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Alphabetical Style: D

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Learn your fashion ABCs with our style and beauty series, taking a look at trends, local shops and ideas—one letter at a time.

“Alphabetical Style” will break down a weekly list of five trends pertaining to the featured letter. From clothing pieces and accessories to hair styles and makeup, we’ll cover it all. Take a look at our “D-trends” below, including deep-red lipstick, Deja’ Lu Boutique, dots, denim jackets and dramatic sunglasses.

Deep-red lipstick: the fall and winter alternative to summer shades like soft pink and coral. Deep-red lipstick will give you a more dramatic and glamourous look for a night on the town.
Deep-red lipstick
Photo courtesy of Facebook / Revlon.

Deja’ Lu Boutique: a women’s fashion boutique on Hertel Avenue, with an incredible selection of special occasion dresses and unique accessories. Deja’ Lu also offers an array of clutch bags and purses.
Deja' Lu

Dots: the most simple of all prints, dots have been spotted (no pun intended) all over blouses, pants, headbands and event shorts. Adding a little style to a plain shirt, go for the print.
Photo courtesy of Facebook / Anthropologie

Denim jackets: the quintessential fall coat, the denim jacket is sturdy yet chic. It’s the best choice when you need another layer, but not a winter parka.
Denim jacket
Photo courtesy of Facebook / The Man Repeller

Dramatic sunglasses: a statement piece to shield your eyes can also add a lot of drama and glamour to your look. Dramatic sunglasses scream “old Hollywood” and can also bing a vintage flair to your outfit with the right style.
Dramatic sunglasses
Photo courtesy of Facebook / Macy’s

Thumbnail courtesy of Facebook / Urban Outfitters.

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