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Trend spotting: lululemon street style - PHOTOS

blog by Alyssa Hood  •   •  

There comes a time in everyone’s life when you discover lululemon can be worn outside the yoga studio and into the real world for everyday activities.

That moment is both fabulous and horrific at the same time.

Marvelous because your lululemon pants are by far the most comfortable and flattering pair of pants you have ever owned in your life. Terrifying because the rest of…

Boutique Bridal Party at Hotel at the Lafayette - PHOTOS

gallery by Erica Morano  •   •  

Brides-to-be visited with local vendors to help plan for their big day

Dozens of local vendors gathered together at Hotel at the Lafayette Thursday night to meet and mingle with brides-to-be.

The Boutique Bridal Party is the only indie bridal organization in the Buffalo area, and everything from flowers to photography to sweets could be found. The highlight of the night was a $15,000 wedding giveaway.

Ask Avery: Dressing for your age

blog by Avery Hartmans  •   •  

Dear Avery,
I’m in my mid-50s and there are a lot of styles that my daughter and I both like. How do I make them age appropriate? I don’t want to look like I’m trying to dress too young.

It’s always kind of sad when you see a mother who’s trying way too hard to emulate her daughter.

She’s always a little too tan, her skirts are a little too short and you’re seeing…

Trend spotting: The chic jet-setter - PHOTOS

blog by Alyssa Hood  •   •  

It’s vacation season.

The snow just hasn’t let up and each flake is laughing at us while smiling that evil smile as it tumbles to the ground.

Every time we see even a glimpse of sun pop through the clouds, we are pressing our runny-noses against our cold windows like a dog seeing a squirrel for the first time.

Most of us are so fed up and gloomy inside that we are…

Ask Avery: Beating the winter blues

blog by Avery Hartmans  •   •  

Dear Avery,
I’m getting so bored with my winter clothes and want to wear something other than snow boots, an oversized sweater and leggings. But it’s only February so I can’t exactly break out the sundresses yet. What can I wear that won’t look too springish but will cure my outfit slump?

You know you’re ready for spring to come when you feel like making a bonfire of all…

Ask Avery: V-Day outfit options

blog by Avery Hartmans  •   •  

Do you like Valentine’s Day?

It’s a loaded question, I know, and one of those things that’s pretty black and white: Either, you love V-Day and all the conversation hearts, poorly composed love poems and unrealistic expectations that accompany it.

Or, you loathe Feb. 14 with a fiery passion that is approximately equal to the 25 pounds of Parkside sponge candy you eat each…

Trend spotting: How to swap in soft pants - PHOTOS

blog by Alyssa Hood  •   •  

Hallelujah. There is a new pant style besides the skinny jean.

And guess what? They are the sweatpants’ cousin! Thank you, thank you, thank you. It is now totally acceptable to leave the house wearing cotton pants with a drawstring.

Soft pants are here to stay, and I am not surprised. When they first came out, we girls were a little intimidated by their shape.

Baggy at the…

Ask Avery: Valentine’s Day gift guide

blog by Avery Hartmans  •   •  

Dear Avery,
I’ve been dating my girlfriend for about a year and Valentine’s Day is coming up. What do I get her? I refuse to buy her lingerie.

Quite frankly, buying lingerie for a woman is tacky. Purchasing a present for someone that’s really meant for you implies a total lack of taste. Your girl deserves better, especially after putting up with you for a year.

But you…

Trend spotting: Midi-skirt flirt - PHOTOS

blog by Alyssa Hood  •   •  

There used to only be one way for a girl to show off her stems, and it all so obviously fell within the seams of the miniskirt.

Pleated, A-line, high-waisted, bandage—when a girl walked into a room wearing any of these mini options, heads turned faster than rubbernecking a four-car pile up on the I-90.

The tricky part about the miniskirt or mini-dress was that you had to have…

Pharrell’s Grammys hat includes Buffalo tie - INTERVIEW

blog by Ben Tsujimoto  •   •  

In terms of degrees of separation, the city of Buffalo can be connected to practically anything.

Take the stylish hat that hip-hop phenom Pharrell donned at the Grammy Awards, for example.

Twitter almost broke over the avalanche of fashion analysis and humor that surrounded Pharrell Williams’ wardrobe choice, mostly because of its shock value but also because few could actually…

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