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Habes debunks myth that Buffalo has no fashion sense

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Fashion magazine-website Vice.com spoke with local fashionista and Buffalo State College professor Erin Habes about whether the Queen City is as clueless about fashion as a recent study has suggested.

Stemming from Bundle.com’s survey that ranked Buffalo in the cellar of the most fashionable 50 metropolitan areas, Habes lent a more accurate representation of Buffalo’s fashion scene in this interview with Vice.com writer Harry Cheadle entitled “Do People Really Dress Like Sh*t in Buffalo?”

Smartly, Habes didn’t try to convince the Gawker-like style magazine that Buffalo ranked alongside New York City, Los Angeles, Irvine and Miami as America’s best-dressed cities. She did stand up for the Queen City, however, and here’s a brief block of her response:

Any city has its fashionable community and then has the average community that wears flannels and PJ bottoms and scrunchies in their hair. I think that there’s a healthy mix of individuals here who know how to dress. When I came back after being in New York City, it was definitely a struggle owning my own store. I like to think that I was really ahead of my time in terms of the fashion products that I had. It’s a completely different environment now; all my friends who have their own stores are doing unbelievably. Buffalo loves supporting its own.

Habes’ annual fall Mass Appeal fashion show (see photos from Chuck Alaimo), a collaboration with the Elmwood Village Association to introduce avant-garde fashion ideas to Buffalo, is traditionally well-received by the local media due to its cutting-edge nature that borders on bizarre. Habes’ Buffalo State College annual Runway series is a little more tame, but equally as cool.

While I’m not going to present an impassioned plea that Buffalo is unfairly represented in the national fashion scene (I wouldn’t know where to begin), it’s nice that a local fashion icon is willing to stick up for our city in a national outlet. Well done, Erin.

(Header photo of Erin Habes courtesy of Chuck Alaimo—see gallery link above from 2012 Mass Appeal).

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