge? 

5:45—Touchdown, Branden Oliver, his third of the game!  On 4th and inches, Oliver stampedes up the middle—there’s a fumble after the play, however, and the play is now under review.  Ohio did recover the fumble, but the officials had already signaled a touchdown.  It stands, TD, Buffalo!  38-34 Bulls after Fardon’s extra point

6:03—The call on the field stands—it is 4th and goal from the half yard line.  The offense stays on the field, and Quinn’s Bulls are going for it, trailing 34-31.

6:40—Anderson tries a fade to Alex Neutz in the right corner of the end zone falls incomplete.  Jamil Shaw was isolated against the 6’4 Bulls’ receiver, but he held his own.  Fourth down and inches from the half yard line—fine stand by the Ohio defense.  What will Quinn do?  Oliver’s last carry is under review to determine whether or not he broke the plane.  The press box thinks he’s in.

7:57—Strong six yard run by Oliver sets up a 2nd and 4 from the five yard line.  Oliver bulls forward again (why didn’t Quinn call these plays in the first half?) and Buffalo gets a first down at the 1.  Oliver is stuffed by Eric Benjamin on first down, however.  2nd and goal from the 1.

8:30 —Horse-collar tackle on Corey Hastings, as he brought down Anderson as the QB was rushing to the edge—Buffalo looked like it had no chance to convert the 3rd and 15, but Hastings’ bone-headed play bailed them out.  1st and 10 from the 11. 

9:17—Branden Oliver’s five receptions are a career high.  Anderson throws the ball away after Keller burst past Dillon Guy on a blitz off the edge.  Ed Young awkwardly runs backwards on an end around again, and now it’s third and 15 after another questionable play call.  Ball on the Ohio 20.

10:14 —A mock cheer from the crowd when the official announces it’s third and 1.  Anderson flips the ball to Oliver for the first down.  1st and 10 from the Ohio 33.  Branden Oliver abuses Noah Keller again in coverage, and the Bobcats’ linebackers are having real tackling issues tonight.  The 18 yard run has Buffalo with a first and 10 at the Ohio 15. 

10:21—The ruling on the field is overturned, and now it’s 3rd and 1 for Buffalo from the Ohio 37.  The officials are making a fool of themselves, saying “3rd and 9” and “2nd and 1” when it’s really 3rd and 1.  This is pretty amusing right now—the Jeopardy song played over the UB sound system draws a chuckle from the crowd. 

10:32—Carpenter shadows Jackson, but Terrell still engulfs the pass for another first down.  A real dart on the play from Anderson—the spot on the play is under review, however.  Ball is on the Ohio 36 with the Bobcats leading 34-31.

11:47—Eight yard gain, and Buffalo’s in Ohio territory for the first time this half (aside from the Ed Young play, which didn’t start on Ohio’s side of the field).  After an offside on Buffalo, Oliver scoots for three yards, setting up a 2nd and 12 from the Ohio 48. 

12:38—Branden Oliver just shook Gerald Moore again in the open field, and the Bulls’ back almost broke it long again.  Regardless, first and 10 after a 14 yard run by Oliver, and he’s quickly approaching 175 on the day.  Anderson times his out throw nicely, and Neutz brings it in just beyond the marker. 

14:19—Terrell Jackson runs laterally before he’s brought down at the Bulls’ 22.  Branden Oliver fumbles, but it’s recovered by Buffalo.  2nd down and 3, but there’s no push from the middle of the Buffalo line and Oliver is pushed backwards.  3rd and 3.5 from the Buffalo 29.

14:50—Tettleton is sacked by Khalil Mack and Steven Means—credit the coverage though, too.  a 46 yard field goal attempt for Matt Weller, and he drills it.  I see the NFL in his future.  Maybe he’s the reason why the Atlanta Falcons’ scout is here!  (Doubtful).  34-31 Ohio, and the Bobcats have to be pleased to come away with points after that drive. 

15:00—23 carries for 144 yards and two scores for Oliver entering the fourth.  Anderson is 18-31 for 297 yards, two touchdowns and no interceptions. 

15:00—3rd and 12 at the Buffalo 27 for Ohio. 

—————-End of 3rd Quarter, tied at 31—————-

:48—Two yard gain for Boykin before Tettleton can’t turn the corner at the right sideline—loss of four.  3rd and 12. 

1:31—Jordan Roback can’t haul in Tettleton’s throw—a very catchable ball.  3rd and 10.  The pesky Tettleton keeps it himself, scrambling for 13 yards and a first down.  He broke contain easily—ah, the advantages of a dual threat quarterback. 

2:05 —First and 10 at the Buffalo 38 for Ohio.  Ryan Boykin is swarmed from behind by Gordon Dubois and Willie Moseley.  No gain. 

2:19—Well-disguised play action fake by Ohio allows Tettleton to rush right for 10 yards and a first down.  Tettleton’s pick to Lester was his first in 178 attempts.  That’s a Brady-like number.

3:22—High throw on a bubble screen leaves Neutz hanging out to dry—he’s absolutely pelted by an Ohio defensive back.  That ends Buffalo’s drive, as Schum will punt to Carrie.  He bounces off several defenders on the return—Brandon Murie finally brings him down, but not before Carrie advances Ohio to the Bulls’ 48.  34 yard return by the starting corner.

4:02—Nifty draw play up the middle for Oliver leads to 10 yards and a first down.  Oliver runs again for another healthy five yard gain (as opposed to an unhealthy five yard gain!). 

4:08 —Inexplicably, Tettleton throws a lofted ball into double coverage in the right corner of the end zone.  Josh Copeland leaped to bat the ball in the air, and Cortney Lester reacted quickly to intercept the pass.  Huge play by the Buffalo D.

4:58—Harden’s stuck by Scott Pettigrew for a one yard gain.  It’s about time Buffalo did something noteworthy defensively.  Harden is stuffed again on second down by Dalonte Wallace—3rd and 7 from the Buffalo 12.

5:53—Means walks off under his own power, his helmet off.  Looks just mildly shaken up.  Beau Blankenship spells Harden and carves out five yards of his own.  Ball at the Buffalo 30.  Harden sprints diagonally through Buffalo’s defense before Copeland lays out to trip him up. 

5:53—From midfield, Harden again takes the carry for another eight yards before Pettigrew trips him up.  Steven Means is down on the field, right in front of the Ohio bench.

7:10—Ohio starts at its own 31.  Harden scampers for three yards up the middle.  Then, Tettleton spends an eternity in the pocket, eluding rushers and eventually rolling right before throwing across his body to Harden for a first down.  Excellent patience by the sophomore.  Harden runs off left guard with a head of steam for seven yards.  He’s definitely the more dynamic back than Boykin.

7:17—On the first play from the Buffalo 10, however, an innocent wide receiver screen pass to Ed Young along the left sideline leads to a 90 yard touchdown reception!  Great blocking along the edge, and Josh Kristoff was too slow to make the desperation tackle.  Tied at 31 after Fardon’s extra point.  Wild turn of events here at UB Stadium!  The 90 yard pass completion is the second longest passing play in school history (91 yards from Mark Taylor to Gasparre is the record).

7:30—31-24 Ohio now.  Tettleton’s chop block was on Khalil Mack, of all people.  Holding on Fred Lee on the ensuing kickoff puts Buffalo in another hole. 

7:51—Schum’s 45 yard punt has the Bobcats starting at their own 33.  A reverse, however, sends LaVon Brazill 67 yards for a score.  Fantastic chop block by Tyler Tettleton provided space for Brazill near the line of scrimmage, and the speedy wideout turned the corner with ease and galloped down the sideline.  Cortney Lester took a pretty poor angle, trying to make a tackle. 

8:02—Quick, rough possession for the Bulls, as two Anderson incompletions sandwiched around a one yard Oliver run brings the punt team on.  Good coverage rather than bad throws, though, I’d say. 

8:56—Tettleton, in a race for the edge with Bulls’ defensive lineman Colby Way, can’t turn the corner—Ohio is forced to punt.  Line-drive punt is fielded by Jackson, and Buffalo starts at the 26 with the score tied at 24.

9:26—Sound open-field tackle by Buffalo’s Lee Skinner on Dunlop, setting up a 3rd and 12 from the Ohio 27.  30 second timeout by Buffalo.

9:45—Fred Branch was down on the field—trainers were stretching his hamstring, so it’s more than likely cramps for the senior middle linebacker.  Expect Scott Pettigrew to take his place in the lineup.

9:52 —Khalil Mack enters the backfield in a heartbeat—forcing a Tettleton fumble.  The QB sprawls on top of the ball quickly, however, as Mack frantically tried to pry it free.  Four forced fumbles on the year by Mack.

10:06—Some promise on the last drive for the Bulls, and Neutz had a real chance to catch the third down pass.  Jamil Shaw arrived late and jostled the Grand Island native as he hit the turf.

11:01—Anderson attacks downfield with a long pass intended for Fred Lee, but it’s three or four yards too long.  On second and 10, Oliver smacks into the line for one yard.  On 3rd and 9, Anderson throws into coverage for Neutz, who brings the ball in for a split-second before he hits the turf—which jars the ball loose and causes the incompletion.  Schum’s short punt earns a favorable bounce—first and 10 Ohio from its own 28.

11:57—Content to attack the edges, Anderson finds Jackson to the right for 10 yards and a first down.  Oliver bulls off left guard for six yards—he nearly wriggled free for more, though.  Another Oliver run at the heart of the Buffalo defense is good for another first down. 

12:17—Weller’s kickoff sails into the end zone.  First and 10 for the Bulls at the Ohio 20.  Crucial drive here for the Buffalo offense—there needs to be a positive response after the defense was brutally burnt for a score.  Anderson’s first down pass to Rivers is incomplete—the Lackawanna product dove along the left sideline but couldn’t quite get his arms under the low throw.

12:17—Nice stick route by Riley Dunlop, who set up shop in front of the safety, using his body as a shield for Tettleton.  He reminds me a little of Kevin Walter or a smaller Brett Hamlin, a possession receiver with sticky hands.

12:39—Option handoff to Harden gains seven yards and a new set of downs.  Ohio’s offense is slicing through Buffalo’s defense with little to no impediment.  Tettleton connects with Dunlop from nine yards out to complete the scoring drive—it’s now tied at 24, and Buffalo’s defense still hasn’t come out in the second half yet.

13:57—Marching down the field, Ohio has the ball first and 10 at Buffalo’s 24.  Tettleton throws another quick pass right to Brazill for a short gain—nice tackle by Okoye Houston for a one yard loss.  Cortney Lester wraps up Futrell after a nine yard gain—3rd and 2 from the 16.

14:22—Wide receiver screen to Brazill nets another 12 yards to the left side—interesting to see that Solich is making a point to get the ball in Brazill’s hands early in the second half.

15:00—Patrick Clarke puts the ball on the tee, and another pooch kickoff is fielded by Nate Carpenter.  Start at the 31 for Ohio.  Tettleton rolls right outside the pocket and flings an awkward pass that Brazill almost hauls in.  On second down, Riley Dunlop rips down the middle and snares a pass as he’s drilled by Baugh.  Gain of 18. 

Halftime—Announcer Marlon Kerner, also a former Buffalo Bill, is seen munching on a cupcake during the halftime intermission.

Halftime—Both teams have returned to the field, and we’re only 30 seconds from the start of the second half.  The Bobcats will receive.

Halftime—Chazz Anderson has completed three or more passes to four different receivers: Ed Young, Terrell Jackson, Marcus Rivers and Brandon Oliver.  Alex Neutz has two grabs for 52 yards and a TD.  Defensively, Richie Smith has six tackles, and Lee Skinner added five. 

Halftime—Branden Oliver’s first half: 17 rushes, 115 yards and two scores puts him well on his way to match or exceed his output against Stony Brook, his best game of the season. 

————Halftime, Buffalo 24-17—————-

:13—Anderson finds Rivers on an out for a first down to the Ohio 45.  Buffalo needs about 10 more yards before their on the fringe of Patrick Clarke’s kicking range.  Nine seconds left now after an incompletion to Rivers.  Illegal motion on the Bulls on the following play, and now, with only two seconds left, Buffalo is well out of field goal range.

:17—A flag flies—offside on the kicking team.  Buffalo starts at its own 43 with 17 seconds left in the half.

:23—Weller’s 27 yard field goal is good, and Buffalo leads 24-17.  Two good goal-line stands by both defenses on the last two drives result in only three points apiece. 

:49—Steven Means dashes around right end and sacks Tettleton back to the 10!  Huge play by the Bulls’ defense, and Gordon Dubois was also in the backfield on the play.  Matt Weller is set to attempt a 27 yard field goal after the timeout. 

1:32—Pass interference on Fred Branch, who hooked LaVon Brazill, gives Ohio a first and goal at the Buffalo 10.  Tettleton wheels right and finds Jordan Thompson for five yards.  A flipped pass to Harden on second down results in no gain, however, and it’s 3rd and goal from the 5.  A little more noise from the UB fans!

1:29—Awesome catch down the right sideline by Bakari Bussey for 29 yards—there was fine coverage, but a great twisting catch by Bussey was too much. 

2:03—Running into the punter on Khalil Mack, however, extends Ohio’s drive.  Mack, clearly very angry about the previous call (which was really, really soft by the way), flies around the edge and pile-drives Tettleton to the turf—incomplete. 

2:28—Cortney Lester wraps up Bakari Bussey after an eight yard gain.  3rd and 2.  Poor throw from Tettleton to Bussey is incomplete—the receiver was open, the quarterback was errant. 

3:40—First and 10 for the Bobcats at their own 27.  Donte Harden hauls in a short reception over the middle—Lee Skinner brings him down after a gain of six.  Crossing pattern to Dunlop beneath soft zone coverage over the middle—first down and a gain of 10.  Ball on Ohio’s 43.  Tettleton’s pass is behind Donte Harden over the middle, and although the Bobcat RB reached back for the football, he couldn’t reel it in.

3:4324-14 after Fardon’s 23 yard field goal, but Buffalo should have four more points on the board.  Why Buffalo didn’t pound Oliver—who’s running with reckless abandon—up the middle at the goal-line is beyond me. 

4:14—Fake hand-off to Oliver and an end-around to Ed Young manages to lose four yards.  3rd and goal from the 6.  Anderson throws the ball out of the back of the end zone, and Buffalo squanders a first and goal at the 2.  What are you doing, Jeff Quinn?  He just out-coached himself.

4:33—There’s no review—looks like Quinn and co. opted against it—and Anderson throws the ball out of the back of the end zone on play-action.  2nd and goal. 

4:50—Gerald Moore just had an “oh shoot” moment—Branden Oliver scampered through a hole, hit third gear just as he approached Moore, who nearly fell over trying to turn his hips and chase.  The Buffalo running back was marked out of bounds at the two yard line, and the Bulls just called timeout so the play could be reviewed.  58 yards on the rush, and he’s over the century mark for the fourth time this year.

5:15—Buffalo starts at its own 25.  Anderson targets Ed Young down the right sideline—it falls incomplete—but there’s a 15 yard personal foul on Travis Carrie for a face-mask.  1st and 10 for Buffalo at its 40. 

5:15—Tettleton calls his own number and explodes through a gap for a 40 yard TD run!  Khalil Mack over-pursued on the rush, and the Ohio QB located that gap and took the ball to pay-dirt.  7plays, 64 yards in 2:20.  21-14 Buffalo in what’s amounting to a high-scoring affair. 

6:07—Tettleton, with Khalil Mack in his face again, finds Jordan Thompson in the flat for a three yard gain and a first down—Thompson had some green space in front of him, but he slipped to the turf.  The surface has been causing some footing problems today. 

6:46—Good pressure by Steven Means forces Tettleton to release the ball sooner than he anticipated—it flops out of bounds incomplete.  Boykin weaves his way behind blockers for an eight yard gain on second down—3rd and 2.

7:17—Mark Richardson wraps up Jordan Thompson after a nine yard gain.  Ryan Boykin plows forward on the next play for the first down.  1st and 10 close to midfield for Ohio. 

7:42—Squib kick to Nate Carpenter has Ohio with a positive drive start—their own 36.  Strong showing from Buffalo’s offense, however, has the Bulls in the driver’s seat.

7:42—Anderson goes right back to Neutz again—in single coverage again—and Neutz high-points the ball and falls into the end zone.  36 yard toss from Anderson to Neutz!  21-7 Buffalo after Anderson’s first TD throw of the game!  7 plays, 75 yards, 2:32. 

8:22—Anderson targets Neutz on a streak route down the right side—the ball caroms off his hands and trickles out of bounds.  Nice throw—and would have been a tough catch—but it’s incomplete.  Anderson reads the coverage well and hooks up with Ed Young for a 23 yard gain—blown coverage by Ohio.

9:29—Terrell Jackson runs a sideline route and beats Josh Kristoff to the marker for a first down reception.  Well executed third down conversion—nice to see.  Oliver is smacked by Kristoff as he reaches the line of scrimmage, but Oliver’s momentum results in three yards.  2nd and 7 from the Buffalo 41.

9:55 —Oliver runs the stretch play left, and he finds four yards.  Protection breaks down, but Anderson rolls away from pressure and throws the ball away.  Smart play from the fifth year senior, as two pass rushers had a clear path to him.  3rd and 6. 

10:14—Will Buffalo continue the short passing game that was so effective in the first half?  Anderson didn’t look to stretch the field often, settling for quick tosses to tailbacks or bigger receivers. 

11:07—Buffalo diagnoses the option play well, and Tettleton only can muster a yard—Gordon Dubois and Khalil Mack combined on the tackle.  Hershey will punt again.  12 yard punt went almost straight up in the air.  Buffalo will start at its own 25.

11:27—Tettleton swings right to Jordan Thompson for a seven yard gain—Cortney Lester inched his way up from the cornerback position, missed the tackle and is now down on the ground in pain.  He’s now on his feet, though, and walks off under his own power.  3rd and 2 from the Bulls’ 37.

12:30—Well done by Tettleton with his feet—14 yards and three broken tackles, and Ohio is on Buffalo’s side of midfield.  The Bobcat QB nearly tripped as well—Colby Way had a clear shot at the QB but was pushed away at the last minute by a blocker. 

13:21—Nice catch by Brazill—who’d fallen on his back—for six yards in the left flat.  Richie Smith shoves his blocker and makes a tackle, keeping Harden’s gain to three yards. 

13:34—13 carries, 46 yards and two touchdowns for Branden Oliver in a workmanlike opening 15 minutes.  He’s combined his usual three-yards-and-a-cloud-of-dust runs with a few breakthroughs—there’s an added gear and a little more power than we’ve seen so far the last few weeks.

14:06 —A four yard completion to Ed Young isn’t enough to move the chains—another fine immediate tackle by Nate Carpenter.  Carrie falls over receiving the punt just beyond his own 30.  Tettleton and co. take over at their own 33.

15:00—9-11 for 106 yards—great first quarter numbers for Chazz Anderson.  Oliver opens the second quarter with a small gain up the middle.  It’s 3rd and 5 now at the Buffalo 24.

15:00—That’s the first time that Ohio has trailed after the first quarter this year.

————-End of first quarter, Buffalo 14-7———-

:33—Najja Johnson allows no yards after the catch for Bakari Bussey—3rd and 11 after the seven yard gain.  On third down, Tettleton tries to lead LaVon Brazill over the middle, but Fred Branch does well in coverage to disrupt the route without interference.  After Paul Hershey’s punt, Buffalo opens at its 20.

2:03—Shovel pass to Tettleton through the middle moves the chains—12 yard gain.  The goal is to find Harden with the ball in space, and Ohio’s offense is doing an admirable job.  Immediate tackle by Scott Pettigrew on Tyler Futrell, but a holding penalty on the Bobcats moves the ball back to the 41.  2nd and 18 at the Ohio 43.

2:15 —15 yard return by the Bobcats after a short kickoff—intentional to keep the ball out of Donte Harden’s hands.  Tettleton overthrows Dunlop down the left sideline on first down.  Ball on the Ohio 39.

2:20Branden Oliver follows a strong push by Whinery and Davis for a one yard touchdown run!  Oliver’s second score of the afternoon gives him seven touchdowns on the season!  14-7 Buffalo.  13 plays, 88 yards, 5:15 on the Bulls’ drive.  Chazz Anderson looks sharp today, and Branden Oliver is running with purpose!

3:52—Anderson goes right back to Jackson—this time running a streak out of the slot—and the senior wideout hauls in the pass at the one yard line.  Oliver bursts right, but Nathan Carpenter grabs him with one arm and spins him down.  Great tackles by Eric Benjamin and Jelani Woseley stop Oliver at the 2—a loss of a yard. 

5:03—Branden Oliver slithers through tacklers for 10 yards and a first down.  Quick passes to Ed Young and Terrell Jackson have Buffalo 1st and 10 at Ohio’s 31.  Tremendous move by Jackson beat two Bobcat defenders. 

5:43 -- Anderson’s first incompletion is a pass that was thrown away—he had Marcus Rivers one-on-one against Travis Carrie deep down the middle of the field, but he opted against throwing it.

6:54 —Anderson stands tall in the pocket and rifles a pass along the left hash to Marcus Rivers, who spins off a tackler and moves the chains.  1st and 10 at the 30, now.  Quick RB toss to Branden Oliver gains nine more down the left side.  Quick screen to Rivers gives the Bulls a new set of downs again.  Very efficient short passing game on this drive.

7:35—Fine isolation tackle by Alphonso Lewis on the kick return—Terrell Jackson had acres of space down the right sideline.  Wonderful Monds II is whistled for a personal foul, however, and Buffalo has a 1st and 10 at its own 12.

7:42—Harden, a 5’10 183 pound senior, is the type of diminutive, elusive player that the Bulls have had nightmares about this year.  Remember Nick Williams, UConn’s kick returner?  He was a thorn in UB’s side.

7:42—The ruling on the field stands—touchdown, Harden.  My, that was easy.  The Bobcats, buoyed by a long kickoff return, even the score with little effort.  Chazz Anderson will go back to work.

7:42 Donte Harden caps off the drive that he started himself with a 13 yard touchdown run after a nifty option pitch from Tettleton.  A Bulls’ defender nearly had Tettleton in his grasp before the Ohio QB shuffled the ball off to his sprinting RB at the edge—the play is under review to determine whether or not Harden truly broke the plane.  If it stands, it’s 7-7.

8:48—Donte Harden takes the ensuing kickoff and rumbles 67 yards—before tripping over his own feet at the Bulls’ 20.  Jeff Quinn must be beside himself.  A quick out to Riley Dunlop gains 8, but Ryan Boykin is stuffed for a two yard loss by Khalil Mack.  He’s still close to tops in the nation in that category.

8:58—Anderson went 3-3 for 32 yards on Buffalo’s second drive. 

8:58—Touchdown, Buffalo!  Branden Oliver pounds into the heart of the Ohio defense—disappears for a second into a cluster of tacklers—then squirts through for a 12 yard score!  Noah Keller, Ohio’s middle linebacker, raises his arms in disbelief, but it’s 7-0 Bulls.  Drive of eight plays, 60 yards in 3:23.

10:13—Chazz moves the chains again with a pass to Ed Young along the right hash mark.  In rhythm, Anderson hooks up with Neutz on a short post route down to the Bobcat 19.  Bo gets a head of steam to gain seven off right guard.  2nd and 3 from the Bobcat 12.

11:13—End around to Ed Young creates space for the Bulls, and the wide receiver darts past the first down marker.  Option handoff to Oliver—the same play that allowed Chazz Anderson to score against Tennessee—nets one yard against the Bobcats’ D.

12:21 —Terrell Jackson has to reach back to snag the punt, and he’s laid on his back immediately.  First and 10 for Buffalo from its own 40.  Oliver adds two yards on first down off right guard again.  Quick pass to Branden Oliver in the flat—Oliver sheds Noah Keller’s tackle for a six yard gain.  3rd and 2.

12:33 —3rd and 6 for the Bobcats with the game scoreless.  Tettleton tries to pick out Brazill on a crossing pattern over the middle—the throw is behind the senior receiver, however, and Ohio is forced to punt. 

12:43—Wide receiver screen from Tettleton to Harden; Najja Johnson reads the play well and is on top of Harden immediately as he receives the pass.  The ball is jostled loose—the ruling on the field is an incomplete forward pass (although several players jumped on the ball as if it was a fumble.)  Harden was shaken up on the play, but he jogged off.

13:21—Isaac Baugh absorbs a block in the back as he rushes downfield—he raises his arms in protest, and the referee agrees.  Block in the back call on Ohio’s Mose Denton, and the Bobcats start at their 9. 

14:26—Oliver sweeps right on second down for five yards.  On third down, Oliver runs behind right guard Andre Davis, and he’s a yard short of the first down marker.  Schum on to punt for Buffalo.

14:53—Gill doesn’t quite make it to the 30, attempting to spin away from a tackler.  1st and 10 at the 28 for Buffalo.  Quinn calls for another scripted play action pass—Alex Neutz has a step on his defender for a second, but Jamil Shaw bats the ball away at the last minute.

15:00—Bulls set to receive, attacking left to right.  Terrell Jackson and Jeffvon Gill back to return the kickoff.  Let’s go!

15:00—Buffalo.com photographer Dave Marino is the last media member to leave the field.  That’s dedication.

Pre-game—Smoke swirls into the warm fall air as the Bulls are led out onto the field.  Buffalo’s new uniforms, navy blue with white pants, are definitely sharp.  The team congregates in front of a half-filled student section—mildly disheartening, but I suppose that’s life on one of the final beautiful days of the year.

Pre-game—Ohio true freshman Nathan Carpenter, a hybrid linebacker/defensive back, has a strong lineage—and he’s shown that he’s worthy too, picking off a pass, notching 10 tackles and a sack against Kent State last week.  It’s worth noting that Carpenter is listed at 5’9, 152 pounds.  That’s really small.

Pre-game—The Bobcats lead the MAC with 12 interceptions, and probable NFL cornerback Travis Carrie leads the charge.  Marcus Rivers will have his hands full today, assuming that Carrie shadows Buffalo’s top receiver.  Chazz Anderson must be more accurate than ever.

Pre-game—Buffalo needs a rebound performance from Branden Oliver this afternoon—he’s been rather pedestrian since his three touchdown explosion against FCS opponent Stony Brook.  Regardless, the Bulls’ sophomore back is on pace for his first 1,000 yard season and double-digit touchdowns.  If there’s a weak link on the Bobcats’ defense, it’s their inexperienced defensive line (even though they’re third in the MAC against the run, they haven’t faced a capable rushing attack yet, either).  Can the Bulls’ front five—pictured as the featured photo—exploit this match-up?

Pre-game—Identical starters for the Bulls—Fred Branch is listed as the starter at inside linebacker ahead of Scott Pettigrew, but Branch has seen the majority of those reps this year anyhow.  It’s a bonus that the Bulls are very healthy heading into MAC East play. 

Pre-game—Take the losses against the three major conference schools with a grain of salt—the true Bulls’ true mettle will be tested today against Ohio quarterback Tyler Tettleton and his top targets LaVon Brazill, Riley Dunlop and tight end Jordan Thompson.

Pre-game—A solid student section and the Bobcat band have packed the lower left section below the press box—there’s plenty of forest green and white backing Frank Solich’s crew.

Pre-game—You’d think that Buffalo’s schedule would get easier by default after facing Pittsburgh, UConn and Tennessee.  In reality though, it doesn’t—UB faces a tough Ohio Bobcats team (4-1 overall, 0-1 MAC) that travels well.

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