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Ask Avery: Beating the winter blues

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Dear Avery,
I’m getting so bored with my winter clothes and want to wear something other than snow boots, an oversized sweater and leggings. But it’s only February so I can’t exactly break out the sundresses yet. What can I wear that won’t look too springish but will cure my outfit slump?

You know you’re ready for spring to come when you feel like making a bonfire of all your cozy sweaters and thick socks. And when you get super psyched when you hear it’s going to be 45 degrees and rainy.

As soon as that first above-freezing day happens, I am so ready to swap my down jacket and Bean Boots in favor of rain coats and florals. Let’s be realistic, though: we probably still have two months of winter ahead of us.

But that doesn’t mean that you can’t start incorporating a little spring into your wardrobe before the snow has melted for good.

All it takes is a willingness to stop wearing leggings, a few spring colors and the unshakeable belief that eventually, possibly, maybe it will be springtime again.

Option No. 1

I know how you’re probably feeling about thick sweaters right now. But 35 degrees really isn’t that warm and freezing rain really isn’t a better alternative to snow. The point is, you still need to bundle up.

Instead of black or charcoal gray knits, opt for a pale pink chunky cardigan. It’s cozy but still springish, especially when paired with a heather-gray tee and light-wash jeans.

But it’s not time to break out the ballet flats yet. Mid-calf lace-up booties in a neutral color will be practical but less dreary than your snow boots, and a thick scarf in off-white will look fresh while protecting you from the windchill.

1. Zara, $79.90
2. New Look, $56.44
3. Madewell, $42
4. Urban Outfitters, $55
5. American Eagle, $34.99

Option No. 2

If pale pink and flowers aren’t really your thing, there are plenty of other ways to look less wintery.

Swap your worn-out leggings for Army green motorcycle jeans and a moto-inspired, sherpa-lined jean jacket. Your look will be one-part badass, one-part Amelia Earhart and 100 percent cozy.

A boxy, striped tee can be worn year-round, but the skinny stripes will look especially fresh after four months of Fair Isle patterns.

Keep your toes warm while sticking with the tough-girl vibe in studded black ankle booties, then top it all off with a gray beanie.

1. Topshop, $95
2. Forever 21, $2.80
3. Madewell, $68
4. Zara, $159
5. J.Crew, $98

Option No. 3

If you feel like you just can’t let go of your trusty black parka quite yet, don’t worry: there’s a way to make it look less January and more April with a few easy changes.

First, trade your black jeans for a lighter shade on the gray scale and instead of a thermal, try a pale pink floral tee. Don’t worry, you can still wear a scarf to keep warm.

But instead of throwing on the same old salt-stained boots you’ve been wearing all winter, try a pair of black Vans instead.

Worried about the temperature? Oh boo hoo, your ankles might get cold for the 15 minutes you’ll have to be outside all day. It will all be worth it when everyone is jealous of how cute you look.

1. Topshop, $120
2. Vans, $45
3. New Look, $29.97
4. Target, $5.24
5. Mango, $19.99

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