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Ask Avery: Finding fashion in the most un-fashionable places

Style can be found in umlikely places, according to A. Hartmans.

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Dear Avery,
I dare you to find 3 nice things to say about this site.

Finding style in the depths of the Duluth Trading Co. website was harder than I thought it would be. Since this store caters exclusively to what I can only guess are mountain men or fly fisherman, high fashion isn’t exactly its first objective.

Duluth Trading Company
Duluth Trading Company: comfortable clothes for the working man (and woman).

And yet I’d like to pat myself on the back for finding not three things I like, but five. Mind you, these are not items you’d see gracing the front cover of Vogue any time soon. But when the challenge was finding something, anything, that I’d actually put on my body, I’d say I did pretty well.

My number one pick is the men’s long-sleeve flannel. I like my flannels oversized, so I usually opt for men’s anyway, and these seem extra-soft and extra-warm. I’m guessing a store catering to mountaineers would be the best source for fantastic flannels and with seven different color options, you can’t go wrong.

My second choice is the women’s wool sock. Wool socks look great when peeking out of the tops of boots and will keep your toes cozy throughout the winter. And with the bright colors and Aspen-approved pattern, you may even look fashionable.

Speaking of boots, Duluth offers a pair of brown Frye Engineer boots that I may even go so far as to say I love. I’ve been seeing these boots everywhere and if they’re on this website, they must also be practical. These boots would look best worn with skinny jeans or leggings and an oversized sweater. And since they have a combat boot-look to them, you’ll also be right on trend.

In at number four is the men’s AWOL bag. I can only conclude it’s named so because it looks like you’d toss it on the passenger seat of your Bugatti and head for the coast. I have a thing for brown leather and this bag is simple yet stylish, perfect to bring along on a weekend getaway.

Last but not least, I’d definitely purchase the 6-pack of striped handkerchiefs. I love the fact that this store even sells handkerchiefs, it’s adorable. While the actuality of them is kind of gross (because really, who want’s to reuse something like that?), I love the old-timey feel of offering someone your handkerchief. Well done, Duluth Trading Co. Well done.

Dear Avery,
I love the whole nude trend in dresses and tops, but I’m so pale, I’m afraid I actually look naked or washed-out. What are a few ways I can wear this trend without looking, well, bad?

The nude trend is a tricky one and as someone who becomes so pale, I’m nearly translucent, I can relate to your struggles. If done right, this trend can look awesome — think Carrie Bradshaw’s naked dress — but it definitely doesn’t work on everyone.

For those of you not blessed with the perfect complexion to rock this trend to the fullest (basically anyone who doesn’t have to buy “palest ivory” foundation like me), there are still a few other ways you can incorporate it into your wardrobe.

One option is wearing something nude on the bottom, like nude-colored skirts or shorts. This may seem obvious, but generally if a color doesn’t look good on you, don’t wear it anywhere on top where it’s closest to your face. Depending on your complexion, reds can make you look rosy, yellows might make you look jaundiced and pale pinks, whites or nudes washed-out. But if you really want to wear a nude dress or top, choose a shade that’s closer to brown or tan if you’re extra-pale and a shade that’s closer to “blush” if you’re darker complexed.

Another alternative is nude-colored accessories. A pair of nude heels or booties will go with any outfit because they’re neutral. They’re also an excellent choice if you’re trying out color-blocking — with all those different colors, a nude shoe will help balance everything out.

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