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Fashion Recap: Tuesday Morning

Logo of Buffalo Fashion Week from Buffalo Fashion Week's Facebook page

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Here’s a recap from some of our style photos in the past 24 hours:

Cassie’s heels match great with her ruffled shirt and black sweater.  Her brown purse and sunglasses really accentuate the ensemble.  The accessories make this outfit fashionable.


Morgan’s outfit is professional, yet very sharp and fashionable.  The pencil skirt and heels give off more of a work attire feel, while the black belt highlights the pink sweater giving the entire outfit a sophisticated look.


At first glance, Kasey’s looks like she’s wearing a sleeveless coverup.  At second glance, you realize its a unique, yet modern scarf.  Judging by Kasey’s outfit, she has her own style and definitely doesn’t follow the crowd.

Think you have good fashion sense?  Show us what you’ve got!  Enter your style for a chance to win to be seen at the hottest events at Buffalo Fashion Week.

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Stay tuned for the Look Book winners!

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