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Ask Avery: How to cuff correctly

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Dear Avery,
I am a gentleman in my early 30s who likes to go to see bands at clubs in Buffalo, but I am never sure what to wear.  I don’t want to overdress and feel ridiculous and / or sweaty, but I also don’t want to look like a slob or like I am trying to be 19.  How do I pull it together – especially with the winter looming?

When trying to put together a cool concert look, the place to start is your pants. Well-fitting jeans are the best indicator that a guy has style and doesn’t still wear the same clothes he did as a teenager. Choose a pair that fits snugly, but not so tightly they could be mistaken for your girlfriend’s (or wife’s!). And steer clear of lighter-wash denim — black or very dark navy jeans are the best choice for going out.

As far as the rest of your outfit goes, you have a lot of different options. If you’re headed to a rock show, you can never go wrong with a cool graphic tee, a pair of lace-up boots, and a military-style jacket.

For a hip-hop concert, show your affinity for East Coast rappers in a screen-printed Biggie t-shirt, black jeans and some subtle yet awesome kicks. Top it all off with a hooded parka and you’re ready to roll out.

If you’re hitting up more of a hipster scene (hey, no judgment), you won’t feel out of place in a cardigan, plaid flannel shirt and a pair of Vans. Throw on a leather jacket and don’t forget a pair of over-sized and totally unnecessary glasses.

Dear Avery,
Should guys cuff their jeans?  I see everything from no cuffs, to a kind of a half-roll, to the straight-up Euro fold that goes halfway up the calf.  I realize that this may also depend on the taste of the individual, but are there any general rules to follow?  Again, this is a winter imperative, as jeans with cuffs all ground up with dirt and road salt look awful.

Men may certainly cuff their jeans and I say, why stop there? Cuff your khakis, your chinos, your cargo pants — anything your heart desires. I do, however, frown upon the “straight-up Euro fold,” as you call it. If you’re going to cuff, I prefer a more casual look, something that says “I just happened to roll up my cuffs, and it looks fantastic.” Simply roll your jeans or pants up about two times and leave them be — the less symmetrical the better. You want to give the illusion you just rolled your pants because you’re about to go do something manly and rugged.

The stylists at J. Crew are pros when it comes to the casual cuff and tend to pair a cuffed pant with something more pulled together on top to balance it out. One model shows off a pair of casually cuffed cargos with a thick leather belt, lace up ankle boots and a comfy sweater. Another guy wears rolled-up khakis with striped socks, brown leather boots and a crisp white button-down, topped by a wool crew neck sweater. Whatever you choose to wear on top, casually cuffing your pants will make you look more like a J. Crew model, which is never a bad thing.

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  1. Big Ben December 09, 2011 @ 12:45pm

    So is it OK if some sock is showing?  I can’t decide if that looks ridiculous or not.

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  2. Avery Hartmans December 09, 2011 @ 7:25pm

    Yes! Show your socks! And if you feel like getting crazy, wear patterned socks

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