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Dear Avery,
I have fun New Year’s Eve plans this year but nothing to wear. I pretty much live in black and neutrals and I’m not usually into accessorizing, but since it’s a special night I’m trying to liven things up. How do I look my age — early 30s — while looking festive and fun?

I have to admit, I hate pretty much everything about New Year’s Eve. But when it comes to outfit planning, there’s really nothing better. Even if Dec. 31 does bring all the crazies out to play and ensures you’ll go home far poorer than when you left, it also offers you an opportunity to get all dressed up to go out on a Tuesday.

But for the types of girls who claim they don’t wear color, finding an outfit can present a bit of a problem. Neutrals are great for every day, and you can get away with wearing all black most nights out, but once in a while you’ve got to mix it up, at the very least so people don’t think you’re in mourning.

Luckily for you, New Year’s provides a simple solution that will satisfy both your abhorrence of color and your need to be festive: sequins.

But not just any sequins, because we all know that multicolor sequin ensembles can easily go awry. Instead, stick to the metallic equivalents of neutrals — silver and gold — and your favorite color: black. Add a dash of sequins here and minimal accessories there and you’re ready to ring in the new year.

Option No. 1

There’s something about a slip dress that makes it so effortless and feminine, especially when said slip dress is totally bedazzled in silver sequins. A fresh take on a classic silhouette, this dress will make you feel pretty and ladylike without straying too far from your comfort zone.

A pair of opaque tights and sturdy ankle booties will make this look more substantial, and a tailored black blazer will add some structure to such a loose, flowy dress. Add a pair of statement earrings that could also double as weapons and your look is one part girly girl, one part badass.

1. Zara, $99.90
2. Topshop, $90
3. Target, $13.99
4. BaubleBar, $36
5. Aldo, $76.99

Option No. 2

A black and white, monochromatic outfit immediately screams “chic and sophisticated” and on New Year’s Eve, why would you want to be anything else?

Loose black pants will look anything but basic when they’re encrusted with sequins, and a sheer white top with contrast trim will add a tuxedo vibe to your look.

Super-high, super-sexy heels will keep the pants from looking like shiny sweatpants, and adding a statement necklace will ensure that your look is on point. Someone is definitely getting a midnight kiss this New Year’s.

1. Topshop, $170
2. J.Crew, $49.99
3. ASOS, $21.78
4. Steve Madden, $129.95

Option No. 3

If you have a slight gold obsession like I do, you’re not going to miss the opportunity to go all out. A gold sequin tee is the perfect option: what would normally be an overwhelming amount of sequins is toned down by the fact that it’s a regular scoop-neck t-shirt.

To keep with the high-low theme, opt for a simple pencil skirt in a luxe material like leather and loosely tuck in the tee. The longer hemline and higher neckline will be age-appropriate, but you’ll still get to show a little leg. That being said, you’ll need a pair of simple, feminine heels with an extra-high heel to enhance those killer stems of yours. Add a cool clutch and knotted, chain link bracelet and it’s time to celebrate.

1. Michael Kors, $290.26
2. H&M, $24.95
3. ASOS, $76.23
4. Danielle Nicole, $65
5. Forever 21, $5.80

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