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A Classy Lady’s Top 10: Nov. 2, 2011

Rocking the Ruff: Elizabeth I was indeed a classy lady, as well.

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The Classy Lady’s Top 10 List: Wednesday, Nov. 2

1.) Elizabethan Ruff Collars.  I want to wear one. 

Elizabeth I

2.) Thibaut wallpaper.  Because Brewster is for suckers.


3.) High, high, HIGH Prada heels.


4.) Lollygagging.  (Anywhere, but mostly in bed with the Sunday New York Times).

5.) François Ozon’s thrilling Swimming Pool.  One of my top10 favorite films ever!


6.) Beads of Courage. Doing fantastic work with arts-in-medicine around the world.  What a great charity.

Beads of Courage

7.) The word “chulo”—slang in Spain for cool, and something similar but a little rougher in Latin America.  Which is also cool.

8.) The Picasso Exhibit at the Frick Collection.



9.) Tons and tons of down pillows.



10.) The artwork of local painter A.J. Fries.  Beyond brilliant.

AJ Fries




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