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Alphabetical Style: G

Photo courtesy of Flickr / ...loveMaegen

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Learn your fashion ABCs with our style and beauty series, taking a look at trends, local shops and ideas—one letter at a time.

“Alphabetical Style” will break down a weekly list of five trends pertaining to the featured letter. From clothing pieces and accessories to hair styles and makeup, we’ll cover it all. Take a look at our “G-trends” below, including Grecian-inspired dresses, gloves, green eyeliner, glamorous oversized hats and galoshes.

Grecian-inspired dress: a soft and simple alternative to the LBD, a Grecian-inspired dress can be the best option for a winter special occasion or event. Getting away from the usual satin or stiff dress, light colors and fabrics will help you stand out.
Photo via Express.com: Dress 1, Dress 2, Dress 3.

Gloves: I hate to say it, but it’s time to dig out your winter accessories. The cold has hit Buffalo, but that doesn’t mean you can’t look good in chill temperatures and snow. These gloves from H&M are a great options to keep your hands warm and fashionable.
Photo courtesy of Facebook / H&M

Green eyeliner: a daring alternative to black eyeliner which has dominated the beauty scene for years, green eyeliner is best if used in bold or bright shades. Accented with a royal purple and pink line under the eyebrow, this courageous look would be great paired with a simple outfit.
Green eyeliner
Photo courtesy of Facebook / MAC Cosmetics.

Glamorous oversized hats: forgo the tight knit caps this fall and opt for a glamorous oversized hat instead. In suede and felt, these hats will stay warm and keep the wind from ruining your well-groomed hair form this morning.
Oversized hats
Photo courtesy of Facebook / Man Repeller.

Galoshes: now the most fashionable thing to wear in rainy weather since a bright yellow jacket, galoshes are both stylish and practical. For winter, add a pair of thick boot socks to turn these fall shoes into snow-ready options.
Photo courtesy of Facebook / Charlotte Russe.

Thumbnail courtesy of Flickr / ...loveMaegen

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