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Alphabetical Style: C

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Learn your fashion ABCs with our new style and beauty series, taking a look at trends, local shops and ideas—one letter at a time.

“Alphabetical Style” will break down a weekly list of five trends pertaining to the featured letter. From clothing pieces and accessories to hair styles and makeup, we’ll cover it all. Take a look at our “C-trends” below, including collar necklaces, Chic and Sweet, clutches, classic wedges and chopped hair.

Collar necklace: sophisticate any outfit with a collar necklace, to be work with high necklines. Paired with a blazer, you can dress up any outfit with this statement piece even while wearing jeans.
Collar necklace
Photo courtesy of Facebook / Lord & Taylor

Chic and Sweet: a unique and affordable women’s apparel and accessories boutique on Hertel Avenue, you can find all sorts of treasures in this shop. Chic and Sweet was also recently voted Best New Business in Buffalo Spree’s Best of WNY 2012.
Chic and Sweet
Photo courtesy of Facebook / Chic and Sweet

Clutch: a little handbag fit for taking out to dinner or drinks, when you really don’t need to bring a lot with you. We’ve fallen into a trap that big bags are necessary. Try and consolidate your life with a clutch bag and just your essentials.
Photo courtesy of Facebook / Cupcakes and Cashmere

Classic wedges: when you just need a little lift in your step, classic wedges are a great alternative to stiletto heels or knee high boots. Pops of color are huge this season for fall and winter, so don’t be shy to brighten up your feet with a nice shoe.
Classic wedges
Photo courtesy of Facebook / target

Chopped hair: Miley Cyrus perfected the scandalous hair style when she surprisingly chopped off her long locks earlier this year. Not sure if I could ever go this drastic with my hair, but when done right it looks edgy and fantastic.
Chopped hair
Photo courtesy of Twitter.

Thumbnail courtesy of Facebook / Cupcakes and Cashmere

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