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Ask Avery: It’s a date

photo courtesy of Flickr / Mike Monaghan

blog by Avery Hartmans  • 

I’m 23 years old and I’ve been seeing this guy for a few weeks (we’ve been on three dates). He asked me to come over this weekend so he can cook me dinner. What’s the right thing to wear? It seems casual but I’ve never gone on a date like this so I’m not sure.

Date outfits are a balancing act between looking like your best self and looking like you spent less than 10 minutes getting ready. This can be difficult, especially since I’m willing to bet most girls spend at least an hour primping before any date. But girls are expected to look ravishing with little to no effort, so we must give the people what they want.

This date is especially tricky since you’ll be spending most of the evening seated in his house. That rules out skirts and dresses, since there’s nothing worse than lounging around in a mini skirt all evening. The goal here is to seem comfortable and casual, and since no one can pull that off seated on a couch in a mini skirt, at least while sitting like a lady, pants it is.

From what I know about guys — most of which I’ve gleaned from hours logged watching romantic comedies and bad TV shows — they like it when you keep it simple. And not just in the sense of ditching the dangerously high heels and beauty queen make-up, but outfit-wise, too. Men startle easily, and flashy patterns or blinding sequins will only confuse them. Stick to solids — red, white or black seem to be crowd-pleasers. Wear one piece of jewelry rather than stacking bangles or loading on rings, and while this should go without saying, wear flats.

None of this is to say you shouldn’t still express your personal style. But think of guys as wild animals and approach with caution, style-wise. A crazy outfit will distract him, as well as you, from what’s really important here: no, not getting to know each other and forming a deep connection, but inspecting his place for anything that might indicate he’s a total weirdo. Priorities, sister. 

Option one:

Don’t be fooled by this little number. It may seem like your average, albeit sequined, black sweater. But turn around and BAM: totally sheer. It’s naughty and nice rolled into one cozy package. Pair it with faded, distressed skinny jeans and a pair of girly flats and you’ll be very appropriately dressed while still looking hot, at least from the back. You may want to pair it with a nude bra or camisole since it is only the third date, but that’s just a suggestion. I’m not here to judge your underwear or your third-date-night antics. 

Sweater: American Eagle, $49.95
Jeans: J.Crew, $168
Shoes: Piperlime, $100
Necklace: Forever 21, $4.80

Option two:

Even though you’re required to wear pants for this event, you can still wear party pants. High-waisted skinny jeans are an excellent option for incorporating the fashion world’s favorite fall color — wine — into an outfit, and when paired with a dotted silk top, these jeans are perfect for date night. I know what I said about patterns, but I think a real man can handle some polka dots.

Top: Zara, $59.90
Jeans: Urban Outfitters, $78
Shoes: Aldo, $60
Earrings: Urban Outfitters, $18

Option three:

Though yellow isn’t for everyone — especially the very pale — when paired with dark jeans and a sparkly necklace, you’ll seem adorable and stylish yet attainable. Like the girl next door, only with impeccable taste.

Top: Loft, $54.50
Jeans: Anthropologie, $198
Shoes: Piperlime, $169
Necklace: J.Crew, $150

Featured photo courtesy of Flickr / Mike Monaghan.

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