Labatt Blue Pond Hockey under the lights at RiverWorks - PHOTOS

QCRG: Lake Effect Furies, home teams hit the rink - PHOTOS


Labatt Blue Pond Hockey Tournament at RiverWorks, Day 2 - PHOTOS

by Cody Osborne  • 

The Labatt Blue Pond Hockey Tournament was held in a new location this year in hopes of finally finding a successful solution to their yearly pond hockey tournament weather troubles. 

The small-sided ice hockey tournament was held at Buffalo RiverWorks down on Ganson Street and, after walking the site and experiencing this event, I think there’s no better location for this event in our area. There were six refrigerated hockey rinks put together right on the waterfront surrounded by our beautiful grain elevators along with some other local architecture.

Labatt Blue & Buffalo RiverWorks really made this event special by including activities not only for the adults but for the kids as well. They had multiple beer tents on location, a few large televisions playing the live action from around the site, and also a very large screen displaying the USA vs. Finland bronze medal Olympic showdown also.

Day 1 looked like it was an exciting day full of pond hockey action and Day 2 was just as good. The firemen vs. police officers game was action packed, the shootout with some random spectators was exciting, and the abundance of other games throughout the day made this just as memorable as day one.

We have photos of this great location, the players that made this day such a success, and even some shots of the people that helped out around the area throughout the day.  If this album does not satisfy all your pond hockey needs then make sure to go over and check out Don Nieman’s photos from under the lights on Friday night.

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Labatt Blue Pond Hockey under the lights at RiverWorks - PHOTOS


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