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Buffalo-based U-Lace is positioned to make a fashion splash this fall when kids head back to school.

U-Lace, a company that offers multicolored customizable shoelace combinations, released a mix-and-match product line that allows accessory fiends to have more options when it comes to lacing up street shoes.

“With the launch of Mix-n-Match we have kicked the door open and made it that much easier for consumers to be creative, use more colors and create awesome lace-ups. And it’s at a price point that makes 2, 3, 4, 5 and even 6 color lace-ups accessible and affordable to all,” U-Lace founder and CEO Tim Talley said in a statement.

U-Lace, which was recently featured in Buffalo.com’s sister publication Buffalo Magazine, received coveted media attention last year when the Today Show’s in-house fashionista Bobbie Thomas called the laces “the next Silly Bandz for kids.”

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