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Ask Avery: How to be a hot mom

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I’m a 40 year old stay-at-home mother of 2 toddlers and dress the role. How can I put an end to the frumpy suburban mom look?

Just because you’re chasing toddlers all day long doesn’t mean your style has to suffer. You can still be a hot mom all while making lunches, wiping sticky fingers and putting an unruly two-year-old in a time out.

The first thing you need to keep in mind is practicality. Sure, you want to look less frumpy, but the only thing you’re going to accomplish by wearing stilettos around the house is some crushed toddler toes. You may want to look and feel like a hottie, but you aren’t a so-called “Real Housewife.”

But “practical” is not synonymous with “frumpy.” Practical can mean a pair of straight-leg jeans, a loose pullover, comfortable flats and a chic tote bag. This outfit is casual enough to sit on the floor and play with train sets, but if you have to run some errands, your outfit won’t necessarily scream “suburban mom.”

If you’d like to be even more casual, try a pair of yoga pants, a cool sweatshirt and sneakers. What a lot of people forget is that comfortable does not always mean loose and shapeless — you can be just as relaxed in something much more fitted (and much stretchier).

Whatever you choose to wear on top doesn’t have to be name brand or expensive. Just find something easy and stylish that doesn’t bear the logo of any Buffalo sports team or your husband’s bar league hockey team. Wear something like that to the grocery store and the jig is up. People may even shout “Mom!” at you as you push your cart along. Those Tops shoppers can be vicious when it comes to fashion.

If you’re going for a more youthful look, why not try leggings? You may be having bad ‘80s flashbacks right now, but trust me: leggings have come a long way. And they are the ultimate in comfort — just ask the millions of college girls nationwide who wear leggings in lieu of pants every day of the week. Not that I’m suggesting you do that, however.

Women of every age need to be more careful about how they wear leggings. When only a thin layer of cotton/lycra-blend separates your behind from the rest of the world’s eyes, you need to tread carefully. Anything you wear on top needs to reach at least mid-thigh. Something that could be described as a “tunic” is acceptable — something that could be described as a “shirt” is not. Leggings really aren’t pants, people.

To wear leggings the right way, try a pair with a long sweater, a long, loose top or an oversized button down. Paired with flat boots and a scarf, you’ll look super-cute and trendy, but I promise you, you’ll be incredibly comfortable.

If all else fails, there are other ways to make yourself feel less like a mom and more like the pretty lady you are. It can be as simple as putting the kids down for a nap and slipping into a pair of heels and pouring yourself a glass of wine. Or finding that hot lingerie set you stuffed into the way back of your drawer and throwing it on just for the heck of it. Or spending a little extra time on your hair and makeup in the morning. You don’t have to become a whole new woman overnight, just get back in touch with your feminine side.

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