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Ask Avery: New year, new trends

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Dear Avery,
I’m ready for some new looks in the new year. What’s in for 2014?

A new year does indeed bring new styles, and 2014 is no different. But instead of out-of-the-box, unwearable trends that only look good on the runway, this year is all about taking staples or previous trends and tweaking them. Consider the new year a fresh start, for yourself and your sense of style. 

Trend No. 1

If you haven’t heard already, Radiant Orchid is the Pantone Color of the Year. It’s a drastic change from last year’s stately emerald green, but I think we’re all ready for it. Who wants to look like an elegant, emerald lady when you can be radiant in Orchid?

But for those of us who go into hue hibernation ones December hits, such a bright color can be intimidating. There’s literally no hiding in such a vibrant shade, so you should be prepared to be the center of attention.

If you’re new to all this, however, start small. A pair of oversized studs will add the perfect pop of color in a neutral outfit — hint: this color looks great with charcoal gray — and a bright, structured bag will be sophisticated yet youthful. But if you’re ready to dive in head-first, opt for a t-shirt dress in this year’s color.

It’s great for layering, it’s comfy and it will take you from winter to spring to summer with ease. Embrace the orchid, people.

1. Topshop, $90
2. Miss Selfridge, $85
3. Bauble Bar, $40

Trend No. 2

I don’t know about you, but I am in desperate need of a new bag, and not just anything will do. A slouchy hobo isn’t really my style and I carry around way too many useless things to manage with just a clutch. I need a happy medium, and that’s where the satchel comes in.

Once reserved for schoolgirls and stuffy British people, the satchel has gotten a bad rap all these years. It may be preppy by nature, but that doesn’t mean the satchel can’t have a style overhaul just like you. A bright color, an edgier material or a touch of classic glamour can make all the difference.

If bright colors are your thing, opt for a red bag with a chain handle. It’s very Blair Waldorf, so it automatically gets my stamp of approval.

But if you’re looking for something with a little edge, a combination of knit fabric, crocodile accents and gold detailing will easily make this your go-to bag. Or, if you’re a neutrals kind of gal, try an art-deco inspired, cream and taupe bag to hold it all.

1. Forever 21, $27.80
2. River Island, $63.52
3. Fiorelli, $52.99

Trend No. 3

I know you probably never thought you’d see suede make such a comeback — I know I didn’t.

There’s something about suede that I usually find costume-y and cheap, like something you’d wear to audition for “Coyote Ugly.” While that film is truly cinematic excellence, suede chaps and bustiers aren’t really my thing.

So, how do you make suede look less trampy and more trendy? Only wear one suede piece and make sure it’s extra chic, and consider buying something colorful. I know the idea of pink or blue suede is rather frightening, but worn well it could be your go-to statement piece.

A suede and leather moto jacket is the perfect option, because it adds an element of toughness to a look that’s more country mouse than city mouse. But if you’re really feeling wild come summertime, try a pair of suede shorts in a bright color and wear them as you would any other pair — with wedges and a loose tank or blouse.

Or, trade in your black mini skirt for a suede one instead. Your Saturday night outfit has never looked so chic.

1. Joe’s Jeans, $198
2. Mango, $82.56
3. Mango, $68.80

Trend No. 4

If you’re someone who has a hard time adjusting to change, 2014 will treat you well, at least in terms of outerwear. The latest trend in coats and jackets is an easy one: every print and color is in, but lose the collar.

You wouldn’t think your look would change all that much, sans collar, but a collarless coat is a surprising and stylish alternative to standard winter wear.

It’s minimalist, pared-down and sophisticated, but it’s not a scary change at all — especially because it will only cost you a few dollars at the tailor.

But if you want to splurge for something new, there are plenty of options, from traditional tweed pea coats, to leather sleeves and zipper detailing. Your biggest problem will be deciding on just one — or two, or three.

1. House of Fraser, $136.25
2. Target, $55.98
3. Zara, $159.99

Trend No. 5

One of my favorite upcoming trends is one that was popular a few seasons ago, then faded into obscurity and bargain racks everywhere: wide leg pants. But the new year means a new twist for a tired look, and I couldn’t be any happier that it has come in the form of silk.

There’s something about wearing silk pants that can automatically make you feel more feminine and a little risqué.

Maybe it’s because on a chilly day it feels like you’re hardly wearing any pants at all, or because silky pants are basically the same thing as silky pajamas. Either way, I love them and I plan to have many pairs.

And the great thing about the resurgence of this trend is that there are plenty of colors, prints and styles to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a P.J. style in a fun print, or a bright cobalt pant with a high waist, your look will be on-point either way.

But if you’re in the mood to be really daring, try a structured, high-waist pair in ivory — trust me, there are few secrets in those pants.

1. Topshop, $60
2. Saloni, $421
3. Sass & Bide, $350

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