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We’re all excited about summer – it means barbeques, trips to the beach, and the opportunity to step outside without getting hypothermia. But warm weather also presents a footwear challenge for men in the form of sandals. Are they warm-weather appropriate? Yes. Are they stylish? Not always.

Your best bet is to embrace the flip flop. Rubber flip flops are great for the pool or the beach, but be sure to choose something with a wide strap – a thin strap looks a little too feminine. The Ocean Minded Eva sandal in olive from Gap for $27.50 is a good choice for a more casual, comfortable look.


Leather flip flops are an even better option. They’re versatile, comfortable, and look more polished than a rubber flip flop. American Eagle offers inexpensive leather flip flops for $29.50, which are simple yet stylish, while Banana Republic has a similar (and pricier) option, the Malibu leather sandal, for $79.

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But don’t let all these delightful sandal options fool you. There are plenty of shoes out there that should never find a home in your closet, much less on your feet.

You might think a celebrated designer like Ralph Lauren would be able to outfit men’s feet properly, but prepare to be sadly disappointed. The fashion house offers the Iffingten Leather Slide sandal, a shoe which is so hopelessly hideous that I almost don’t have the heart of make fun of it. What I will say is that nothing that orange should ever appear south of your ankles. And Ralph Lauren shoppers seem to agree with me, since the shoe is on sale (although somehow it’s still $269).


After being frightened by footwear like that, you may be considering strapping on your safe, trusty Teva or Keen sandals for a night on the town, but don’t give in to temptation. Please, I’m begging you, save your sport sandals for the trails. I better not see you in a restaurant, party, or any kind of social event in a sandal with that many straps and toggles. If you yourself see someone in such a shoe, feel free to ridicule them for their lack of fashion sense. They deserve it.

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