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Ask Avery: How can I avoid looking like a “Pretty Woman?”

blog by Avery Hartmans  •   •  

Julia Roberts: making prostitution look safe and fun since 1991!

Dear Avery: How can I make my over-the-knee boots look less “Pretty Woman” and more class- or work-appropriate? And how do I avoid buying Uggs and find a practical yet fashionable boot?

The opportunity to wear boots is perhaps the best thing about the temperature dropping. Obviously, rain boots are a practical, comfortable and usually fashionable choice throughout the fall.…

A Classy Lady’s Top 10: Halloween Edition

blog by Sophia Smith  •   •  

Oh, Death.  Did you really come dressed like that?

A happy Halloween to one and all!  In honor of the most deliciously frightening day of the year, I give you my seasonally-inspired Top 10 list for this week.

1. The Rolls Royce Phantom .

2. The Louis Ghost chair by Philippe Starck at MOMA.

3. The Hope Diamond.  It’s cursed!

4. Edgar Allan Poe’s  short stories

5.  The haunted catacombs of Rome.  I got very…

The Boutique Buyer’s Guide: Urban Threads

blog by Molly Hoeltke  •   •  

Molly Hoeltke finds Buffalo style at Urban Threads.

With the varying degrees of fall in Buffalo, we never know what to expect from the weather. That being said, layering isn’t only a fashion decision—it’s a necessity.

Layering was the intention for this week’s shopping trip—finding fabrics and colors that are easily layered and warm up both our skin and our skin tones. Here’s my photo diary of both men’s and women’s…

Access + Excess: Stumbling into a superstar

blog by Sophia Smith  •   •  

Mick Jagger slept here.  And presumably did other stuff, too.

Just as many guys from Western New York preparing to take those final steps on the road to marriage make the bachelor party road trip to Las Vegas, plenty of local ladies enjoyed their final weekend of freedom under the bright lights of the Big Apple.  When I lived in New York after college, it seemed like everyone from home came to the city for a bachelorette weekend before tying…

Fashionable fishnets, darker denims

video by Avery Hartmans  •   •  


Finding the right set of stockings can be tough. One pair could make or break an entire outfit, so you better consult the 'hose expert on this one. Also, are skinny jeans totally last season? Find out the hot denim styles you'll need for fall and winter.

A Classy Lady’s Top 10: Oct. 19, 2011

blog by Sophia Smith  •   •  

Who's classy?  This lady, that's who.

Some of my favorite things this week:

1.  Kate Spade Supercalifragilipstick! in Bashful Blush

2.  Warm, sunny autumn afternoons…..

3.  Maria Sharapova Nike tennis skirts

4.  Donating $1 to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital when shopping

5.  Chilling at Peller Estates in Niagara-on-the-Lake and soaking in the gorgeous fall colors on the trees.

6.  Taking a long…

Ask Avery: When is the thong wrong?

blog by Avery Hartmans  •   •  

Settle down there, Specs -- we're talking about footwear.

Dear Avery: I firmly believe that thong-style flip-flops are never acceptable, especially at work. I know there are “nicer” varieties with bling, flowers, kitten heels, etc., but I say shower shoes should be left next to the bath tub or beach towels. Am I being a shoe snoot?

When we experience a heat wave—and in Buffalo, that can mean the day in February when it hits 40…

Clutter: urban indie flea for free

blog by S.J. Velasquez  •   •  

Photo courtesy of Sugar City.

Lace up your vintage saddle shoes, hipsters, and get ready to run wild at Clutter, the first ever urban flea market of its kind in the Queen City.

Brought to you by the creative, city-centric folks at Sugar City, Clutter will offer locals an opportunity to shop vintage styles and handmade jewelry, designs and more—all in one location, 19 Wadsworth St., Buffalo. The free event is…

Ask Avery: The trouble with turtlenecks; jerseys out of bounds?

blog by BuffaloDotCom  •   •  

Avery is back!  She's the one on the left.

Dear Avery: What’s cooler for dudes – the half-zip sweaters or the full zip ones?  I always feel awkward in full zip sweaters, but overly preppy in half zip.  AND WHAT ABOUT TURTLENECKS?!

When it comes to sweaters, my vote is for the half-zip. Yes, it’s a little preppy. But when paired with a nice pair of jeans and a simple t-shirt, it looks relaxed yet stylish. For work,…

Keeping up with style + fashion in Buffalo

blog by BuffaloDotCom  •   •  

Looking for Buffalo fashion news?  We can help.

So you want to keep up with style and fashion in Buffalo, but you are not, as they say, “in the scene.”  Don’t worry!  Most of us aren’t.  Like you, we stare from a respectful distance, trying to build up the courage to walk into a tailor shop and find out what the hell thread grades mean.

Anyhow: while you suck up your courage, here are a few online sources for you to keep up…

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