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Dear Avery,
I’m in a real predicament. I tore my beautiful Zara jeans and I went to Zara to look for the exact pair and they were nowhere to be found. I shopped around but nothing could match how that pair fit me: regular fit on the waist and slim on my legs, not too dark nor light blue, almost like a blue blue. Where should I get a pair?

Finding your perfect jeans is a once-in-a-lifetime thing, something worthy of writing about in your diary or calling your mom about. I remember when I met my perfect jeans: I was 18 and we spent three blissful, blue years together before they literally fell apart at the seams. I may or may not continue to wear them.

The downside of finding the Holy Grail of denim, however, is that they’re usually made in limited quantities. Even if they still make your preferred style, they’ll have changed the fabric, color and even fit by the time you’re due for a new pair.

But don’t lose hope. Companies almost always keep the pattern of everything they make, and if you’re willing to cough up the cash, they may be willing to reissue the exact pair you ripped, just for you. And if that doesn’t work, keep a look-out on eBay. Oftentimes, avid online shoppers who miss the store return cut-off date will put their wares up on the web.

Option No. 1

It took me a while to warm up to skinny jeans on men, especially when all the emo boys in my high school wore women’s skinny jeans from Express. But now, I can’t imagine a time when thigh-hugging skinnies weren’t the norm. Just like skinny jeans on women, they exude a higher level of taste and sophistication — and confidence — than their looser, more forgiving counterparts.

And these Acne jeans are the real deal. Lauded as some of the best denim for men and women ever since their arrival on the jeans scene in 1996, the Swedish brand makes simple yet well-crafted denim that’s both high-fashion and super comfortable. They may be a bit pricier than your Zara’s, but well worth the investment.

Option No. 2

The funny thing about Levi’s is that, while they’re perhaps the most recognizable American denim brand there is, they remain a cool, stylish option to this day. Not only are they dependable, they’re somehow still fashion forward and — best of all — affordable.

The 511s are, in my opinion, the absolute perfect fit when it comes to Levi’s. A happy medium between skinny and straight, the slim fit offers a perfect alternative for guys who want a little room to breathe without losing out on the form-fitting look. Plus, they come in 14 different washes just in case you can’t make up your mind.

Option No. 3

But let’s say you’re looking for a straighter fit, something a boy with sideways bangs and skater shoes would frown upon. In that case, the Armani Exchange straight leg jean is your perfect pair.

It fits straight through the hip and leg, but lacks the super tapered ankle that skinnies are known for. No longer will it take you 15 minutes to fit your foot through the ankle opening, but this fit does look a bit more relaxed than its slimmer contemporaries.

Option No. 4

In my world, J.Crew can do no wrong, and that rule applies to its men’s jeans as well. J.Crew’s 484 Selvedge jean is perfect in so many ways, the main one being that this pair would reside in the closet of my fantasy boyfriend.

These jeans are skinny but not too skinny, dark but not too dark, and they could easily double as both your going-out jeans and your going-to-class jeans. They’re classic, no-frills and super chic — quite frankly, you can’t go wrong in denim this great.

Option No. 5

If you’re looking for something a little different without losing out on classic styling and a solid denim brand name behind it, Citizens of Humanity Core slim fits are the way to go.

They’re a simple cut — straight through the waist and thigh, slightly tapered at the ankle — but the dark, indigo wash makes them slightly more unique than the rest of the true blue denim out there.

This pair may be a little pricey at almost $200, but if you’re looking for a pair that’s a cut above and you’re willing to make the investment, they may just be your new go-to jeans.

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