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If you haven’t yet visited Anatomy on Elmwood, you’re missing out on some of the best style in the city.

The store, owned by designer Ali Eagen, feels like your stepping into the closet of the most fashionable girl you know. The shop is bisected to house the two facets of Eagen’s business: the ready-to-wear Anatomy collection and the made-to-measure collection. Both are designed by Eagen herself, but the Anatomy collection is sent out to be constructed, while the made-to-measure collection is produced right in the store.

“The Anatomy collection is fun, it’s definitely fashion forward. It’s youthful, but my mom has some of this stuff,” Eagen said. “The made-to-measure customer is a little more established…a woman who has a job where she needs professional wear that can translate into cocktail.”

Eagen’s clothes are ladylike and designed in classic silhouettes: lots of high-waisted skirts and dresses that cinch at the waist. The colors and prints, however, give off a more modern feel – there are tops in bright fuchsia and skirts in neon yellow.

One of Eagen’s favorite pieces is a chiffon t-shirt with a unique deer print on it. But this isn’t your typical t-shirt from the Gap: the top retails for $149. For bargain buyers, this may come as a shock, but Eagen said shoppers need to see the whole picture.

“All things considered, I think my price points are very fair and reasonable,” Eagen explained. “It’s all being designed right here and you can see me working on it. And it’s all made in America.” She has a point. How often can you claim your clothes were designed and produced in America rather than a sweatshop in Guatemala?

Eagen purchases many of her own clothes at Buffalo boutiques like Modern/Nostalgia and Anna Grace, as well as thrift stores like Goodwill and Second Chic, a vintage store on Elmwood.

“My personal style is definitely feminine…I live in high-waisted skirts…I feel more comfortable and more myself in vintage shapes and silhouettes,” Eagen said. “The best thing you can ever do, in terms of shopping and dressing yourself, is just know your body.”

Eagan had some tips for Buffalonians trying to improve their own style: “Branch out from Urban Outfitters…it’s like overnight hipsters emerged.”

The designer also encouraged Buffalo fashionistas to find their own personal style. “It’s not about what you see in a magazine or what everyone’s wearing,” she noted. “It’s about what each individual person puts on their own body. Personal style transcends trend.”

Anatomy is located at 569 Elmwood Avenue. To find out more about Ali Eagen or her designs, visit madebyanatomy.com.

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